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2012 Holiday Gift Guide + Two Giveaways!

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All Gifts are $70 or Under

  1. Baby Fortune Cookie Booties (Uncommon Goods Giveaway Eligible)
  2. Walnut Nut Cracker
  3. Footed Wood Tray
  4. State Aprons (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible)
  5. Faux Toast Coasters
  6. Matryoshka Doll Pepper Mill
  7. Jeni’s Holiday Collection Ice Cream
  8. Kombucha Home Brew Kit
  9. Knife & Fork Chopsticks (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible)
  10. Flying Pig Illustration
  11. Eggs & Soldiers Screen Print
  12. Weck Jar Set
  13. Recycled Glass Wine Decanter (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible)
  14. Rick’s Picks Top Seller Pack
  15. Himalayan Salt Tequila Classes (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible)
  16. The Preservation Kitchen (plays nicely with #12. Weck Jar Set)

Need More Ideas?

Take a look at last year’s guide2011 Holiday Gift Guide

UncommonGoods Giveaway

Up For Wins

Did you read where it said ‘UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligibile’. Welp, that means, if you’re the randomly chosen winner, you can select from those products and have one sent to you for f-r-e-e.

UncommonGoods is an online retailer of creative gift ideas for everyone.(Take a look at their Christmas Pinterest board for more nifty-gifty inspiration.) Not only that, but their biz model focuses on sustainability, hand-made artistry, recycled products and UncommonGoods donates $1 of EVERY purchase made to your choice of select non-profits.

To Enter

Like Health-Bent + UncommonGoods on Facebook (+ follow Health-Bent on Twitter). Then, comment below with the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received or given (just because I like to laugh).


One winner will be selected at random. Health-Bent will notify the winner via email, so please triple-check that your email has been entered correctly. Winner may choose from any UG eligible product as their “prize”.


Thursday, December 13th @ 11:59 Eastern. Email will be sent Friday.


H2O Labs Water Distiller Giveaway

People are under the false impression that their tap water, and even bottled water and water produced by home filtration systems is “pure”. It isn’t.
Distilled water is the purest form of water. Tap water is loaded with many types of suspended pollutants, chemicals, toxins and other contaminants. Bottled water is usually plain tap water that has been minimally filtered to get rid of the bad odor and taste. And home filtered water, (even reverse osmosis), is not pure either. Many microscopic contaminants make it through the filtering process to end up in the water you drink. And filters become clogged and neglected and can turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. If this happens, “filtered” water can actually become MORE contaminated than the source water!

The process used by H2OLabs Water Distillation Systems is the only method that produces the purest drinking water possible.

Up For Wins

H2O Labs’ Best-in-Class Countertop Home Water Distiller model with 100% Stainless Steel Steam Chamber and Condensing Coil, this water distiller has White Baked-Enamel Metal main body and New One Gallon Break-Resistant Food Grade, (BPA-FREE), Polypropylene Carafe. Worth over $200.

To Enter

Like Health-Bent on Facebook (+ follow Health-Bent on Twitter), then comment below with your thoughts on the 5-second rule…in other words, do you eat food if it’s fallen on the ground?


One winner will be selected at random. Health-Bent will notify the winner via email, so please triple-check that your email has been entered correctly.


Thursday, December 13th @ 11:59 Eastern. Email will be sent Friday.

You may enter both giveaways one time (one comment per giveaway). Cheaters will be hanged–I mean, disqualified.


  1. Back in my day it was the 10 second rule (it was always about candy too). I still hold to “a little dirt never hurt anyone”. But the dog hair does gross me out, pick or rinse those off and we’re good.
    p.s. been eating paleo 5ish years now and I really enjoy your recipes, thank you!

  2. It depends where the five-second rule happens. If it’s at a busy restaurant or any other public location, no thanks, I’ll wait till I get home to get something to eat. If it’s at my house, sure!

    Liked Health Bent on Facebook and followed on Twitter as @lifesdeepcolors. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  3. Worst (funniest) gift ever given to someone was a schnitzel and noodle candle!! Yum

  4. Well, maybe not the worst gift, quite helpful actually, but couldn’t have been given in a worse way.
    So, there I was, all 11 years of me, opening my stocking on Christmas morning with my family. Excited as all get up, pulling good gift after good gift out. Reaching close to the bottom, pull out – my first training bra! MOM! Ran into my room, mortified and unveiled the remaining, alone, without my two brothers and dad as peanut gallery.

  5. The worst Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten was a melted bag of dollar store gummy bears..or that’s what they looked like…oh kindergarten gift exchanges…

  6. It depends where it is and who’s looking! :)

  7. If it’s grassfed, I am definitely eating it even if it’s been on the ground. :D Other than that, I just tell myself it wasn’t meant to be hehe

  8. Worst Christmas present ever: I once got a sweater from a family member who smoked….I couldn’t wear it it smelled THAT bad. Also, my brother once got me a hat with ear flaps, but I don’t wear hats!

  9. 5 second rule for me depends – parents or Nana’s floor, good to go. My floor, debatable. Juicy or sticky things 5 second rule doesn’t apply. Cookie, candy or uncooked and washable expensive foods…good to go!

  10. This may not be the worst gift ui ever got but it was the most memorable! My aunt bought me a mini pottery wheel, which was made for kids probably about 10 years younger than me. We tried to use it but it was terrible and everyone teased her all weekend long. Her heart was in the right place and we all still laugh about it! Freakin pottery wheel!!

  11. The worst gift I ever got was a pair of socks from my MIL. They were knitted (not by her) and had actual teddy bear heads sewn on the ankles. The heads were big enough that my pants didn’t pull down over them :(

  12. The 5 second rule is totally legit in your own home and the homes of those you trust… outside or in public… not so much

  13. Hmmm, worst Christmas present? A copy of The China Study…

  14. Worst Christmas present? Although practical, I did not enjoy getting a tube of Chapstick from my aunt when I was about 12 years old.

  15. No way on the 5 second rule!

  16. I have a 20-30 second rule. Depends on the floor too.

  17. Worst Christmas present I’ve ever given: mini bags of coffee flavors -regifted!

  18. Yes to the 5 second rule if it falls on the ground outside or in my house. Anywhere else no but not like thats any better!

  19. Anyone who eats paleo should have an immune system thats up to par and able to fight off a few measly germs from your floor. I usually pick the food up and eat it if I get to it before the dogs do, especially if it is being cooked. Also, I have no problems serving other people food that fell on the floor either…bet that makes you want to have dinner at my house?

  20. The worst Christmas gift I’ve ever received was a high-five from my boyfriend in high school. Apart from that, on Christmas at the age of 23 my dad presented me with a giant box that was fairly heavy. Having just received a new laptop a few weeks earlier as a graduation present, I wasn’t expecting anything and so I got really excited when I saw the box… and when I opened it, there was a life-sized stuffed penguin inside…

  21. I follow the 5 second rule…and then some. But I do keep my floors (kind of) clean!

  22. Worst Xmas gift, which was also pretty clutch, was a bag full of quarters-hello meter money!

  23. For some reason my mother decided I liked the WB character Taz. Everything I got for Christmas that year, from shirts, to pot holders, to an alarm clock had Taz on it.

    I don’t like Taz.

  24. Worst gift I ever received: I loved it, but my mom didn’t. A kids bow and arrow. I wasn’t so accurate in the backyard and I think we lost a screen (or two).

  25. Do I eat food that’s fallen on the ground: Hell ya, but first I have to check it for dog hair, since dog hair is a condiment at my house.

  26. Worst Present EVER: I received a tampon case during a secret Santa event at work…Yes, a tampon case. The case reads “Vinnie’s Tampon Case – Holds a bunch”. There is also a picture of a man included on the front with both fists outstretched in front of him with “TAMP” on one set of knuckles and “CASE” on the other. It red, blue and yellow (to be discrete, of course), and has colored stars all over it. There are several very classy messages on the inside as well as a handy period calendar. Sadly, I am not making this up and can provide pictures to prove it.

  27. I think the most ridiculous gift I ever received was one of those giant candy canes that weigh 2 pounds. What was I supposed to do with that? Answer: it got pushed to the back of the cabinet until I found it a year later and threw it away… It was obviously meant as a joke, but I saw it as a waste of money. You could have gotten me 4 boxes of regular candy canes for the same price and trust me, those would have been eaten!

  28. Worst gift I ever received was a sandwich … Yep you heard right a sandwich from a VERY EX BOYFRIEND. Not even like a Subway, Quizno, or any of the chain sandwich places. Like two pieces of bread, mystery meat, cheese and a load of thoughtlessness ( makes for a tangy dressing) I understand that when your younger you don’t make a lot but seriously? I would of taken a foot rub over that any day :/

  29. Crappiest gift is one I get every year, I always get “chocolates” from a certain family member. These are not your average piece of candy, they are full of tasty hydrogenated oils and high-fructose corn syrup. I ask this every year to please not waste the money, as I will not eat them. i usually get a response like this, “it is christmas, indulge a little! it wont kill you, and besides you dont need to watch your figure” Or some other pathetic justification for wasting 30$ on something I am going to throw right in the trash.

    Of course all of my family members would say the worst gift that they ever got is some silly book about the paleo diet :)

  30. Worst Christmas gift, well I can’t remember getting a bad gift. But I do remember when I was young my father received a gift that was interesting, lol. It came all wrapped up. We put under the tree and waited till Christmas day to open it. It felt like it was a bag of gravel! We kept trying to figure out what in the world it was. We were sure it was going to be a horrible gift because we could not imagine what it was. Turns out it was a bag of pistachios! One of the best gifts ever!!! Never knew we even liked pistachios before then. That was a gift that kept giving. Every wonderful time I eat those delicious nuts I remember that bag of “gravel”.

  31. 5 second rule we for sure follow that in this house! Germs, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

  32. I follow the 5 second rule 90% of the time. If we are out in public… definitely no. But at home or in the car… oh yeah. My kids are so young… we would waste ungodly amounts of food if we didn’t save it off the floor :)

  33. The worst gift I’ve received is probably a rice steamer… when I was in high school. Like I made my own food back then :) My mom sure enjoyed the gift though.

  34. The worst chirstmas present i was ever given was from my grandma last year. She gave me halo risk. now im not saying this isnt a sweet gift. the part that made it so bad was that an hour before i opened it she didnt have a gift for me. this risk was suppose to be for my brother, who had recived halo risk from my mom the day before. SOOO since my brother already had Risk, and with only an IOU card for me i ended up with a last minute suppose to be your brother gift. how thoughtful is that.

    ( i love that game, my friends and i play it at University.)

  35. All depends on when/where it happens. Public place with people watching and all the dirtyness around I dont abide by the 5 second rule (unless it was something ridiculously amazing, like a Health-Bent paleo snack :). I’m pretty OCD about my home being clean, so if its there I could pretty much eat anything I drop, unless it was in the toilet thats a no go.

  36. I totally eat stuff I drop on the floor…as long as it’s my house and I can wash the dog hair off of it first.

    I’ve been pretty lucky with Christmas gifts, but when I was younger my Aunt insisted on sending me clothes every year. Let’s just say her taste was “unique” combined with the fact that she always sent a L or XL and well, I was a S.

    Just for the record, I LOVE your pizza salad and pizza stuffed SP recipes. Can you tell I miss pizza?

  37. Depends if the food is moist.

    Example: I made your Unrolled Cabbage Casserole last week. It was delicious, but if it fell on the floor I would not pick it up and eat it. Moist.

  38. The worst gift I have received is a heated massaging pad to put into a chair. It was really weird.

  39. Worst. Christmas present. Ever.

    My 5th grade teacher actually gave us all coal. Which means, not only was she a jerk, but the night before she sat up wrapping 25 pieces of coal in tissue paper AND tying ribbon around them. That’s a proud moment right there.

  40. The worst gift I ever received was a plunger. No Joke.

  41. I’m tall and lanky but looks are deceiving. This leads to a lot of clothing gifting accidents. Size small shirts for a not size small body is a common occurrance, to which I will generally try said shirt on and sing (a la Chris Farley), “Fat girl in a little shirrt!”

  42. My ex fiance bought me an iron for Christmas…I was totally devestated….I was a pretty, young, 20-something yr old woman and he bought me an IRON!!!!! I was convinced that he had some sort of “domestic slave” thing in mind ;)

  43. okay…and for the second giveaway…5 second rule…HELL YES!!!!! I have 2 kids…if I threw away every piece of food that fell on the floor they would go hungry!

  44. The worst gift I would say was clothes I didn’t like and would never wear. As for the 2nd one, yes I usually eat food according to the 5 second rule. It usually depends on what it is…..

  45. This is what I visualize . . .

    A bunch of germs hanging out together on the floor. A piece of food falls from the person standing above them and the germs all rush towards it. Suddenly one germ yells out, “Wait! We have to wait 5 seconds!”

  46. Liked (for a long time) and Followed!

    - There was lots of buildup for this gift from my first boyfriend. He dropped “hints” and seemed hardly able to wait to give it to me. On Christmas Day, with his face beaming… just as I suspected, I unwrapped a jewelry box… but opened it to find a… large, blue, heart-shaped, crystal.. paperweight/hand warmer???

    - Yes, 5 second rule is all good, unless there are obvious conditions for it not to be.

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