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  • creolebreakfast
    Eggs Pork

    Creole Breakfast Casserole To Go

    It’s like gumbo is stuck inside your eggs. So now you can eat dinner inside of breakfast, instead of dinner for breakfast. Ingredients 12 ounces andouille sausage 1/2 large green pepper…

  • padthaieggs

    Pad Thai Frittata

    Frittatas and baked egg dishes are no stranger in our house. Late nights at the gym combined with me not prepping ahead for dinner or even having an inkling of what…

  • creamedspinachsouffle

    Creamed Spinach Souffle

    More often than not, meals in our home are inspired by what’s sitting around in the fridge or pantry. Some weeks I’m extremely ‘wifey’ and make a menu and then make…

  • cowboyskillet
    Eggs Most Popular Pork

    Cowboy Breakfast Skillet

    Last Saturday was a busy day. After breakfast we knew we’d have no real time to eat again until that night. So we threw together the biggest, most protein and fat…

  • egg-drop-soup
    Eggs Soups

    Egg (Not) Drop Soup

    Cheap and easy. Sounds like a pay-per-view movie title. I’m talking about a five minute meal that costs less than five dollars to make. The best of both worlds, ya? This…

  • bibimbap

    Baked Bibimbap

    I got home from the gym at 8:11 and had this ready to eat, on the table at 8:43. No lie. Bibimbap is a Korean dish that’s just a big saute…

  • casserole
    Eggs Most Popular Pork

    Paleo Breakfast Casserole

    Breakfast for dinner. Or breakfast…for breakfast. Tastes the same going down, anytime of day… Ingredients 1 lb fresh chorizo or breakfast sausage 8 eggs 3 small yukon gold potatoes or 1…

  • devil-eggs
    Eggs Snacks

    GOBlin Deviled Eggs

    We’re headed to Banff, Alberta, Canada (Is that how you write it?) until the end of the week. This recipe was a dinner+breakfast smashup inspired by our need for speed. I…

  • fajita-eggs
    Eggs Poultry

    Fajita Frittata

    We have 9 days until we have to move into the new casa and have finally finished installing all the unfinished wood flooring. Now we just have to get it sanded…

  • chorizo-egg
    Eggs Pork

    Mexican Omelette

    I had a hard time deciding what to call this recipe. It’s not really a frittata, often associated with Italy, but also means the eggs are beaten to a fluffy consistency.…

  • smoked-deviled-eggs
    Eggs Snacks

    Smoked, Deviled Eggs

    Salmon, capers, red onion and boiled egg, it’s a classic 80’s combo…like Salt N Pepa or Vanilla and Ice. We’ve been eating chopped egg and onion with lemon over smoked salmon…

  • huevos

    Paleo Huevos Rancheros

    More sausage! Brandon was supposed to make dinner tonight and well, I kind of took over. He wanted breakfast for dinner and I’m totally in to that, don’t get me wrong.…

  • friedrice
    Eggs Pork

    Pork Fried Rice

    A buddy of ours at our CrossFit box asked us if we had a Paleo style Fried Rice recipe. We had never tried, so we immediately set to work. The rice…

  • eggs

    Bacon, Roasted Red Pepper, Onion Frittata

    Rubbery, over cooked, leathery eggs are not tasty eats. There are 2 secrets to a great frittata. 1. Use a dish that’s wide enough! The smaller the diameter of the dish,…

  • italianbakedeggs

    Primal Italian Baked Eggs

    This dish is a take on classic shirred eggs. In my eyes, this could be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s easy to assemble and easy to clean up. I’m…