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Greek Meatballs

This past weekend, I challenged myself to come up with a well-thought out menu and actually shop, prep and cook all (or most) of the dishes on Sunday. So it was pretty imperative that everything I made be able…

Beef Game/Other Poultry Sauces, etc.

Leftovers Stock

While there is nothing wrong with going out and buying chicken necks and ox tails to make stock with, I assume many people don’t utilize what they’ve already got sitting in the fridge to make a perfectly yummy, if…


Rosemary Venison Skewers with Horsy Dip

Here’s one for you hunters out there. A friend of ours gave us the venison…and after trying this, we may have to get more into hunting, or finding good hunters with extra to share. Haven’t been much since we…

Game/Other Poultry

Turducken Meatloaf with Cherry Compote

If you’ve had a million roast turkeys, you’ll probably have a bazillion more… Ever heard of turducken? It’s a creole/cajun dish where an entire, de-boned chicken is stuffed into a de-boned duck which is then stuffed inside of a…

Beef Game/Other Salads Sides

Mediterranean Feast

WE’RE ALIVE! I hope you weren’t worried (or starving). Summer=Vacation. Wanted to say a BIG thank you to all the Facebook and website comments about our recipes. I’m at a crossroads about commenting on every single comment to say…