Beef Sauces, etc.

Steak with Sherry, Mushroom Cream Gravy

Some of you may remember the SousVide contest a few months back. Well, we didn’t win, but they asked if we would be interested in keeping it if we’d post a couple recipes using the machine. I know 99.9%…


Our Book > Primal Cravings: Your Favorite Foods Made Paleo

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Things I Like: PaleOMG Book Review + Giveaway

Juli cooks the way I want to eat. I’m sure you’re familiar with her blog; if you’re not. You can get a sense of the way she cooks and her general aura of awesomeness. It’s creative. It’s flavorful. And most importantly, it’s fun.…

Salads Sides

Cheap, Easy & Fast Green Salad

Warning. Turn back if offended by the use of some parmesan cheese as a way to make green things taste better. Read more about how dairy fits into a paleo-friendly lifestyle here: The CrossFit Journal posted a supposedly “kid-friendly”…


Things I Like

Danielle Crispy Roasted Coconut Chips I often find these at TJ Maxx, and can’t resist them. Trader Joe’s makes a version too. And now that I think about it, I bet Danielle makes these for Trader Joe’s. Anywho. I…


Szechuan Shrimp & Eggplant

I bought Iceberg lettuce for the first time…like ever. I must admit, I was kind of embarrassed. I had a basket (I buy less if I carry it, as opposed to push it) full of vegetables and I was…


Greek Chicken Hash

I hate when bloggers who’ve neglected their websites do their “comeback” post and write the words “sorry”. I’ve completely ignored this website for about 5 weeks and I’m not sorry at all. Lots of stuff happened in that 5…