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    Fueling the Fire

    Sometimes I get a sense that people believe that dissatisfaction is a cultivated evil; sown only from the seeds of unjust social expectations.  And while I do believe it’s true that we…

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    Giveaway: $100 from US Wellness Meats

    US Wellness Meats wants to give YOU $100. [one_half first] Now you can say, “Hey US Wellness Meats…” [/one_half] [one_half] Or maybe, you could whip up a couple turf ‘n turfs? [/one_half]…

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    CrossFit: Fit Happens

    *If you already do CrossFit I’d love it if you left a comment here on your experience/what you love about it for those who may read this and like as many…

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    The ButterQueen Effect

        The world is flat and the sun revolves around the Earth. Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes caused by her beloved fatty food. Anything else is simply heresy. And…

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    2011 Holiday Gift Guide (And Giveaway)

    All gifts are under fifty dollars. Pretty 1. Lettered Wine Carafe, $48 2. ‘Just Give Me All the Bacon and Eggs You Have’ Print (Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation), $16 3. Zippy…

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    How You See It

    The very same day we posted Scarlet Letter last week…a reproval of treats was posted elsewhere. It was presented in an analogy that goes like this (my interpretation). “Paleo” treat :…

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    Scarlet Letter

    “Cheating” We hear this a good bit in reference to diet. “I was doing well but I’ve been cheating a lot lately.” I get it…we all feel a twinge of remorse…

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    Light A Fire – HB 3.0

    This is Health-Bent 3.0. We have finally gotten settled into our new home and are ready to get back to business. Meg has been hard at work creating this design and we’re very excited…

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    The Food Pyramid is Dead That’s right…deceased. It has died at the young age of 19 years. Cause of death…ruled: overcomplication. Seems that the problem with our governments’ dietary recommendations are that we “the people”…

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    Health-Bent Headquarters

    Health-Bent Headquarters has relocated. If you’ve looked at our last few posts or followed our Facebook page at all you may already be aware. And what started as “we’ll get new…

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    Pig Out

    Pork belly, bacon, loins, chops, sausage, fatback, lardo, pancetta, ham and lard…oh my. I am well aware that we write an overwhelmingly disproportionate amount of recipes that involve pork. If Brandon…

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    Treat Yourself Right

    To Treat or not to Treat, that is the question. It’s the new year. Here’s our perspective on how to Treat Yourself Right in 2011. Maybe cutting out any and all…

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    One Side of De-fence or the Other

    We’re not the kind of people who feel that pushing our views on anyone is the right thing to do. We don’t want it done to us and therefore do our…

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    Stocking a Health-Bent Kitchen

    The more prepared you are to eat a Paleo/Primal/Low-Carb diet the easier it is to stick to. We’ve all had times when there’s nothing in the house to eat, and we…

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    Health-Bent Umbrella

    Click image to download a PDF of the Health-Bent Umbrella. [print_this] To us, the USDA food pyramid has a few problems. The most obvious one and the one most commonly written…

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    Health-Bent on the Road

    This weekend we’ll be in Atlanta for our CrossFit Level 1 certification. Our meals/snacks will have to eaten during breaks. We pack all our food in a cooler with ice packed…

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    Crash Course on Sugar

    Raw cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, agave nectar, honey, maple syrup, beet sugar, dates, coconut sugar, concentrated fruit juice, Xylitol, Stevia? Let me start out by clearly stating, Health-Bent believes that…