Brownie Cake Bites

I would like to dedicate this recipe to the butthead who told us to stop calling ourselves ‘health gurus’ and that ‘sugar isn’t paleo’. Well, Mr. Butthead, I do what I want. Yield: 2 dozen mini muffins Ingredients 1…

gingerbread squares

Gingerbread Squares

It’s a common theme in our house–we make/buy something sweet, we eat it all in one day. Now–notice I didn’t say we eat it all in one sitting, but that we consume the entire pan throughout the day. That…like…totally…


2012 Holiday Gift Guide + Two Giveaways!

All Gifts are $70 or Under Baby Fortune Cookie Booties (Uncommon Goods Giveaway Eligible) Walnut Nut Cracker Footed Wood Tray State Aprons (UncommonGoods Giveaway Eligible) Faux Toast Coasters Matryoshka Doll Pepper Mill Jeni’s Holiday Collection Ice Cream Kombucha Home Brew Kit…


Shop, Prep & Eat for the Week

I warned Brandon not to expect this to happen every week…it’s a lot of planning and a lot of upfront, no instant gratification type of work. But then, as the week went by and all I had to do…


Unrolled Cabbage Casserole

By no means glamourous, unrolled cabbage casserole may take a long time to get “dressed” but it makes up for what it lacks in beauty with its taste. Clean up boils down to one pot of water and a…


General Tso’s Chicken

Essentially, this recipe is just a homemade hoison sauce kicked up to your personal level of preferred spiciness, with the addition of red pepper flakes and/or sriracha or chili garlic sauce. I wanted a combo of General Tso &…

Eggs Meat

Creole Breakfast Casserole To Go

It’s like gumbo is stuck inside your eggs. So now you can eat dinner inside of breakfast, instead of dinner for breakfast. Ingredients 12 ounces andouille sausage 1/2 large green pepper 1/2 jalapeno 1/2 yellow onion 8 eggs 2…


Greek Chopped Salad

I made this salad to go along with the Greek Meatballs I prepped and cooked this weekend. It was super important to me that whatever vegetable side/salad I made go along with lots of protein options. Thus, the Greek Chopped…

Meat Most Popular

Greek Meatballs

This past weekend, I challenged myself to come up with a well-thought out menu and actually shop, prep and cook all (or most) of the dishes on Sunday. So it was pretty imperative that everything I made be able…


Gremolata & Mushroom Stewed Beef

A sort of Italian spin on a classic beef stew. I tossed in some basalmic vinegar in place of red wine and let some fresh orange & rosemary infuse into the tomatoey broth. Super yummy, plus… this makes super…