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  • chipotle-slaw
    Salads Sauces, etc.

    Chipotle Slaw

    I love mayonnaise. Well…I don’t love it enough to eat it out of the jar by the spoonful (I also can’t eat almond or coconut butter by the spoonful..not a big…

  • paleo-bacon-caesar-salad
    Salads Sauces, etc.

    Double Bacon Caesar

    I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again, I am not a fan of salad, unless it’s coated and covered in tasty treats and dressing. The “Paleo” part…

  • curryhoneymustard
    Sauces, etc.

    Curry Honey Mustard

    I strongly believe that quick, throw together sauces like this help make a quick Paleo meal possible. Grilled chicken (my most un-favorite of all), steak or fish quickly becomes extremely¬†boring–one reason…

  • prime-rib-stock
    Beef Game/Other Poultry Sauces, etc.

    Leftovers Stock

    While there is nothing wrong with going out and buying chicken necks and ox tails to make stock with, I assume many people don’t utilize what they’ve already got sitting in…

  • acho
    Sauces, etc.

    Protein Pesto

    This is my version of a classic French dish called anchoiade that I’ve mashed together with a version of another classic recipe, pesto. Anchovies are the star here, but don’t be…

  • Sauces, etc.

    Cinco de Mayo-nnaise

    Happy Cinco de Mayo-nnaise day! Instead of posting margaritas and nacho recipes (although, we are working on the latter), we decided to discuss mayonnaise; how it’s made and what you can…

  • Sauces, etc.

    Bacon Mayonnaise

    You can find lots of Paleo recipes for making your own mayo, but they mainly use coconut oil or olive oil. That’s some expensive stuff. So it got me thinking– how…

  • paleo-roasted-marinara
    Sauces, etc.

    Roasted Marinara

    Everyone buys tomatoes with the hopes that their texture is luscious and their flesh is fruity. But we never really know what’s hiding inside that glossy, gorgeous skin…looks are often deceiving…