• steves

    PaleoKits Giveaway + Bonus Coupon Code

    Preparation is the mother of success when you eat Paleo. But let’s admit it, you’re not perfect. (I am, though.) But really, if you’re anything like me, a normal person, I’d…

  • ahole

    How to Spot an A-hole

    If only it were that easy. Spotting an A-hole on the internet can be tougher than you think. Part of their talent can be making you feel like you’re the jerk…

  • chililimemangolassi

    Chili Lime Mango Lassi

    Things around the Keatley household have been busy as of late. Essentially, meal making & planning hasn’t been a priority to us. A lot of roasted throw togethers and random hashes…

  • padthaieggs

    Pad Thai Frittata

    Frittatas and baked egg dishes are no stranger in our house. Late nights at the gym combined with me not prepping ahead for dinner or even having an inkling of what…

  • bruleedapricots

    Brûléed Apricots

    Apricots have become my 2nd favorite fruit. My numero uno is the peach. I think apricots and peaches are like brother & sister, in their agricultural lineage–or something. So I guess one…

  • mahimahi

    Spicy Mango Mahi Mahi

    I’m pretty sure this is the first seafood/fish recipe I’ve posted in about 6 months. Oops. We just don’t eat that much fish. Not that I don’t like it, it’s just hard…

  • rmm

    Roasted & Marinated Mushrooms

    I love marinated _______. Seriously, fill in the blank with any run of the mill vegetable and suddenly, I’m all over it. Asparagus, artichokes, eggplant, olives and mushrooms. Love them. So…

  • osso

    Korean Barbecue Osso Buco

    …and once you’ve downed the buco, don’t forget to polish off the marrow for dessert. Ingredients tallow 4 beef shanks 2 c beef stock 2 T fresh ginger 1 T fresh…

  • mexi-done

    Mexican Cocoa Crusted Steaks

    Rarely do we partake in the quick cooking, whole muscle meat of animals. I find it incredibly difficult to justify a cost of $14-$20 per pound for anything. So that’s why…

  • m

    CrossFit Games Southeast Regional Recap

    Brandon and I just got home from the CrossFit Games Southeast Regional competition, which was held in West Palm Beach, Florida this past weekend. We had a phenomenal time gallivanting and competing.…

  • pizza-stuffed-sweet-potato
    Beef Most Popular Pork

    Pizza Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

    We’re headed to West Palm Beach, Florida this weekend to compete in the CrossFit Games Southeast Regionals with our team. We’ve been trying to practice the workouts together and what not,…

  • hawaiianbaconbbqburger
    Beef Most Popular

    Hawaiian Barbecue Bacon Burgers

    A good burger is hard to beat, but a bad burger…you know, the patties that resemble the charcoal they were cooked over; those are worse than worse. People like to get…

  • creamedspinachsouffle

    Creamed Spinach Souffle

    More often than not, meals in our home are inspired by what’s sitting around in the fridge or pantry. Some weeks I’m extremely ‘wifey’ and make a menu and then make…

  • frou-frou-cobb-salad

    Frou Frou Cobb Salad

    So here’s what happened: this stuff was in the fridge + I needed to eat = this recipe Ingredients 1 head romaine lettuce, chopped 2 greedy handfuls baby spinach, chopped 3…

  • thumb-guacamole-salad

    Guacamole Salad

    I made this to go alongside a pork butt Brandon smoked this weekend. I figured why not chop up some standard guac ingredients, toss in some refresher veggies like cukes and…

  • results

    Fueling the Fire

    Sometimes I get a sense that people believe that dissatisfaction is a cultivated evil; sown only from the seeds of unjust social expectations.  And while I do believe it’s true that we…

  • chicken

    Maple, Mustard Grilled Chicken

    Sometimes you just want a stupid easy, but stupid tasty meal. Ingredients ~2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs 1/3 c Dijon mustard (my absolute favorite is Maille (I eat this stuff out…