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Health-Bent Headquarters has relocated. If you’ve looked at our last few posts or followed our Facebook page at all you may already be aware. And what started as “we’ll get new appliances” turned into “let’s gut the entire kitchen and start over.” The good news is that (eventually) we’ll have a kitchen that is very much like what we’ve dreamed about for a long time. To us foodies, this is very exciting; you understand. It’s gonna be Christmas in July.

The bad news is: in order to afford this kitchen…we are doing all the work ourselves. Sure it’s kinda fun and rewarding, to a point…but it also has meant neglecting the blog and missing out on the start of bountiful seasonal produce. We also won’t have our garden this year. The transition from cooking and photographing to tiling and installing has certainly taken it’s toll on our diets. It’s hard not to use it as an excuse to just grab the fastest thing you can shove in your mouth to keep going. And as we all know, without the ability to cook it’s damn near impossible to eat the way we like to eat.

This is only temporary…but we’re definitely longing to get back in the kitchen and eat real foods. We’ve always said that the benefits of the diet isn’t necessarily in 100% compliance but in the power that comes with knowing the difference. We will return…and we should have a better space to create recipes and photograph them when it’s all said and done.

We’re grateful that the index of recipes has seemed to keep people coming to the site…and we thank the Foodee for still linking to us.

As romantic as “Paleo” is…this is 2011 and let’s be honest, I think we all have to admit that a modern kitchen is more helpful to your healthy diet than a campfire (more to add to the Paleo reenactment argument). You guys know we’ve never been after a recreation anyway…and I think most of our readers agree. After all, a kitchen is just a tool; and all tools are Paleo. 🙂

We are hopefully less than a month away from completion. Stay tuned and thanks again.


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  1. Congratulations on the new casa! We’re all excited to see what creations you’ll be coming up with next.

    The hard work now will pay off greatly later as your perfect kitchen will definitely make the activity of the cooking more enjoyable.

    Just a note on the difficulty of eating well while without a functional kitchen. For three years I lived in a basement apartment – sans kitchen. For two of those years I had no idea how to eat, so I ate out. Last year I discovered CrossFit and Paleo. Still without a kitchen I managed to lean out, bulk up, and become fitter and healthier than I had ever been. What were the tools I used? A Coleman 2 burner propane camp stove, a slow-cooker, and a toaster oven. With these three tools I have made more than 30 of your recipes and a hundred others found in books and on other sites. Every one was a masterpiece. It takes a little more time and some planning, yet it is not that hard. When I bought my first home this March I found out that the oven did not work. Staring at me from the cupboard was that trusty toaster oven and in went three Sweet-Potato Lasagnas a la The Naked Kitchen.

    If one really wants to do it, it can be done. Give it a go and see what awesome-ness you can make out of it!

    Congratulations, again! Oh – and I love the shirt. It’s always a conversation starter when I wear it out to eat while on field assignment for work.

    To Food!

  2. that is awesome mike. you are right, where there’s a will there’s a way

    you are the mcgyver chef! thanks for the comment.

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