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One Year Later

it’s been almost a year since my last blog post. i want to say thank you to the people who bought our book, and to the people who have emailed me…asking what’s going on–letting me know we’re missed. as to…


Dear Paleo, I Quit.

Image: What is Paleo? There doesn’t seem to be one, simple defining set of words, and yet, for years, we tried so hard to fit our ideas of what a healthful diet was into the confines of the…


In Defense of Starch: How Carbs Can Fit Into a Paleo Diet

  Photo by Christian Guthier via Thanks again to all that have reviewed the book. We’ve mentioned it before but we are truly grateful. It is a terrifying thing to hope that people “get” what you have done and…


Things I Like: Stuff I Found on the Internet

Christopher Boffoli: Big Appetites This dinky little collage I put together does not do his photos justice. Please, please, I beg of you…go scroll around here -> He’s got a book coming out too (click the pic for…


Why We Avoid Almond Flour in the Book

We’re so thrilled that today is the true release date of our book, Primal Cravings. Books will begin shipping today from Amazon and can be found online and in local Barnes and Nobles. Are you like us and want a…


How To Make a CrossFit 30/24/20 Plyometric Box

Tools and Materials 3/4” sheet of plywood 8’x4’ 2” deck screws (box) tube wood glue (or bottle) 8’ 2×4 board sandable wood putty paint (we used and recommend “Deck Over” by Behr) circular saw jig saw drill caulk gun…


Our Book > Primal Cravings: Your Favorite Foods Made Paleo

[divider] Available at [button color=”orange” size=”small” link=”” target=”blank” ]Amazon[/button][button color=”green” size=”small” link=”″ target=”blank” ]B&N[/button] [button color=”blue” size=”small” link=”” target=”blank” ]Primal Blueprint[/button] and wherever books are sold. [divider]  Do you own a CrossFit gym or want to buy a bunch…


Things I Like: PaleOMG Book Review + Giveaway

Juli cooks the way I want to eat. I’m sure you’re familiar with her blog; if you’re not. You can get a sense of the way she cooks and her general aura of awesomeness. It’s creative. It’s flavorful. And most importantly, it’s fun.…