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2012 Holiday Gift Guide + Two Giveaways!

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All Gifts are $70 or Under

  1. Baby Fortune Cookie Booties (Uncommon Goods Giveaway Eligible)
  2. Walnut Nut Cracker
  3. Footed Wood Tray
  4. State Aprons (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible)
  5. Faux Toast Coasters
  6. Matryoshka Doll Pepper Mill
  7. Jeni’s Holiday Collection Ice Cream
  8. Kombucha Home Brew Kit
  9. Knife & Fork Chopsticks (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible)
  10. Flying Pig Illustration
  11. Eggs & Soldiers Screen Print
  12. Weck Jar Set
  13. Recycled Glass Wine Decanter (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible)
  14. Rick’s Picks Top Seller Pack
  15. Himalayan Salt Tequila Classes (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible)
  16. The Preservation Kitchen (plays nicely with #12. Weck Jar Set)

Need More Ideas?

Take a look at last year’s guide2011 Holiday Gift Guide

UncommonGoods Giveaway

Up For Wins

Did you read where it said ‘UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligibile’. Welp, that means, if you’re the randomly chosen winner, you can select from those products and have one sent to you for f-r-e-e.

UncommonGoods is an online retailer of creative gift ideas for everyone.(Take a look at their Christmas Pinterest board for more nifty-gifty inspiration.) Not only that, but their biz model focuses on sustainability, hand-made artistry, recycled products and UncommonGoods donates $1 of EVERY purchase made to your choice of select non-profits.

To Enter

Like Health-Bent + UncommonGoods on Facebook (+ follow Health-Bent on Twitter). Then, comment below with the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received or given (just because I like to laugh).


One winner will be selected at random. Health-Bent will notify the winner via email, so please triple-check that your email has been entered correctly. Winner may choose from any UG eligible product as their “prize”.


Thursday, December 13th @ 11:59 Eastern. Email will be sent Friday.


H2O Labs Water Distiller Giveaway

People are under the false impression that their tap water, and even bottled water and water produced by home filtration systems is “pure”. It isn’t.
Distilled water is the purest form of water. Tap water is loaded with many types of suspended pollutants, chemicals, toxins and other contaminants. Bottled water is usually plain tap water that has been minimally filtered to get rid of the bad odor and taste. And home filtered water, (even reverse osmosis), is not pure either. Many microscopic contaminants make it through the filtering process to end up in the water you drink. And filters become clogged and neglected and can turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. If this happens, “filtered” water can actually become MORE contaminated than the source water!

The process used by H2OLabs Water Distillation Systems is the only method that produces the purest drinking water possible.

Up For Wins

H2O Labs’ Best-in-Class Countertop Home Water Distiller model with 100% Stainless Steel Steam Chamber and Condensing Coil, this water distiller has White Baked-Enamel Metal main body and New One Gallon Break-Resistant Food Grade, (BPA-FREE), Polypropylene Carafe. Worth over $200.

To Enter

Like Health-Bent on Facebook (+ follow Health-Bent on Twitter), then comment below with your thoughts on the 5-second rule…in other words, do you eat food if it’s fallen on the ground?


One winner will be selected at random. Health-Bent will notify the winner via email, so please triple-check that your email has been entered correctly.


Thursday, December 13th @ 11:59 Eastern. Email will be sent Friday.

You may enter both giveaways one time (one comment per giveaway). Cheaters will be hanged–I mean, disqualified.


  1. Yes, on the 5 second rule…depending on the floor. My house absolutely! ;-)

  2. One year, I received a giant ceramic rooster. I think it was a cookie jar. But it became the worst gift I’ve ever given the following year….

  3. The worst present I ever received was a black leather fanny pack with a half used roll of toilet paper in it. I think my aunt or uncle used it then decided to gift it to me. (I don’t want to know why the tp was in there…yuck!)

  4. I would eat nuts off the floor.

  5. Already liked you on fb. Just followed you on twitter and liked uncommon goods on fb. My sweet, adorable grandmother gives me these furry socks every single year. They are horrid, but I don’t have the heart to tell her. And then I regift them to some of my nieces on the other side of the family. Terrible, I know.

  6. In an office grab bag, I ended up with the Beef Bullion. I wasn’t a white elephant, just a grab bag but I am pretty sure I got the worst one!

    Five second rule…..I think it’s really 10 or 20 seconds! No big deal!

  7. By far the worst gift ever was from my first husband – a cream colored pant suit from Lane Bryant after I gave birth to my daughter. Keep in mind I was only a size 12.

  8. oh and for the 5 second rule, I always eat it. Unless it’s somewhere in a gross, public place then no way.

  9. 5 second rule is a no go in our house…unless you want a hand bitten by my crumb-stalking dog. If it hits the floor, it’s her territory.

  10. Liked you and uncommon goods on facebook. I don’t have a twitter so I can’t follow you there. The worst present that I received was a filling cabinet when I was 12 from my dad.

  11. The worst gift I ever got was when my parents gave me a journal in high school…the gift itself was fine, until my parents later READ the journal and I got in a heap of trouble! #entrapment

    The five second rule is definitely in play so long as the food and floor are both dry.

  12. I like HB on FB. I would only eat the food if it falls on my kitchen floor. We don’t wear our outside shoes in the house and I clean a lot.

  13. I remember back when I was young and in Girl Scouts and we exchanged gifts by playing a game where you pass it around the circle. I always got the yucky gifts.

  14. Worst x-mas present was a ladies tool set.

  15. With no visible yuckiness, I do employ the 5 second rule.

  16. Yep, I sure do eat food off the ground.

  17. Worst gift ever was from a white elephant (that was NOT supposed to be gag gifts): someone’s old rec sports league trophy.

  18. Re: The 5 second rule: If I can’t wash it off after it’s fallen to the ground, it goes straight into my trash.

  19. I use the 5 second rule at home… not anywhere else.

  20. Love your recipes, follow you on FB, and now on twitter. Just liked UncommonGoods. The worst gift I have received just won’t come to mind! But I definitely remember the worst gift I have given… A group of girlfriends decided to have a gift exchange last year, and the wording was “Please bring a gift for the white elephant gift exchange…the tackier the better”… for some reason I was the only one who got the memo on the “tackier” part of that. One of the gifts was starbucks coffee, one was a set of wineglasses. My heart was racing as these gifts were opening as the gift I brought was a TACKY HIDEOUS ceramic vase from the dollarstore (that was given to me as a wedding present 4 years earlier…) I felt like garbage for the girl who ended up opening it and having to take it home…. BOO. I now refuse to participate in tacky exchanges… or at least raise my standards on “tacky”. Haha. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  21. LOVE your website, and asked for your book for Christmas :) I’m new to paleo, and as a University student it can get pretty tough sticking to it, but your website has both motivated me and made things easier! I liked you guys and UncommonGoods on facebook.
    As for the worst present I’ve ever received: toenail clippers. Needless to say, I was insulted haha

  22. I almost always use the five second rule! When I’m not at my own home however, I prefer not to.

  23. Worst Christmas gift was a gift card to a store that I hadn’t heard of.

  24. One year I received the absolute WORST gift possible! Remember when you’d by a Nokia phone, it would come with a home charger and a little extra plastic stand that you could plug into and have the bulky Nokia sit up-right in? If not (×260-0-0_global+marketing+partners+cisco+7925g+dual+charger.jpg)

    Well, yes….I got that free piece wrapped up as a present. All mine.

  25. Worst Christmas gift was pocket mirrors.

  26. Depends on what it is I dropped… the yummier the food the more likely I am to apply the rule!

  27. Worst present – a dickey from my grandmother – the faux turtlenecks that aren’t really shirts. Yep. That happened.

  28. I already like you on facebook!
    Before getting a dog, I had no problem with the 5 second rule. Now the dog gets to it within a split second. Stealthy dog.

  29. the five second rule, Never, I have a cat and a dog and if the dog doesn’t get it in the first 2 seconds, it is more than likely to have a dog hair on it somewhere, no matter when I cleaned the kitchen last. At work, not a chance if I want to live to a ripe old age, the carpet is the same as it was 5 years ago and has never been shampooed!

  30. Worst Christmas gift ever was from my Nana. She and her husband would buy one particular item each year in bulk and then pass them out for Christmas. One year it was VERY cheesy cartoon character shirts (Tweety, Sylvester, etc…). I got a Tweety Bird shirt in adult XL when I was 9 and weighed maybe 80 pounds. It was huge and very ugly, but it made a great nightgown (yes gown, it was all the way to the floor).

  31. The worst present, hum there are several, but probably the 3 size to big underwear when I was at my top weight!

  32. Love some Health-Bent and UncommonGoods. As for the 5 second rule, the rule varies based on the “stick ability” of said food. Tater tots are safe, but a slice of melty cheese gets tossed. Only in the safety of my home though! And as for the worst gift ever? A chia pet. They still freakin make those?!?

  33. I liked you on FB and I also like Uncommon Goods on FB. I love that place…they have such cool gifts! I can’t think of the worst gift I’VE ever gotten, but a friend of mine has gotten the worst I’ve ever heard! He got some m&m’s wrapped up in a piece of paper towel from the bathroom, with a shoelace to tie the top together. And the m&m’s were old ones that had been sitting out on someone’s desk for a month!

  34. worst xmas present-tweezers. just tweezers. & i don’t have excessive facial hair! :)

  35. 5 sec rule doesn’t apply for me as i have 2 dogs who watch every move i make & would be on top of the dropped item before i had a chance to even consider picking it up!

  36. Last year I re-gifted some “imperfect” under shirts and socks that my grandmother gave me (and has given me evey year for Chrstmas and Birthdays…they make for amazing dish rags I might say). These went to my little brother who also receives the same gift from my grandparents. Lucky guy got a huge bundle of dish rags!

  37. Oh the 5 second rule…how I loved the concept until I minored in Public Health and learned of all the scary flesh eating, vomit/diarrhea causing, and deadly bacteria that linger everywhere.

  38. The worst gift I have ever gotten….was a Fanny pack….Awesome right?

  39. 5 second rule?
    That doesn’t exist in my world….Too many germs!

  40. When I was really young (around 6 or so) I decided to give “Thoughtful” gifts to my family. I gave my sister a toothpick Chinese umbrella and a Ticonderoga pencil and my parents each a homemade picture. They weren’t nearly as excited as I was, haha. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. A pressure washer….hmmmm kind of a duel purpose gift from my hubby!
    5 second rule no problem off of our floor!! :)

  42. worst holiday gift was from my mom (of course!)
    it was during a time where she didn’t know me and my likes too well (when does she ever? well, ok, she got better)

    long story short, she got me some sort of new age waterfall rock thing from sears i think, the look on my face was priceless… i just gave her this look, she knew…

  43. My family did a horrible white elephant and I got used socks. Ewwwww!

  44. Following you and Uncommon Goods on FB and Twitter. Worst Christmas present ever? An elephant statue made from little shells. Or… the crochet refrigerator magnet in the shape of a butterfly and a matching pot holder… they were brown and orange.

  45. Follow you anywhere! (on FB and Twitter. And re: 5 second rule, I’m sad to say that we do follow it here, even when we shouldn’t.

  46. The worst gift I have received was a red sweater with a large reindeer on it. It may have been a great present as a kid, but I received it in college.

  47. I wish I could paste or attach a picture here as a picture’s worth a thousand words…

    The worst Christmas gift I’ve ever received is the same one I’ve also given many times. The story goes like this: My paternal grandmother was famous for giving used Christmas gifts to those family members she was angry with. She was always angry with Aunt Sharron, who was thus always getting gifts like threadbare kitchen towels. One year, my grandmother gave her a particularly bad gift – an old pilled acrylic sweater vest that smelled like moth balls. My sister and I (who had had a few too many cocktails at that particular family Christmas party… or at every family Christmas party, come to think of it) found it hilarious, but Aunt Sharron did not and vowed revenge. My sweet grandmother passed away some years later, and we began the tradition of playing bingo (her favorite game) at our family Christmas parties in her honor – you get a bingo, you choose a gift from under the tree or steal a gift from someone else. And there under the tree, unbeknownst to us, was the wildcard gift: The Sweater, which Aunt Sharron had held onto for years and had now embellished with bows and ribbons. For twenty-ish years now, The Sweater has come back as the wildcard gift each Christmas. The person who wins it one year embellishes it and brings it back the next year for someone else to win in bingo. And it really is a “win”. Everyone wants The Sweater! My favorite embellishment is a picture I ironed onto the back of it of my cousins mooning my camera at another family function. Aunt Sharron was not happy about that and glued hula skirts over their bums when it was her year. My sister got the sweater last year and she’s an apparel designer, so it should be pretty awesome this time around.

    I have a 2yo and a 4yo so you have got to be kidding me about the 5 second rule. We were leaving a restaurant this summer, and I noticed my 4yo was chewing gum. We don’t do gum so I was perplexed. “Grace, where did you get that gum?” “Oh, I found it over on the ground by that bench where we were playing hide and seek after dinner.” “Grace! We do not pick random things up off the ground, and we especially do not put them in our mouths!” “I KNOW, MOM, but it just looked so DELICIOUS! And it was BLUE!”

    Yes, the whole family is nuts.

    What’s the worst gift you’ve given/received?

  48. the worst gift i’ve ever recieved were hand warmers! i was thinking to myself, “is this for real?” …and they were dead serious

  49. Worst Christmas Present Ever:
    An over hugely sized panty stuffed in a pencil pouch with some soap!

    ps. I liked you both on facebook!

  50. 5 sec rule…totally depends on where food fell and what type of food it was!

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