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Paleo Bacon and Eggs To Go

We didn’t get home until 10 p.m. the other night so this recipe was inspired, once again, by my lack of time mixed with hunger pangs. We try our best to make a menu every week and shop for the necessary ingredients, but it doesn’t always happen. This is a nice example of it “not happening”. Here comes the freezer to the rescue. I had some Canadian bacon shoved in the back corner and I ALWAYS keep eggs in the fridge, so I was able to whip up a good, solid meal in less than 15 minutes.


  • Canadian bacon slices
  • Equal amount of eggs


Preheat your oven to 350°F.

In a muffin pan, place a piece of Canadian bacon into each hole. Press it down and crack an egg into each piece of bacon. Cook in oven for approximately:

  • Runny Yolk – 8 minutes
  • Semi-Soft Yolk – 10 minutes
  • Hard, Crumbly Egg – 14 minutes

Pop the egg “cups” out of the pan once they’re cool enough to handle. Whatever you don’t eat goes straight into the fridge for a snack or another meal.


  1. Ugh. turn up the heat a bit higher or leave it in longer.

  2. Kids loved the eggs (so did thier dad). Thanks for a great recipe.

  3. LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD! can i be your official photographer?

  4. Kelly McCullough

    Ooooh, what a crafty breakfast food!! The bacon is my favorite part hahaha

  5. It is a good idea but I found that the bacon and egg really stuck to the pan – I didn’t spray it first, and the product was very watery (the water came out of the bacon)…I find a simple pan fry is still good!

    • Hey Doug. In this particular recipe we used Canadian bacon…the thick ham type with not much fat content…is that what you used? It shouldn’t render too much fat or water and it usually comes in a nice disc that will cover the whole bottom and sides of the muffin tin so that not much (if any) of the egg will actually touch the pan directly. This should eliminate sticking but spraying/greasing couldn’t hurt. I’m curious if any of these suggestions would solve the problem because this really does make for a convenient and tasty package.

  6. I’m getting thrilled to make these next, yes thrilled. I made the infamous paleo egg muffins tonight for breakfast for the next week. First time making them so i decided to use bacon, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. Next time i’m making your creation. Do you guys leave your egg runny? I like them like that, but i’m wondering if it’s hard to eat on the go…

    • we like the runny yolk a lot, but it’s probably not practical if you’re taking it to-go. also, i’ve gotten feedback from some people at our crossfit box and they prefer straight up bacon over the canadian style–i think it gets crispier and has a better texture contrast.

  7. Thanks for the tip megan. Also, do these keep in the fridge well? I was thinking about whipping up a batch and keeping them in a container and eating them throughout the week…bad idea?

  8. Megan

    Just wanted to let you know that these turned out great with regular bacon and canadian bacon! And they keep very well in the fridge, i just cook them until they are past runny yokes but not quite hard boiled. Love them! Thanks!!

  9. Megan,

    First off, great site – my wife and I use it regularly (this is on my faves) and I’ve got a link to it on my blog. Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve put up a post referencing your recipe since I made it this morning. I couldn’t get the Creative Commons embed thing to work so I attribute the recipe and photo to Health-Bent directly in the photo and text of the blog.

    Also, I’ve “remixed” this recipe a couple of different ways, primarily with meats and toppings. I like a crisp texture around the egg, and I’ve found that thinly-sliced pancetta and prosciutto complement the egg perfectly with tart saltiness. I also throw a paper-thin slice of parmesan on top, which adds a that nice nutty finish parmesan lends. You could almost call this a paleo take on a Croque Madame or Monsieur.

  10. I just made these today. They’re fantastic! My boyfriend has just started calling them cupcanucks. Looking forward to remixing them for myself as well!

  11. Just tried these and think I need bigger Canadian bacon or just ham slices, but guess what …….. leftover Christmas turkey, shredded up to make a nice base, worked really well.

  12. I found this recipe on Pinterest. Just tried it and my normally picky eaters LOVED IT. I had to make a second batch because they ate it so quickly.

  13. This has been a favourite of ours for years! Except we go to our local organic store and they have organic sliced ham which we mold into the cup instead of the bacon. Such a perfect easy meal!

  14. I tried this recipe this morning exactly as followed (even sprayed the pan) and my bacon never cooked. I cooked it on 350 for 20 minutes. I have no idea what happened. After dumping it all in the trash I found the cleanup to be a nightmare everything was stuck the pan!!!!!! Great idea just didnt work out well here!

    • I was afraid of this happening Abbey so am hesitant to try this recipe. Am reading all the comments to decide. Although I will just have to try them I guess! Lol

  15. did you use canadian bacon? eh?:)

  16. Gonna try this one out too… we get our bacon from a local guy that smokes his pork..it doesn’t shrink like the pre-packaged crap when you cook it..

  17. This is such a good idea. Ready made meal in a cute little package.

  18. I just found this on Pinterest and made it for breakfast this morning. I used lean capicola for the cup and it crisped up nicely. Then I sprinkled the top with parmesean cheese and a twist of pepper. 10 minutes was undercooked for my taste. So, I went for 13 minutes in a 375 oven. Served with sliced tomatoes sauteed in olive oil with cumin. Delicious. I look forward to exploring your site some more.

  19. i was just curious if the temp and timing are a lot different for the little convection ovens?.. probably silly but i’m a new-cooker and i have no clue lol

    • haley,

      temp and time should be the same for your small oven. BUT…that being said…all ovens have their differences – drift, hot spots…etc.

      if you keep an eye on ’em and check every once in a while you’ll be able to know when they’re cooked how you like them – the whites will set visibly. don’t hesitate to stab one of the yolks to test it…if it’s still not as cooked as you like just stick ’em back in for a few.

      keep your eye on them and you won’t go wrong. good luck!

  20. Worked out well for me. My first attempt was with just eggs and bacon. Used some non-stick spray and they came out no problem. For my second try I scrambled the eggs, used the bacon, added onions and tomatoes and they were awesome. Just gonna pop these in the microwave to heat them up in the morning before work. Couldn’t have been easier. Don’t know how anyone could mess these up.

  21. Do precook the bacon?

  22. Thanks for the recipe! Looks yummy and easy!

  23. I made these yesterday morning with bacon and I added some mushrooms, italian seasoning and s&p to the top – delicious. So easy!! Thanks!!

  24. Thank you for this. My kids will now have breakfast worth having now! I used thin cut deli ham because I like it a little thinner! I just wish I could hug you for this. Seriously.

  25. My kids Looooovvvvvveeedddd everything about these eggs! Thanks for a super simple and quick meal!

  26. We just made these for brunch. We all loved them. We were surprised at how much flavor was imparted to the eggs from the Canadian Bacon. The cooking time difference that some have mentioned might be due to the size of eggs used. I used large eggs and did have to cook them a little longer.
    Found you through Pinterest.

    Thanks for sharing
    aka Alwilda’s Daughter

  27. Made these this morning and came out bad. The bacon and egg stuck to the cupcake tin and the bacon was barely cooked at all. I stuck them in for longer to let the bacon cook and all the yolk cooked. Don’t think I’ll be making these again

  28. The first time I made these following the recipe exactly. Like others, I have since tried with other meats & I’ve had no problems.Thanks for posting this recipe!

  29. Thanks so much for this idea! I did make it exactly the same this morning, preheating the oven to 350F, only to find the eggs were still completely liquid (no denaturing yet of the proteins) after 10 minutes. I tried increasing the temperature to 400F, and let them go 12 minutes longer (checking them periodically–I couldn’t even smell the bacon cooking until the extra 10 min mark), and then they were really great–the yolks were firm, not runny at all, more like hard boiled, but not crumbly (still a darker “wetness” to the yolk in the middle).

    My husband said he’d prefer not to have runny eggs without something to mop them up 😉 But the bacon was, being thick, still chewy, and it was more difficult to saw through with a knife. He preferred crispy bacon, he said, so next time, I might set up the cups with the bacon (no greasing necessary in my case), let them cook by themselves for 10 minutes or so at 400F, and then add the eggs, and perhaps cook for 15 minutes or so. Everyone’s oven is different, and in Asheville, being at a higher altitude, I have noticed that I need to adjust temperatures sometimes.

    I LOVE the ideas that readers have posted, too, of adding sliced tomatoes, sliced meats, etc. I wonder if lining the bottom of the pan with a slice of tomato would have negative effects of the acidity interacting with the metal? If so, maybe a slice of pepper on the bottom would work well, too, as peppers roast so delightfully.

    Again, thank you for the excellent idea!

  30. Those are tiny yolks. What kind of eggs are you using?

  31. UGGGGGGH I wish I could find Turkey Canadian Bacon, because I don’t eat pork (NO JUDGEMENT HA!)

  32. @ Kasey

    Finding turkey ham is often easier(worth a try)~ I’ve made this with a few different kinds of meat now… all were awesome!

  33. I made this today and they were awesome. I added about 1 tablespoon each of finely chopped kale and scallions on top of the bacon and than added the egg on top of that.

  34. I used bacon from my butcher and I did not cook all the way through, nor did the eggs, in the allotted time. Even with adding five minutes for the eggs to cook the bacon could have been cooked longer. Next time I will put the bacon in the oven first for awhile and then add the eggs.

  35. I used regular bacon, put the bacon in for 10 minutes on its own, then added the eggs and cooked an additional 15 minutes. It turned out great. The eggs were still extremely runny at 10 minutes, but were perfectly cooked at 15.

  36. I can’t even tell you how amazing these are. THANK YOU for your brilliance!

  37. How many days can you safely keep and use extras? Best ways to reheat? Found regular ham the same size as the Canadian bacon circles and am looking forward to making these this weekend.

  38. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

  39. Just made this recipe, using a sprayed, larger size muffin pan at 375* for 11-12 minutes. They were perfect and delicious and came right out of the pan with ease. Will definitely make this again!

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