One Year Later

it’s been almost a year since my last blog post. i want to say thank you to the people who bought our book, and to the people who have emailed me…asking what’s going on–letting me know we’re missed. as to the future of this website–i have no idea. i think about it often, but still don’t know. our lives have changed dramatically in the last year. here’s what’s going on…

The Journey to Now

I had been the manager and a trainer at Carolina CrossFit in Columbia, SC from 2010 to early 2013. Because of my own experience with joining that gym (extreme intimidation), I started and taught most of the free introduction classes, designed their logo, website and t-shirts, managed the website, and member billing. We had even painted, and planted a natural area (on our own time) to help make the place look less creepy. We organized and ran all the extra-curricular events–Dirty Dozen (a lock-in style overnight event), Christmas Eve Smack Down, random potlucks and fundraisers. Those were the fun days.

By 2013, Brandon and I had both come on full-time, under the mutual expectation that we would be buying-in to the gym. (When I started working at Carolina CrossFit, there were  50 members. By the time we left they were bursting at the seams with around 400.) We had the owners and their kids over to our house for dinner (we tested our pizza crust recipe in the book on them), had formal meetings, and discussed dollar figures and equity percentages. So, to us, this was serious. When we pressed them about looking at financial documents, they kept giving us the run-around. Weeks went by without any further discussions, and they started acting weird. That’s when we realized we were being strung along. Brandon had quit his freaking job so we could buy-in and co-own this place, and now we were stuck–making a combined salary that was less than what he pulled in at his desk job. We had  a very, very sour taste in our mouths. We decided it was time to look into the possibility of doing our own thing. We had to look out for ourselves. The owner we had worked our butts off for sure wasn’t going to.


This is where things got juicy/nasty. When we first thought about opening our own place, we had called a commercial real estate agent about a place we saw. We wanted to look inside, see what it cost, ya know. Welp, this agent ended up calling the owner of Carolina CrossFit, looking for us! It was really, really weird. We hadn’t even decided if opening our own CrossFit was even feasible, but it sure as eff was now! We were gone by the end of that week. Friends of ours at CrossFit Rivalry were gracious enough to let us workout with them until we could get things going on our end.


And that’s when all the gossip started. We were disloyal, we betrayed them, we had “started construction while still being employed there and were opening in 2 months.” That was a tough time. We were run through the mud…and couldn’t defend ourselves. But now, I don’t feel so bad about talking about what happened. I have a voice, and I want people to hear our side of the story. I’m tired of looking like a schmuck, because we did what ANYONE would do if they were put in this position.


And one more thing, the CrossFit Affiliate Owner contract states that the owner cannot use non-compete contracts to keep trainers from opening their own CrossFit affiliate. Don’t let them scare you into signing one. It’s not legally binding. Just FYI.

Our Own Thing

We ended up finding a spot by sheer, drive-by, luck in April of 2013. We’re right beside Williams-Brice Gamecock Football Stadium. It’s a pretty sweet spot. It’s definitely got an electric energy around it. We signed the lease, waited for our CrossFit affiliate approval and started demo’ing the inside of the space. We had rolled out 2 tracks of rubber, and invited our friends to come workout with us in the midst of all rubble.


It took us about 10 months to open. It was such an excruciatingly slow and expensive experience. Bids had to come in, permits had to be pulled, drawings had to be approved. We had to bring the asbestos-ridden P.O.S. up to code, and we were at the mercy of the county. We did as much work as we could on our own:  demo, painting, signage, logo & website, flooring, audio, equipment install, and building as much stuff as we could. We spent 9 hours in Ikea one day. That was fun.


base 10 crossfit before

Finally Open

We finally opened Based 10 CrossFit in January 2014. We spent a large chunk of dough on getting a professional photographer and videographer in the place. Definitely worth the money.





We were able to have an apprentice right when we opened (he was one of our friends in the midst of the rubble), and he spent a solid 4 months shadowing us and getting feedback. He’s now teaching classes, and doing really well. He’s a solid asset, and very much the opposite of us (which is a good thing). I sincerely hope we can pay him enough, challenge him, and help him grow so he’ll want to stay with us forever.




I’m not a “hugger”…so, you’ll need to pick your own mushy, gushy stuff and insert it here. But we truly love our people. It makes me wonder if people that “fit” together really do find each other. <- There. That was mushy (and pretty corny).


When we first opened, we taught every class from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. I was exhausted all the time. I never expected that opening a freaking gym would leave me so unmotivated to work out. Now that we’ve hired someone, and I’ve gotten more acclimated, things seem more normal-ish. It’s still hard, and I really relish sleep. I nap as often as possible.


I’m prone to anxiety. I get it when I’m in crowds of people. I had my first (and thankfully only) panic attack right when the book was released (because I was so scared of what people would think). There’s so much frantic waking up and looking at the clock, making sure I don’t oversleep for the 6 a.m. class. My mind doesn’t shut off, but I think that’s normal when you run your own business.


We’ve been told there’s another CrossFit gym opening a stone’s throw away from us. The trainers that took over our positions at Carolina CrossFit have now also left (under dramatic, but different circumstances as what little I know of it), and are are opening their own CrossFit gym. The rumored confirmed location is on the other side of the street from us, and CrossFit Soda City is the rumored confirmed name. I’ve heard of this happening disturbingly frequently in big cities, but never imagined this would happen in po’ dunk Columbia, South Carolina–where there’s plenty of real estate to go around. I suppose we can use their gym as our 600 meter turnaround for running–since that’s how far they are away from us. Lulzzz. I really don’t understand why they’d want to be so close us.


We’re together just about 24/7. It’s a pretty strange marriage, I guess…I don’t know any different. But I’m proud to say that we still like each other. Love–of course, will always be there, but I think it’s really important that we actually still LIKE each other. I’m not trying to portray an image of perfection, we definitely bicker and snap at each other, and sometimes we do that in front of our members…and that’s super embarrassing. Sorry y’all.


When I’m not feeling supremely lazy, I’ll take 3 hours out of our Sunday and do a big cook. I’ve gotten progressively more lazy as the months have gone by. Breakfast has become a quasi-pick two: yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, potatoes, bacon. Again, depends on how lazy I’m feeling. Lunch is some type of salad, since that’s easy to mass produce. Dinner is what’s tough. I frequent the frozen food section–Trader Joe’s, Artisan Bistro (these are at a lot of normal grocery stores, tasty, and pretty affordable). We eat a lot of popsicles now too. Outshine brand are the best. Just sayin’.

What The Book Has Taught Me

I don’t give an efffffff. I mean I do, but I don’t. Writing the book, and reading the negative reviews, has really helped chisel a stone veneer (I mean, I suffer from bitchy resting face anyway). To the people who say we’re “fraudulently funding” our life with the book sales..L O freaking L. Hardly! I’m flattered. Not as many people want a sane “paleo” book, as much as they want a miracle, woo-woo, black & white, dogmatic paleo book.  I won’t say the negative stuff doesn’t bother me, but it doesn’t make me want to run and hide. It’s helped me grow up…a little bit.



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  1. My husband and I have been married 49 years. We worked side by side for all but about five years. I can’t imagine a marriage where two people, in love, work for 8 hours a day at different places. Have fun at what you work at and it isn’t really work….

    1. I have just stumbled upon your blog today searching for a decent way to eat & really look forward to trying your recipes. I want to encourage you & your husband in the new venture you have began. Unfortunately there are people who have taken advantage of you both, but do not let this destroy your future and your life together. These days it has become the norm &not the exception for a copy cat to do what you see next to you. As long as what you remain the original, you will be successful in life. Most of all cheerish each other & your life together.

  2. Hey, I’m genuinely happy that you took the time to post this….had always enjoyed the blog and liked the book. Good luck to you both.

  3. I bought your book. It was the first paleo book that spoke to me. Great design, great paper, great photography. (I am not going to make something that looks like shit in a photo.) Be proud of that book. Its all part of your journey. Glad to hear things are on the upswing, and just let the negative stuff roll off your back. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your CrossFit!

  4. Well, damn. That sucks. But you guys have definitely made the best of it!! Congrats and continued luck with Base 10. It looks badass.

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a tough year but well done on making it out the other side. I forgot about your book but will defo buy it now. I feel very aligned with your way of eating/being. Shame I’m in the UK, would live to visit the gym. Best of luck

  6. Good luck to you both and I hope one day you find time to post more recipes!

  7. I’ve been a beloved follower of your blog since you started. At that time (Summer 2010), I had recently started down my real food journey and your recipes were some of the first I tried and have become weekly staples ever since… even after the paleo craze that followed, I’ve come back to your site for advice and guidance. I was hooked the moment I read that one of your recipes contained (gasp! sugar!)… because you were honest. You told me it was okay to “buy the cheap, white stuff and use it like a condiment”. You gave me permission to not have to buy into the legalistic caveman paleo diet and just eat real food. And then, you wrote the “Dear Paleo, I Quit” article – and it was the BEST blog post I’d ever read. You said what I’d been thinking for a very long time. I love you guys, your blog and what you’re doing. If I ever find my way to SC, I’m going to give y’all a hug.

  8. I have always been a fan of your site, recipes and posts. My wife bought me your cook book a few months ago and it’s by far the best one we own (I have at least a dozen Paleo/Primal cook books). In my experience, the typical cook book has 3-4 recipes that are great that I could make and eat regularly. With yours, I have made about 12 items and 11 of them have been “home runs.” Some I have already made 2-3 times over. My wife and I aren’t the type to get caught up in the religious like dogma that gets laid down by Paleo Purists. I love your “I don’t give a f*ck what you think,” attitude. We share the same sentiment. Looks forward to the second cook book 😉

  9. Michelle S.

    Good shit Megan!

  10. People suck really, super bad. I check back regularly on your site hoping for new recipes. You were my favorite blog from the beginning and I recommend your cookbook to everyone. I didn’t know there were rude reviews until you said something. It makes absolutely no sense. People are complaining about using tapioca flour because of the carbs. How to solve that problem —> workout. Duh. I’m about to get real rude so I’ll just stop. Congrats on your gym, it’s absolutely beautiful!

  11. Thank you, thank you for posting again! I’ve missed your posts over the last year, but understood your need for a break to dedicate to building your business and separate yourselves from the negativity on the web (eff’ing trolls!). Thank you for your candor and unapologetic post. I’m sure the journey has been rough, but you and Brandon have risen above the negativity and have become stronger individuals and even stronger as a couple. I have nothing but respect for you both and hope that one day I can visit Base 10 CF and do a WOD there! XOXO

  12. This post made me miss y’all so stinking much! Pleeeeeeease come to Atlanta, we can hang out, work out, and have bitchy resting face together. I’m so proud of your success; love you both 🙂

  13. AustinGirl

    I’m SO sorry y’all had to go through all of that crap, but I am happy that you guys seem to be doing well, and your gym is BEAUTIFUL. Amazing work.
    I would also like to thank you again for your fabulous cookbook.
    Every time I use one of your recipes, I’m happy. Y’all rock. (Go Gamecocks!!)

  14. Yay, so glad to see an update from you guys! I love your cookbook. Period. And the breaking up with paleo post was very freeing for me to read.

    I hope that maybe, just maybe, we’ll see the results of your culinary experimentation again. No pressure, just maybe.

    Best of luck in your new endeavour!

  15. I wondered what happened to you guys. My whole office loves your recipes and I love your cookbook! I’m not Paleo but I love to incorporate your recipes. We miss your posts here at our office. You are one of the inspirations for me to start my own blog ( and it’s not easy especially with all the other crazy things going on. You were put through the ringer to make you stronger and you guys will come out ahead. Best of luck in your journey! Hope to be reading from you soon.

  16. Congratulations on becoming your own bosses! 🙂

    Your blog was one of the first I came across when I ventured into Paleo eating. 3 years later, my lifestyle has changed tremendously and it was no longer working for me. I started to beat myself up every time I ate ‘dirty’. And on cheat days I binged SO HARD. It just wasn’t working anymore. Reading your last post made me realize I had an issue. I still try to eat mostly protein, veggies and fruit these days but don’t feel guilty anymore when I eat ‘normal’. Thanks for sharing, all the best to you!

  17. Good to hear from you!! Your book is my favorite and most used cookbook. The recipes are the most user-friendly of any of the books I’ve read in that category! Keep on keeping on!

  18. So glad you posted! We bought your book last year when we were “very” paleo. Since then, our diets have evolved into finding what works for us. Regardless, your cookbook is still the favorite one I own. I made your honey butter biscuits for a large group last Thanksgiving, and everyone ate those instead of the ones they had brought that they normally love. The chocolate cake is our go-to cake now. It’s seriously the best thing my fiance has ever eaten. He asks for it any chance he gets.

    People are going to hate, no matter what. I too suffer from social anxiety, to the point of fainting at times, so I can’t imagine publishing a book and reading reviews from complete strangers. And to top it off with the gym situation you went through-wow! You’re a trooper. I’m glad everything worked out in the end.

    Between publishing a book and opening your own gym, you’ve accomplished a lot more than most people.

    But seriously, those biscuits? The bomb.

  19. I’m so glad to hear you are doing good. I love your recipes. Made many from the book and the website. Today, just made Hibachi Chicken again, it’s one of my favs. What I learned from you change the way I cook and plan my meals. I’m grateful for the work you put into the website. I come here often for inspirations.
    Good luck with Based 10!

  20. Thanks for sharing your “recent life events.” Like so many others that have already posted, you are missed. I have thoroughly enjoyed both your blog and your cookbook. I wish you tremendous success and hope you return to those of us that are paleo recipe junkies!

  21. Ed Sostack

    Megan you were the first person to speak to my wife and I as we approached the doors at CCF to see what Crossfit was all about. You set the tone and helped us through the on ramp class back in 2010. Although we did not stay after the on ramp class, because we lived in Sumter, you and Brandon were the two people we always remember and talked about when we look back at the time be began Crossfit. It is unfortunate that you were misled and used to further that affiliate, but I am happy that you were able to open your own. If Sheree and I ever end up back in South Carolina, we know exactly where we are going to throw down at.
    Best of luck to you and Brandon!

  22. I literally was just thinking about your website last week and I even came to check to see if you guys had posted anything new. Your gym looks effin awesome I wish I lived in South Carolina. Good luck and I hope that things progressively get easier.

  23. Meag Olson

    You guys rock! People can be super shitty. Glad you found a group of non-shitty people to build your future with!

  24. Congratulations on BA10 – looks and sounds amazing!! Photo of the rowers gives me goosebumps 🙂 Your determination to create the ultimate CF box shows. Nine hours at Ikea in one day speaks volumes. Hope recipes start popping up in the “inbox” again soon. We use your recipes at least twice a week; best damn cookbook we’ve come across! Many, many thanks for staying true to your goal. PS> I second the above comment from Kristen – your Dear Paleo, I Quit post was by far the best blog post I’ve ever read and it gave me the boost I needed to say the same thing after three long years of Paleo frustration. You guys rock!

  25. Best of luck to you both….not gonna lie wish you still blogged! I just made your Maple Mustard Chicken last night! Glad your new venture is working out for you! Continued success!!

  26. I’m so sorry you’ve had so much drama, but happy you’ve persevered through it to build something for yourselves. I can’t imagine why your book would have negative reviews. I love it, and I’ve recommended it many times. It’s refreshing to have a place to turn where I know I won’t find almond flour.

  27. Hope you can get back to the blog on a more regular basis b/c I ALWAYS enjoyed it (and it’s all about what I want, right?)! Love your writing style, and enjoy trying your recipes!

  28. Damn you guys have been through a lot. Thank you for sharing your story. It is so inspiring that you opened your own gym! And I don’t know what the deal is with your cookbook. I LOVE it. It’s my regular go to when I cook! I really hope you continue to blog about your gym. Hearing constant negativity blows but I hope there are more supporters than shit talkers.

  29. Hey now! I’m glad to hear from ya! Been wondering about you two and I’m glad things are working out. I’m still lovin’ the book and my daughter is gaining weight, so THANK YOU again for your book! Wishing you MUCH success in your new endeavor!

  30. Whenever MCS and I get ticked at each other, we bicker. Eventually we end up whacking each other with swords. It helps. I recommend it.

  31. Screw the haters!

    You guys rock and your gym rocks too. Very happy to be a part of it and see it grow! Nice to have fun stuff to do again and WODs that kick my butt. 🙂

  32. So, I miss your posts and recipes, but I’m happy things are going well for you. Thanks for the update.

  33. So happy your back …..hopefully we will see more blog posts from you …..your new facility looks fantastic …..all the hard work will pay off …..and I’m sorry for what your previous employers did from 50 to 400 ppl is a huge accomplishment and the beginner courses and how you make ppl feel when they walk in is HUGE …..congrats

  34. So glad to hear of your successes recently. Also sorry for your struggles, but sometimes it take a struggle to get us there, right? I have the cookbook and I love it, just sayin’. Best wishes to you both:)

  35. So glad you let us know how you are doing. I love this site and recommend your recipes all the time. Because they are for REAL people. I also think your book is the best Paleo book I own. Got it on a promo for Primal Blueprint and then recommended to anyone that would listen. I wish you the best of luck and agree with you on the Outshine popscicles. I love the veggie and fruit ones. So dang yummy. Just know the haters will always hate but there are people who think what you are doing is AMAZING….

  36. I think it is terrible that people are so awful. And they are. It really hurts when you are nice. Your recipes are amazing. I have enjoyed your website. It has taken me years of practice, but eventually you become immune to the hatefulness. Stay strong and good luck!!

  37. Hey! From Dominican Republic here (the Caribbean…) My wife and I really enjoy (we still do) your recipes. Although we haven’t buy the book, I’m sure is as great as your blogs… You guys are doing a great job doing what you like side by side, so don’t let any comment (or jealousy) affect that. Keep it up!! (btw you guys will totally be welcomed to our humble lil’ peace of island!)

  38. Nice to read an update from you and BASE 10 looks awesome. Good Luck!
    And I truly believe Karma is a bitch, what goes around, comes around. Sorry all that bad had to happen to get to your good.

  39. Good for both of you. You should be so proud of yourselves. What an accomplishment. Keep up the fabulous work and don’t listen to the “haters.” We need more kindness and charity in this world anyway. I think what you have done is so inspirational. And your cookbook is awesome! Don’t listen to the “haters” on that one too. They don’t know what they are talking about. Really! Love the blog, love the recipes, love what you are doing. The gym looks great, and I know it will be successful. It is the perfect time for it. Your cinnamon sugar muffins were the first paleo thing I had ever made, and they got me hooked. I haven’t looked back. Keep following your dreams!

  40. Daryl Maver

    I bought your book a year ago and absolutely love it. I believe I even emailed you about how much I loved your book. Keep your heads up! It can only get better from here on up. Your so much on the right track! You’ve got this!!! Your big fan!

  41. I got your book when it first came out…right after I was diagnosed with celiac and was going gluten-free and Paleo too. Just a “baby” in this complicated Paleo world. I LOVED your book then and still do. First, because I’m a southerner from Raleigh, NC and living in Carolina Beach, NC. The recipes and pictures just “spoke” to me. They are so homey and comfortable. Even though I’m following the AIP Protocol right now to eliminate those foods that bother me, I still made some of your biscuits a couple of weeks ago as a special weekend treat because you just can’t find a good ole’ southern biscuit in other Paleo books.
    So, yes, you’ve had a very hard year…learned a lot about the hard-core mean side of business (it happens more than you know), but you’ve learned it while you’re still young. You now have busted your a$$es for a business of you own and have shown the rest of the local business community that you have a lot of character!!! I’d say you’ve done so well….excellent!!! Remember too, that it’s easy to be rude to a computer screen when posting a book review. You’ve got the right attitude…tell’em to kiss your a$$!!!!

  42. Marcia L.

    I must live a charmed life! Bought your book a week or 2 ago and promptly signed up for your blog. Had no idea you’ve been gone for a year – lucky me never had a chance to “miss you.”!!!
    Good luck with your X-fit gym. I have RA (why I bought the book) and can’t do that kind of intense exercise. But I am feeling a hell of a lot better in just the short time I’ve been making your recipes. Hope you can keep them coming! You 2 are the best!

  43. I am so glad to hear from you! Never quit …. your cookbook was the first I ever bought because I loved your all the recipes on your blog! I was very happy to support your efforts …. who cares how you became gym owners … by gosh, you did it!!! It was your hard work and tears and I am so proud of you guys! How cool that you thought enough of your fans to come back and let us know how you were doing. God love you guys and I wish you the best. (I really meant it, too, about your cookbook being my favorite!)

  44. <3 Health Bent – always. Thank you for being real, honest, and awesome. All the best!

  45. Rebecca M

    Glad to see your post, I’ve always enjoyed your blog and I hope you will continue on with it. Good for you to persevere through those challenges. Haters gonna hate, all you can do is elevate yourself above them to better things!

  46. I miss your blog. Very happy that you guys are doing well and all of the hard work is paying off. Your gym looks amazing. Congratulations and thank you for the honesty.

  47. Tiffany S

    Your blog and recipes have been my go to source for inspiration and creativity in my journey to experiment with a paleoesque lifestyle. I’m very happy to see you back on the other end of all these challenges. I hope this is just the beginning of getting some more balance back and selfishly hoping for more recipes too:) Good luck!

  48. I only just found your blog, after two years of debating if I should go back to paleo and what a great reassurance it is. Was so glad that all the things I felt about the paleo community are shared by others.
    I wish you guys are all the best luck in the world with your gym .. and sending good vibes your way ..

  49. Thank you for the update! Yours was the first paleo book I bought – it was such a great resource and still is! I also love your real-life approach to YOUR diet and YOUR lifestyle! I eat full paleo because I feel best that way – I have no qualms with your dietary choices, nor do I think you “sold out” or were being dishonest in any way whatsoever. I was a bit sad when you “quit” paleo though – your recipes are the bomb!

    I admire your strength to continue through all life threw at you – and now you have your own box! I just recently joined a box, and even managed to bring my guy along as well! We are both head over heels about it – though I’m no where near close to being able to run or coach a box, I don’t think it’s something I would hate… especially since crossfit is so new here in Belgium and boxes are so rare!

    Anyway, keep on living your beautiful life – and pop in to give us an update when you have the time! XOXO

  50. It’s really funny, but yesterday I pulled out your book to find something yummy to make my kiddos for an after school treat. I thought to myself, what are these two up to? Why haven’t they posted for so long??? Then I opened my email and saw your post! I am sorry you went through such though stuff, but many times a storm leads to a rainbow! Glad you are on the other side. 🙂
    We love your book and all the recipes we have tried. I hope you get back to sharing recipes from time to time… take care!

  51. I’m all, “YESSSSSSSSS *happy dance* NEW BLOG POST” over here. Good to hear from you guys! Not so awesome to hear about all the crap, but y’all are still around, and that makes me happy! Whatever the future brings, I wish you guys the best of luck! And I hope that you’ll keep posting great recipes. I’ve given out so many copies of the pumpkin spice muffin recipe… so many…

  52. Nohemi West-Phelps

    It was nice to read this update, sounds like its been a tough road but what great accomplishments…you focused on your goal and you are doing it! congratulations! I am confident things will continue to progress and maybe in the future we will have the pleasure of seeing more posts and awesome recipes….as I type this post, I have a batch of Chunky Monkey Muffins cooling in my kitchen counter 🙂 Best wishes!

  53. well, I don’t know about any negative book reviews but as far as myself, I love that cookbook and we use it at our house all the time! the pizza and roast in the slow cooker are both amazing!!!

  54. I absolutely adored the book and have since loaned it out to others who have been thinking about making a huge diet/lifestyle change. Especially in regards to not using Almond flour, I think you did something incredibly useful and unique. Thank you so much for publishing!

  55. I have about 12 Paleo cookbooks and yours is one of my favorites.
    My daughters favorite as well.

  56. It’s about freaking time :). SO happy to hear from you. As I was reading your post, it reminds me of my own journey. Reflecting on my tough times, those that do not respect and honor your desire to fulfill your own wishes are not truly friends. You choose your own path and make yourself happy! Your gym looks amazing and shows all your hard work.
    I’m trying a cleaner diet for the last few pounds of fat loss but your book still has it purpose! Your chicken tenders have kept me sane :). The coconut chocolate cookies are the bomb!
    PLEASE keep your readers posted and think about another cookbook (in your spare time :).
    SO happy to see your post today!

  57. I’m so happy to see a blog post from you! It sounds like you have been through hell the last year. I just wanted to say how much we love your cookbook. I have made almost every recipe out of it and no other paleo cookbook can hold a candle to yours. So thank you from the bottom of my heat for such a wonderful book that has made such a difference in my life. Your devil’s snack food cake has rave reviews from everyone I serve it to, paleo or not.

  58. Congratulations! Looks like a cool gym. The videos are excellent. I have your book and love it. I think you two have accomplished an enormous amount. Good for you!

  59. So happy to see this post. I have your book and it is one of the best Paleo books that I own. All of the recipes are delicious. Congratulations, on your new gym, hard work and overcoming adversity. I hope that you will post again in the future.

  60. Well I’m glad I checked my email! I am also glad that things have continued to evolve for you guys. It’s a little-published truth that success comes with bumps and bruises and screams and cries along the way. It’s not a rocket to the top with nothing but ease and butterflies, as the media tends to spin it. I’m so happy to read of your hard-earned success and I’m also really glad that you guys are still a team, through all of the tough times. That gives me a lot of hope. By Jove, enjoy what you’ve achieved and never forget there are hoards of us out here cheering for you!!

  61. Gina Parris

    You go, Girl! Interestingly, I just googled, “Why I quit paleo” in case anyone was feeling what I was feeling, and I chuckled to find my favorite article was by you, since I just got your book last week. Yes! I can now go back and enjoy your “carb heavy” recipes with freedom.
    So sorry for your hard knocks, but your voice, your experience and your work matters! Keep staying health bent. I predict that your very brightest days are ahead.

  62. I’m glad things are moving forward for you! Your place looks amazing! I keep hoping one day I’ll come here and find new, tasty things to eat but until then I have my well-loved, bespattered cookbook (pizza for dinner tonight! philly cheesesteak last night!) and many print-outs from the online recipe files. Your collection of reduced nut, and nut-free, recipes is such a (delicious) blessing.

  63. So glad you are back online and having success with your new business. I love that your book has helped introduce my husband to paleo recipes. The chili dog chili, chunky monkey muffins, and Asian chicken soup(I add miso to it) are our favorites!

  64. I’m so sorry you had to go thru all that shit. Mean people suck!
    I LOVE buying/reading cookbooks. I have about 15 paleo ones. Yours has always been my favorite. The recipes are the truly the best.
    Good luck with the new place and like someone else, if I ever find myself in Columbia, I’m going to give you a hug!

  65. I’m so glad you both were able to get away from that mess and open up your own gym. Your book was my first intro to Paleo and I still use many recipes from it. It was a great book! I hope you continue to update your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  66. Sorry to hear about your horrible betrayal. I hope you guys do well. As for your blog, I just want to voice that it was my favorite food blog, great ideas. So good that my entire fire house was using the recipes and changing their way of eating. Thank you.

  67. Hi, I never respond to blog posts, but I wanted to let you know that this website has been wonderful for me and my family…my son would NEVER eat anything “healthy” but I have made several recipes from the website that he has loved…along with my husband and extended family! Some favorites are the Pumpkin muffins, Chunky Monkey muffins and the pork stir fry…
    Keep your heads up and know that there’s a whole online community behind you both!

  68. So glad you guys posted an update! I think I found your blog awhile ago through Juli from paleOMG and love your recipes. I got the book for Christmas last year and love it as well. Just wanted to say thanks for the ‘I quit paleo’ post. I started to track my macros recently and realized the same thing you did…I still for the most part eat paleo, but added in white rice and corn tortillas and what not. And your book is the only I have found to actually give you nutrition info! Congrats on the opening of your own box and if I am ever in SC, I will def drop in for a workout. Maybe keep us posted every once in awhile too 😉

  69. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things and learning lots along the way. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t let some muppets get you down!

  70. Ashlee Thompson

    I forget how I came across your blog but i have read a few of your articles including the quitting paleo one and I love your honesty. You make me laugh.

  71. Coming to your website again looking for a recipe. Have your cookbook too…it’s my number one recommendation for friend’s looking to eat healthier, because your meals just taste so darn good! Glad to see an update. Please please keep the website going! Best to you!

  72. I just recently found your site after becoming paleo-ish (definitely not strict! not even close) to try to combat some health issues about two months ago. I think you guys are awesome and kudos for doing things your own way. I actually live in Columbia, SC, too, and was really surprised to see that’s where y’all are based 🙂 For what it’s worth, I think the location may have had a lot to do with some of the issues, and I’m really sorry to read about what you went through. Anyway, I’m so happy to share the same town with such great people! I’d love to try CrossFit, but unfortunately I can’t due to a heart condition. Best of luck, though! Cola needs more people & business owners like you!

  73. Thanks so much for writing, Megan. I’ve been checking back at health-bent all this time wondering and hoping. Now that you’ve updated us, I wish you and Brandon the best, health, prosperity and happiness. You deserve it. I definitely can relate to the pain and conflict that are the consequences of “leaving the compound” and disobeying the dictates of the cult. It really makes you doubt yourself and work against your own self-interest. I’m happy and proud of you for thinking for yourself and forging your own path.

    As for your cookbook, I hope you will always be proud of it. It is, whatever the category, a beautiful achievement. I spent over a year doing a paleo experiment and found out what did and didn’t work for me. Whatever culinary adventures are in front of me, I’m sure your delicious and inspiring book will always have a prominent place on my bookshelf.

    Please write another one–this time a secular, non-demoninational one. Just be Megan. I’m sure your book sales will show that that is quite enough. And the freethinkers and independent spirits will cheer you on.

    Love you both!

  74. So happy you’re “back” — and I’m also glad you decided to share your story with us, your loyal following. Regardless of the drama, we all love you guys – and wish we could move to Columbia to join your amazeballs gym.

    If you start to write/cook for us again, you can be sure we’ll all be thrilled as all get-out to try your amazing recipes. If not – you do you, gf.

    Either way – best of luck with this gym. You guys are the best!

  75. WOW. I am so happy to see that you’re back-ish. I have loved how real you are in your posts almost as much as I’ve loved your recipes. Many of them are staples of my diet and have contributed to my success in improving my health for the past three years. Congrats on opening your own gym. Its beautiful and I hope to one day drop in for a WOD and to not hug you, though I might try. You’re awesome.

  76. It’s great to hear how you all are doing! So happy your life is where it needs to be. I love using your cookbook, many of my go to Paleo recipes in that book. Think of you all every Thanksgiving when I make the Maple, Orange, Chipotle Sweet Potato Crisp. EVERYONE always asks for that recipe. It will forever be part of our Thanksgiving line up! Glad you are well.

  77. Sarah Trejo

    Erm, I dont’ even know how it took me a year to find this post. I think I had given up hope that you would ever post again.

    All I can say is, you have a HUGE supporter and believer here in CA! I have loved your sane, rational approach to Paleo/Primal since the beginning, and I have applauded you for finding your own way on this journey. The haters are gonna hate, and eff them. I am so tired of the “perfect paleo” image and meanwhile, I’m over here livin’ real life and running a business and running my dogs and dealing with kids and trying to get some sleep and oh yeah, then there’s trying to eat right. It’s really hard. And so I have loved the fact that you have always kept it real.

    I miss your recipes and I still use my Primal Cravings book all the time and I always get compliments on the things I make from it. I miss your blog!

    I hope all is still going well for you guys. I would be stark raving mad if somebody opened up a CrossFit gym 600 yards away from mine, and I hope you guys are outshining them and still doing your thing.

    Sending you love from Sonoma County! Feel free to look me up if you are out this way and we’ll go wine tasting and eat delicious food!

  78. So glad I decided to come back to this site after being away for so long! It looks AMAZING! I am so glad that you guys have stuck it out and are living your dream. I absolutely LOVED your cookbook and I need to get my hands on a copy again, as your maple walnut bars are super FABULOUS! I often miss them. I made them once for work and they were devoured. I went through a phase where I was super religious and fanatical about what I ate. You guys helped restore some sanity into my healthy eating journey. I have gone all around the block since then, but I am now at a place where I can safely make the recipes with out worrying and obsessing over whether or not I “should” be eating this or that. As for the meanies, they REALLY don’t matter. YOUR BOOK ROCKS! Glad you were able to overcome the adversity regarding your business. May it continue to flourish.

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