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  • health-bent-baby

    Surviving My First Month As A Mom

    We had a baby! We’re proud she’s already learned to hook grip 😛 We’ve survived 2 months now and I thought I’d talk about some of the basic/non-fussy things we’ve found…

  • 1600px307bw

    One Year Later

    it’s been almost a year since my last blog post. i want to say thank you to the people who bought our book, and to the people who have emailed me…asking what’s…

  • im-a-quitter

    Dear Paleo, I Quit.

    Image: What is Paleo? There doesn’t seem to be one, simple defining set of words, and yet, for years, we tried so hard to fit our ideas of what a…

  • ChristopherBoffoli

    Things I Like: Stuff I Found on the Internet

    Christopher Boffoli: Big Appetites This dinky little collage I put together does not do his photos justice. Please, please, I beg of you…go scroll around here -> He’s got a…

  • AA026294

    Why We Avoid Almond Flour in the Book

    We’re so thrilled that today is the true release date of our book, Primal Cravings. Books will begin shipping today from Amazon and can be found online and in local Barnes and…

  • bboxjump

    How To Make a CrossFit 30/24/20 Plyometric Box

    Tools and Materials 3/4” sheet of plywood 8’x4’ 2” deck screws (box) tube wood glue (or bottle) 8’ 2×4 board sandable wood putty paint (we used and recommend “Deck Over” by…

  • palomg

    Things I Like: PaleOMG Book Review + Giveaway

    Juli cooks the way I want to eat. I’m sure you’re familiar with her blog; if you’re not. You can get a sense of the way she cooks and her general aura of awesomeness. It’s…

  • ahole

    Things I Like

    Danielle Crispy Roasted Coconut Chips I often find these at TJ Maxx, and can’t resist them. Trader Joe’s makes a version too. And now that I think about it, I bet…

  • 2012holidayguide

    2012 Holiday Gift Guide + Two Giveaways!

    All Gifts are $70 or Under Baby Fortune Cookie Booties (Uncommon Goods Giveaway Eligible) Walnut Nut Cracker Footed Wood Tray State Aprons (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible) Faux Toast Coasters Matryoshka Doll Pepper Mill Jeni’s…

  • week

    Shop, Prep & Eat for the Week

    I warned Brandon not to expect this to happen every week…it’s a lot of planning and a lot of upfront, no instant gratification type of work. But then, as the week…

  • sample copy

    The Best Food We’ve Ever Made

    Over 100 recipes, with more than 100 that have never graced the pages of this website. Our publisher doesn’t want us to divulge too much info at this point, but we…

  • steves

    PaleoKits Giveaway + Bonus Coupon Code

    Preparation is the mother of success when you eat Paleo. But let’s admit it, you’re not perfect. (I am, though.) But really, if you’re anything like me, a normal person, I’d…

  • ahole

    How to Spot an A-hole

    If only it were that easy. Spotting an A-hole on the internet can be tougher than you think. Part of their talent can be making you feel like you’re the jerk…

  • m

    CrossFit Games Southeast Regional Recap

    Brandon and I just got home from the CrossFit Games Southeast Regional competition, which was held in West Palm Beach, Florida this past weekend. We had a phenomenal time gallivanting and competing.…