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Preparation is the mother of success when you eat Paleo. But let’s admit it, you’re not perfect. (I am, though.) But really, if you’re anything like me, a normal person, I’d dare to guess you’re not always prepared with Paleo meals and snacks at your disposal. Maybe you travel all the time. Maybe you have kids that need after school activity snacks. Maybe you’re in a meeting that has breakfast pastries and vegan bacon as your meal option. Maybe you just don’t feel like cooking anything. So what’s your go-to, perfect protein calorie source? Jerky. The only Paleo perfect protein option that doesn’t require frigeration–leave it out at room temperature for days on end and it’s still amazingly perfect to gnaw on. Want to learn more about the marvels of meat preservation. Read this.

We get emails all the time asking us to review or giveaway stuff. We want you to know that we only agree to do it when we actually BUY, EAT/USE and LIKE the product(s) we’re telling you about.

What You Get

One of each of the products listed below. Worth over $65 smackers. Click on any of the products below to learn more about their ingredients.

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How to Enter

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  2. Comment below telling us your most favoritest meal ever eaten. (Paleo or not. Mama’s homemade meatballs? McDonald’s (no shame). Whatever it is, we want to hear it.)

Rules & Stuff

  1. One entry/comment per person.
  2. Multiple entries will disqualify you.
  3. Double/triple/quadruple check that you typed your email address correctly, as that’s how we’ll be contacting the winner.
  4. Contest ends Saturday, August 4 at 8:59 a.m. EST.
  5. Winner will be selected Saturday, August 4 at 9 a.m. EST.
  6. Winner has 24 hours to claim prize or another entry will be selected.

Bonus Coupon Code

Enter code: “healthbent” (no quotes) at checkout and get 10% off your entire order. Code expires Tuesday, August 7th at midnight EST.



371 responses to “PaleoKits Giveaway + Bonus Coupon Code”

  1. Chicken curry and naan

  2. SOOO many meals, foods, etc that I could list. But right now, probably because I’m craving it is Lobster Mac-N-Cheese….I mean juicy, delicious clumps of fresh lobster meat mixed in with ooey, gooey cheesy yumminess of Mac-n-cheese….OMG I’m drooling thinking about it.

  3. Jessica Windham

    hot dog chili! we love it and eat it weekly!

  4. Jerrilynn

    I liked both…I would have to say my favorite meal is definitely lasagna..yummy..unfortunately I don’t eat that anymore..but I always love it 🙂

  5. My grandma’s chicken & noodles…definitely not Paleo

  6. My favorite meal before I changed my diet used to be shrimp scampi. Delicious shrimp in a white wine butter sauce served over angel hair pasta sprinkled with a little cheese…I miss it lol. But I don’t miss how it made me feel.

  7. grass fed skirt steak with chimichuri, plantains, and formerly…cuban black beans and rice….but now ill just eat extra steak!

  8. My most favoritest meal ever eaten is from a restaurant in San Diego while I was there on vacation. It was restaurant week and I had Mediterranean Style Paella with Saffron Rice, Assorted Shellfish, Chicken, and Spanish Chorizo. It was amazing!

  9. My mom’s vegetable soup.

  10. Alison Keith

    Liked 🙂
    My best meal was the pumpkin turkey chili with the orange avacado cream 🙂 love health-bent.
    Alison 🙂

  11. Have “liked” HB for awhile but now also “like” Steve’s Original. I’ve always been a steak guy. Currently, it’s grassfed ribeye and I don’t remember anything better.

  12. Rachel S.

    My favorite meal I’ve ever eaten was my homemade macaroni and cheese serves with mini smokies. I miss it once in awhile since transitioning to Paleo/Primal eating. It’s so ridiculously indulgent (not even close to the boxed crap). But I eat it twice a year on thanksgiving and Christmas so that’s more than enough for me 😀

  13. My grandmother’s pizza. Homemade crust, veggies, and veggie sausage, and cheese. Never duplicated.

  14. Sandra Payne

    My favorite meal will always be breakfast…. whether it’s bacon and eggs, sausage and eggs, ham and eggs…. anything with eggs will do me. 🙂

  15. Mom’s handpicked crab cakes with lots of hot sauce!

  16. Vegetable Pho with a side of rare steak, no rice noodles, extra veggies and TONS of Siracha……mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  17. Debra Lee

    Has to be Mama’s ribs!

  18. tub of french onion dip and a bag of Ruffles…. and I’m not ashamed to admit that. If someone could figure out a way to make that Paleo, I would really appreciate it 🙂

  19. anything cooked with friends and eaten outdoors.

  20. Samantha D

    a giant bowl of ice cream!!!! or ice cream cake! nom!

  21. Elisabeth

    Gaeng Phed Gai – Thai red chicken curry, from a tiny street stall in Bangkok. Cooked in front of us in 4 minutes and totally paleo – chilli, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, coconut milk, chicken and extra veggies. Just thinking about it brings back the memories of the heat, bustle and history of such an amazing city and its people.

  22. jill west

    Homemade pasta in Rome….yummmm….

  23. Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, stir fried green beans, roll with butter

  24. Turkey dinner with all the fixings has to be my number one meal.

  25. Chips & Salsa
    My mom’s Green Enchiladas and Red Beans
    Vanilla AND Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream

    Yeah, I went for the full package. : )

  26. Love Sushi!

  27. This is a tough one… But I love any meat (chicken, steak, tuna) rubbed with my uncle’s spice mix and BBQ’d on our beehive-type smoking grill, served with a salad that has my husband’s dressing on it: EVOO, basalmic, a little Dijon, salt, pepper, garlic (rubbed in the bowl).

  28. katie middendorf

    Simple. crablegs, dipped in a bit of butter (sometimes) and a side of still crispy broccoli or asparagus. cant’ beat it. It’s never pretty to watch, but it sure is delicious! My “now” husband took me to a seafood house early on in our courtship – saw me shamelessly do some work to the legs, and still decided to marry me. Now that’s an indicator of true love.

  29. great memories from traditional catfish fry with family – fried catfish, hush puppies, cole slaw, cheese grits, and cake from scratch to top it off.

  30. Heather Longoria

    Even though I am mostly paleo now, my favorite meal is pizza. It’s so deeeelicious. I always feel bad afterwards, or at least my stomach does, but it is so tasteee.

  31. My new favorite meal is sweet potato hash or an old favorite (now paleo style) meatloaf!

  32. I’ve liked both on Facebook.
    Favorite meal? Hmm. Hard choice. Very memorable one: at Charleston, in Baltimore. I remember the oysters with lemon aoli,
    Perfect service, too!

  33. wind up bird

    my mom’s menudo.

    It smells like ass while its cooking, i would refuse it when i was younger because of the smell and texture, but now I’m horribly addicted. No restaurant or my poor attempts have even come close to that yummy broth i grew up with

  34. Whitney Gilles

    Has to be my mom’s banana bread. And spinach quiche. Except for the amazing crust the quiche would be totally Paleo!

  35. Diana Bilow

    The most delicious meal I have ever eaten, was quite the experience. I was fifteen years old and just saw my first brazilian bikini strolling along the beaches of Jamaica with my parents. We were soon summoned by a young but worked looking local, assuming we were about to be bamboozled we tried to shrug him off, but he insisted, and that smell, you could never smell a more perfect scent. He told us he had just dove the ocean floor and caught 3 lobsters and wanted us to buy one from him for $10. Each of us looked around a little skeptical, but really who is going to turn down a fresh caught, giant lobster for ten dollars? No one. So we each took that first bite of fire grilled lobster slathered in the perfect amount of butter, and fireworks went off in each of our mouths. Simple but delicious, and definitely memorable, fire grilled lobster, on the beaches of Nigril, Jamaica.

  36. My most favorite meal is chicken cutlets with white rice and black beans, now that I’m trying to change to Paleo I miss it!!

  37. Alisa Easley

    My Mom’s Sour Cream Chicken Casserole was my all time favorite meal growing up… so yummy and so not good for me now! 🙂

  38. When I was younger, I won a Nickelodeon Game Show, no joke. The prize was a trip to upstate New York to a Ranch to go horse back riding and such for the week. My mom and I flew in late the first night, we were freezing and hungry! The head chef at the Ranch invited us into the kitchen and whipped us up a Seafood Pasta that I will never forget. Shrimp, scallops, and mussles over linguine with a spicy red sauce. I have tried to find one like it, but they all have come up short!

  39. Chuck Castleberry

    Anything followed with my grandmother’s chocolate pie, but if you’re forcing me to pick one, it would have to pulled pork shoulder, brunswick stew and creamed corn.

  40. I love food so much. If I have to pick… I would pick a Carne Asada Burrito topped with Pico de Gallo and Avocado Slices and of course… Chips and Salsa. Parts of it are Paleo. 🙂

  41. Brendan McGreevy

    I liked both! And my favorite meal was the six course meal I had last night with my fiancé . Soufle, soup, salad, grass fed beef, duck liver wurst with cheese and cracker, then a mango flan! So good

  42. bethanyrx

    Done and done… we had a pretty killer meal on our honeymoon at an all-locally-sourced restaurant. The hanger steak was to die for!

  43. A plate of steak nachos with all the fixings…onion, tomato, jalapeño, black beans, cheese (of course!), and lots of guacamole, and a nice cold beer!!! Can’t say I’ve even thought about nachos since tranistioning to a Paleo diet, but they do sound pretty darn good! Thanks for all the great recipes!!!

  44. Already “liked” both your pages!

    Hands down favorite meal, my grandma’s Beef Wellington. And half of it can be considered paleo!

  45. RAMEN with lots of chashu and green onions in spicy miso broth (no, not the pour-hot-water kind). Too bad I can’t indulge in it with abandon anymore without having my joints flare-up and feeling like poop. All thanks to Paleo. Ha!

  46. I’m ashamed to admit that the meal that immediately came to mind was a 2-piece Fish and More meal at Long John Silver’s. Oh, the indignity of revealing that in public.

  47. Done! Favorite meal would be when my husband roasted a leg of lamb and served with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Yum!

  48. B. Furukawa

    Wild boar stew…at a “royal” hunting lodge, turned hotel, in Portugal! So good I almost made myself ill trying to finish the whole plate :-).

  49. Scott Bukofsky

    Steak at Peter Lugers in Brooklyn

  50. My favorite dish is hamburger pie, made by my mother, traditional pie crust, then layered with potatos, carrots, cheese and ground beef.

  51. I don’t know what my most favorite meal ever is, but my most recent favorite meal started with a perfectly-cooked scallop in lobster broth. The moment I put it in my mouth I started smiling and almost giggling, it made me that happy.

  52. My mother-in-law’s meatloaf!

  53. The hands down best meal I ever had was on the coast of Mozambique at a little restaurant called Costa del Sol. We had langoustines and fresh garlic bread to the sound of happy clinking glasses and gently crashing waves. I ate too much and I loved every last second of it!

  54. C. Spencer Beggs

    I once had this amazing piece of teriyaki salmon when I was in Anchorage, Alaska. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  55. My own pot roast and roasted red potatos.

  56. My own low carb meatballs and low carb zuchinni fritters! YUM!!

  57. Kayla Bee

    One of my fav meals recently was an amazing and savory nondairy mac n’ cheese with almond cheese/almond milk and pureed butternut squash and kamut noodles. It was sooo creamy and yummy!!

  58. My favorite meal ever was eaten on vacation in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. Talk about fresh fish! My family and I went to this tiny little hole in the wall for lunch and ended up there the next day because it was SO good. Each of us started with a Greek salad and the main even was the most simple, flaky, lemony, buttery hake fish ever made. Can’t describe how good it was!

  59. Lumpia:
    1 head of garlic (yes the whole head)
    2 celery sticks
    1 med onion 2 lbs of ground turkey
    1 head of cabbage (chopped thin and small)
    3 carrots jullenned
    5 tbsp of soy sauce

    Combine 3 tablespoons of oil with celery , onion and garlic saute. (I add
    garlic after the celery and onion brown a little-it gets bitter if
    burnt). I also food process the celery, onion and garlic to make it simple.

    Crumble and add the ground turkey to the pan and brown turkey.

    Put all of this in a big bowl to add back in later.

    In pan, add 2 tbsp of oil, cabbage, carrots and 3 tbsp of soy sauce. Cook
    until cabbage is semi soft (halfway cooked)

    Add meat mixture back into the pan with 2 tbsp of soy sauce. Cook until
    vegies are no longer crunchy.

    Make the rolls with the egg-rolls: Use a beaten egg and ‘finger paint’ the
    edges to make the rolls stick when you fold it over. Pan fry with enough oil
    (you will need a thin layer of oil in the pan).

    Peanut hoisen sauce:
    1/4 cup of Hoisen sauce
    2 tbsp of natural peanut butter
    1.5 tsp of ketchup
    1/3 cup of water (or less-depends how thick you like sauce)
    1.5 t of garlic
    1 tsp of chili paste (I just get a chili paste with garlic in it-you will
    find it near the hoisen sauce)

    >I forgo the eggroll wrapping and tweak it a bit for Primal eating…

  60. AustinGirl

    Wow. Stopped to think about what my fave meal is, and I am having a hard time narrowing it down. Talk about a blessing!!
    I’d say the most amazing nearly Primal meal I’ve had was at this place here in Austin, Hudson’s on the Bend. The salad course was lovely and the lemon herb dressing was delish (I am VERY immune to salads, so if I complement one, it’s a big deal). Entree was PERFECTLY cooked fillet mignon with jalapeno holandaise, hatch chile potatoes and steamed veggies. Dessert was a dark chocolate-dipped slice of pecan pie. All of the portions were just right…not to big that I got too full, but not so teeny that I felt cheated. Soooo worth the “splurge”, both nutritionally and financially!

  61. Donna Adams

    My favorite meal? Right now it would be Thai Basil Chicken or nearly any Vietnamese or Thai curry dish. I make Thai Basil Chicken but haven’t perfected the curry dishes. I love the way the heat from the chili peppers interacts with the cool sweetness from the basil. Yum. I think I need to make sure my pantry is stocked with these ingredients…

  62. Megan Harter

    I think my most favorite meal ever (totally not Paleo) is Turkey Chili served over warm homemade cornbread with a ton of cheese and sour cream. Also, I really really love gooey out of the oven chocolate chip cookies.

  63. The Macho Chicken Nachos from Louis are my favorite meal. It has beans, cheese, chicken and corn relish. It has to have lots of jalapenos and extra sour cream to be the best.

  64. My favorite meal ever was homemade by a friend…good quality steaks topped with Amana blue cheese and caramelized onions, served with a fattoush salad and Delerium Tremens beer. Mmmmm

  65. nycRed714

    I do a stir-fry as such:

    – brown slices of skirt steak for a few minutes
    – add organic quartered mushrooms, grated carrots, red pepper slices
    – a healthy dose of Melissa’s Sunshine Sauce from Well-fed made with all organic ingredients
    – let simmer for a while until veggies and meat look cooked
    – throw on some baby spinach and cover until spinach is wilted

    It’s incredibly yummy! Looks really pretty also!

  66. My dad’s steak!

  67. Easily the best meal ever is my grandpa’s homemade marinara, he taught my mom and she passed the recipe on to me. I almost never eat red meat sauce at restaurants, they just don’t compare! Now I just need to learn how to make it paleo without losing the flavor.

  68. Okay, it’s so NOT Paleo, but my mom makes the best apple pie ever. With a side of homemade vanilla ice-cream, it’s my favorite thing in the world. I have spent hours in the kitchen trying to come up with a Paleo version that comes close. I’m not there yet, but I’ll keep working on it!

  69. I have to say that, at the moment, my most favorite meal ever is one I had with my Dad. Filet mignon topped with Gorgonzola and a Barolo demi-glace sauce. My Dad sure loved his steak. 🙂

    This meal is especially top of mind because my Dad passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday. I’m trying to remember all of the happy times, and steak dinners with him are at the top of that list.

  70. Favorite meal is grass-fed burger with avocado and a plateful (or two!) of homemade sweet potato chips… and we eat it a shameful number of times a week! 😉

  71. My most favorite meal ever is every Christmas Eve with our family and friends eating obscene amounts of seafood using new and old family recipes.

  72. Jennifer Beck

    I love the elk chili that my husband and I make every year. I can’t wait for hunting season!!

  73. Promise McEntire

    Hi!! Thanks for offering this! My favorite meal is FATTY FATTY salmon, baked on a bed of coconut oily green onions, with a little lemon, salt, pepper, and dill.. the salmon is AMAZING and the green onions get all fried n’ crispy in the oil. TOOOOO DIE FOR! =D Side dish is fairly irrelevant at this point, but I usually do like to put chunks of the salmon on a slice of sweet potato, like a little sweet potato salmon pizza. 😉 Sweet + savory + a touch of salt… OMG. Okra and baby tomatoes are my favorite veggies! Nom nom nom…..

  74. poisson cru avec coco. It is a tahitian dish that Im obsessed with. You “cook” tuna in lime juice and then let it marinate in coconut milk with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. Served over rice, or cauliflower rice to paleo-fy it. Yum!

  75. Sarah Nichols

    I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and just started my 3rd ever Whole30 challenge alongside the Whole9. One reason I’m doing it is because my favorite pregnancy meal is simply a McDonald’s milkshake :). I could live on them!! Normally, my favorite meal of all is a huge hamburger with french fries and diet coke. So bad, but so good!

  76. Egg fritatta with one left over easy on top layered on a bed of spahetti squash drizzled with toato sauce, spices of basil and garlic salt!

  77. Tiffany Lindberg

    Pad Thai in Germany at a restaurant owned by a Thai gentleman! Not the country where I expected to taste such amazing Pad Thai!

  78. my most favoritest? bacon and macaroni and cheese, with brussles sprouts and dijon mustard maybe some pulled pork in there too. if i was feeling especially horrible to myself, i’d eat it with bread. my joints hurt just thinking about it

  79. Favoritest meal? City Cafe, in Baltimore, MD. Yes, the bison with chimichurri sauce and duck-fat fries were amazing, but our server was friendly as can be, the ambience was fantastic, and I was celebrating my wedding anniversary. The food was fantastic, but the people were what made it great.

  80. My most favorite is my great grandmothers spaghetti sauce…. she was raised in Italy. My mom and myself still make it the way she did! The awesome smell in the house when it is simmering. Just wonderful tasting and most comforting feeling it brings!!

  81. Health-Bent Broccoli salad! I eat this like it’s candy! Sooo Good!

  82. Melanie M.

    Hard to narrow down a specific meal, but it would be a big juicy gourmet burger (with or without bun) with all the fixins and sweet potato fries, topped off with an amazing dessert. That’s where I can’t narrow it down anymore…either gooey chocolate chip cookies, flaky fruit pie (cherry or any kind of berry), or a fabulous ice cream treat! Oh, wow…my mouth is watering just thinking about it. So, not Paleo, but oh, so yummy. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Damn… this is hard. Well I can name the best meal I ever made myself and ate- Last Christmas Flemish Carbonnade and Stoemp (if you don’t know what those dishes are look them up! you wont regret it) for my Husband, my Mother in Law and I.
    Belgian food is so hearty and since it’s also where we went on our honeymoon it brings back nice memories.Neither dish is totally Paleo but they are both pretty darn close and easy to make more so.

  84. The best meal I’ve had lately has been slow roasted beef brisket. Learning how to cook all the different cuts of my cow that was locally harvested and then split among a few market patrons has been an adventure. This time I rubbed my brisket with chili, coffee and cocoa and slow roasted it for 8 hours. So delicious. It was a friday night and I was stuffing my face with brisket at midnight. That was the same night I met my fiance. Funny how good food makes good memories better!

  85. my favorite meal has always been a big juicy rib eye with grilled veggies and a loaded baked potato. Plain, simple, delicious…except now I skip the potato…and load up more on the grilled veggies…

  86. My most favorite meal ever would probably be some sort of pasta with my mom’s homemade tomato sauce. Mostly I just like the sauce. 🙂 Put that with a good spinach salad…mmmm. I miss pasta. I still love spinach salads. Ooo…and a good brownie for dessert!!

  87. Elizabeth

    Fish & Chips for me, please.

  88. So many good meals to choose from! My family & friends love to cook, and I live in Dallas (all we do is dine out), so I’m digging into the archive for this one…

    My dad’s homemade meatballs with mushroom-y tomato sauce, linguine, fresh salad, hot garlic toast, and German chocolate cake with the sugary pecan topping. That’s my birthday dinner every year with my family. My dad’s meatballs are incredible, my mouth is watering thinking of them!

  89. my granny made a pork roast with gravy good enough to qualify for your last meal if you were on death row. it was fandamntastic!

  90. My favorite meal has always been gyro sandwiches. We I was a little girl living in Europe we used to buy it from a mobile food van from a middle eastern man, fresh carved meat. They were so yummy!! I sometimes can find the kits… I have tried to make them at home and they never come close to what I had as a kid.

  91. Hmmm, I thought I entered this but I don’t see my name. Going to try again. Fav meal, as odd as this may sound, is plain old grass fed hamburgers pan fried so I get all the fat, with just some salt. Yum.

    I already liked both FB pages. 🙂

  92. julie jobak

    my favorite meal right now is sweet potatoes shredded and cooked in either bacon fat or coconut oil s&p (aka hash browns) with eggs cracked on top of the deliciousness and cooked with a lid (almost poached) and then add bacon-yummO!

  93. Michele Wilson

    One time my husband and I splurged BIG time and went to Peter Luger’s Steak House on Long Island. No kidding the lunch was almost $200, and all we got was a giant sizzling platter of the best steak I will ever eat in my lifetime. And a small side of broccoli. It was decadent, most likely grain fed, but my God it was delicious!

  94. Christy Kidd

    Seared Ahi tuna from a restaurant in Puerto Rico! The chef had been on the show Iron Chef. It was amazing!

  95. I already liked you on facebook but i just liked Steve too! It’s so hard to pick a favorite meal ever buttttt I would probably say it was last Valentine’s Day when my boyfriend and I ate a filet and a lobster tail each, a bottle of wine, and then a delicious, totally non-paleo peanut butter chocolate cheesecake! YUM! I’m so glad I’ve gone Paleo since then and have found a ton of Paleo dessert recipes that are just as good! 🙂

  96. Pancakes hands downs tons of syrup and butter..o how I miss those days

  97. Mmmmm…..the BEST meal I’ve ever eaten was the Chef’s Menu at CraftSteak at MGM Las Vegas (kobe beef, fennel salad…..yummmmm) Since I can’t afford to eat like that often, my favorite homemade meal is my mom’s meatloaf……..gonna go call her and ask her to whip up one!

  98. Jeremy Huerta-Miller

    A bowl of ciopinno from Tadich’s in San Francisco.

  99. Celange Murphy

    Filet mignon cooked medium with gorgonzola cream sauce.

  100. A steak dinner at Mike’s American Grill (in Northern VA) served with yeasty rolls, the best steak you’ll ever have and a salad of field greens that are amazing.

    (Dashes off to make a quick call for reservations!)


  101. Deciding on a favorite meal is definitely a task worthy of a prize! Mine will be a perfectly cooked piece of filet, medium-rare, with some red wine.

  102. Chris Bianco’s pizza at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. So. Freakin. Amazing.

  103. Red Flannel Hash at Revolution Brewery in Chicago. Sweet potatoes, beets, arugula, corned beef, topped with two over easy eggs. AMAZING.

  104. Jason Wood

    My favorite meal (non-paleo) was sunday pot roast that my mother used to make. Somehow she could get the meat so tender and juicy that it just fell apart, every time. The meat she would buy usually came from either Raleys or Costco. At the time, growing up, we lived in a city called Folsom, very near Sacramento, CA (for those who have no idea what Raleys is). I would always use Masterpiece BBQ Sauce for the pot roast, along with a secret family recipe for chili-sauce that my Grandpa made and handed down to the rest of his descendants. We would always buy the frozen sourdough rolls from Schwanns (a frozen food delivery company – unsure of whether they’re on the east coast or not), which if cooked right, were amazing – flaky and crunchy on the outside and super-soft in the middle. Mmmm… so many memories. I can almost smell it now…

    But now I’m paleo, and this meal in it’s entirety would not fit into my diet lifestyle choices, which is fine with me. I’m happy that I am on a path that meets the essential needs of my body’s biological makeup. I’m grateful to have gained so much knowledge on the amazing subject of nutrition, and know that I still have a long and exciting journey ahead of me. It’s nice to remember such wonderful comfort meals from Home, but what will be even better is the thought of future opportunities to feed both body and soul in the way nature intended for all of us to experience.

  105. Jason Wood

    My favorite meal (non-paleo) was sunday pot roast that my mother used to make. Somehow she could get the meat so tender and juicy that it just fell apart, every time. The meat she would buy usually came from either Raleys or Costco. At the time, growing up, we lived in a city called Folsom, very near Sacramento, CA (for those who have no idea what Raleys is). I would always use Masterpiece BBQ Sauce for the pot roast, along with a secret family recipe for chili-sauce that my Grandpa made and handed down to the rest of his descendants. We would always buy the frozen sourdough rolls from Schwanns (a frozen food delivery company – unsure of whether they’re on the east coast or not), which if cooked right, were amazing – flaky and crunchy on the outside and super-soft in the middle. Mmmm… so many memories. I can almost smell it now…

  106. My favorite meal was at a little trattoria off the beaten path in Tuscany. We had homemade pumpkin ravioli drenched in a sage butter sauce followed by a tray of delicious local meats and cheeses and topped off with some tiramisu. Not so paleo, but delicious!

  107. Ken Cehonski

    I grew up in a Polish-Italian household, so food was always plentiful. Favorite “home” meal has to be mom’s sauce and meatballs over fresh linguine. Add a load of fresh Italian bread and some good red wine and we’re in business.

    However, I’ve grown older and wiser and avoid the pasta and bread like the plague. Now my favorite, go-to, never fails to please, Paleo meal would have to be grass-fed ground beef burger topped with 4 eggs (fried in coconut oil), avocado, an home-made hot salsa. Delicious! (oh yeah, and I still enjoy a little red wine every now and then too…)

  108. Elizabeth P.

    Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast cassarole on Christmas morning (the kind with french bread and all). Probably a favorite more so because of the memories associated with it. Wouldn’t be difficulty to make this dish paleo though 🙂

  109. Katie Desrochers

    A cup of clam chowder with a few “stuffies” followed by a lobster dinner eaten on the coast of Maine 🙂

  110. The most recent favorite meal that I remember was a steak salad I made. It was awesome. Grassfed meat, homemade tangy dressing, a dried fig, maybe some nuts? I wanted to have it again every day for a month!

  111. Brittany S

    My favorite “normal” meal is probably my grandmas roast, a side of her buttery mashed potatoes, and broccoli-cheese casserole… You don’t say no to Mimi’s cookin’!

    My fave Paleo meal is twice-baked sweet potatoes with chorizo-avocado filling – YUMMY!!

    Love this package – good luck everyone!

  112. Jennifer Fulton

    My favorite meal (back when I ate pasta) was homemade red clam sauce (family specialty) over linguine with a salad.

  113. My favorite paleo meal would have to be my husband’s grilled chicken and shrimp in a chipotle marinade. Best regular meal would be a perfect eggs benedict, english muffin and all.

  114. Christine

    Favorite meal ever: chicken and shrimp pad thai with Menchie’s froyo for dessert. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it!

  115. I like both pages on FB.

    My favorite meal is anything my Mom makes. Banh Xeo, Bahn Mi, numerous stir fries, Tilapia in spicy, tomato pan sauce, Limon Chicken Salad….the list goes on. So good! I’ve kinda adapted some to Paleo, but some are just too good to mess with.

  116. Ashly Goins

    I am a big goose egg in regards to paleo giveaways, but what the hell. I am a big fan of the health-bent butternut squash lasagna. I swear I’m not a brown noser…it’s straight comfort food. Ok, that or a medium steak with roasted Brussels…or pizza. Ok, news is out, I like food.

  117. Deb Evans

    My favorite meal is this Portobello Mushroom “pizza” that I make. Brown some ground beef or ground bison with cumin and garam marsala – add in some onion – destem the mushrooms – put 2-3 spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce (a lady down the road makes some homemade delicious garlic marinara at her produce stand) – then disperse the meat mixture among the portobello mushrooms. Pop in the 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes. Top with some guacamole or nothing — DELICIOUS!

  118. Mary Schmidt

    My fave meal nowadays was my first ever Paleo meal. I found it in Robb Wolf’s book and tried it with my next leftover rotisserie chicken. Chicken Apple Hash! It has that perfect blend of sweet and savory and is a cinch to make. I like to add a few pecan pieces.

  119. I love love love Massaman Curry from my favorite Thai place. Like, a stupid lot. Now you’ve got me thinking about it and I miss it. I really need to find a paleo version.

  120. My favorite(est) meal ever has to have been my first turkey sandwich from Arby’s after my daughter was born. 9 months of turkey sandwich deprivation (not that I eat them now, but at the time it was a big deal) was too much. I had a turkey sandwich, a small caffeinated iced tea (even though I was nursing I didn’t care), and a huuuge cookie.

    Luckily since going paleo I have lost all of my baby weight and more, but man that meal holds a special place in my heart.

  121. Dorothy Camp

    My favorite meal is grilled, medium rare Ribeye steak, crispy french fries and a nice salad. Ummmm

  122. Rosarito Mexico.
    Lobster, fresh tortillas, home-made refried beans.

  123. Lou Malnati’s Pizza, cheese and giardiniera.

  124. Hands down my favorite meal is all you can eat sushi (and sashimi of course)

  125. Taco salad — this is paleo nachos. Think about it

  126. my favorite meal would have to be grilled salmon with grilled zucchini fries, mushrooms and yellow peppers. and dip it all in spicy mustard! really bbq’d anything is just amazing!

  127. Favorite meal is a great steak on top of a salad.

  128. hmmm so much good tasting food out there!
    since i’ve been gluten free for 1 year now, i guess the first thing that comes to mind is a good, warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich- with the crispy toasted buttered bread. and so comforting served alongside a cup of tomato soup! Haven’t had a grilled cheese in so long, and honestly haven’t missed a lot of ‘glutened’ foods- now i’m hungry 🙂

  129. Real, authentic pizza in Naples!

  130. Pizza meatballs!

  131. Marielle Elise

    I like you both on facebook already!

    My favorite meal ever is a Belgian beef stew served over lemony egg noodles that my mom and I used to make. I’ve managed to paleo-ize it by replacing a few ingredients in the stew (beef heart works fabulously in it!) and serving it over lemony kale; it’s almost as good, but the original still wins the contest. 😉

  132. garlic and clam pizza on Sicilian crust

  133. My fave meal is eggs + spinach + salsa

  134. Danny Calders

    My favorite meal is one of Belgium’s typical meals: muscles! Steamed in the shell, with onion and celery, served with fries and a mustard/mayo dip. Yummie!

  135. One of my favorite meals is Thai green curry with shrimp.

  136. One of my favorite meals has to be Brinner. Bacon, eggs cooks in bacon fat and sweet potato hash. Cannot go wrong!

  137. There have been too many favorites for an all time, but just yesterday I cooked up my homemade corned beef brisket that had been corning in the fridge for around a week and a half. Slow cooked it till it was a -no-knife-necessary kinda situation then served it with Michael Rhulman’s recipe for quick braised cabbage and buttered radishes and carrots. Phenomenal. However, all of the recipes from your blog have been astounding. Favorites include: butternut squash lasagna (fall can’t come soon enough), chipotle slaw (a once weekly event), and beef lo mein (just tried last week). Thanks for all your hard work!

  138. Favorite meal? Paella, made by yours truly and loaded with seafood and saffron. Rice also featured prominently, this being prior to discovering Paleo. I may enjoy it again soon, however, after reading what Nate Miyaki had to say on the subject here:

  139. Non- paleo: pasta alio olio garlic and olive oil amazing
    Italian dish I got from my Italian host family.
    Paleo: chicken fajitas from health bent this is a regular on our menu

  140. Lauren Schultz

    Schweinhaxe (pork shoulder) with red cabbage after a long day of walking around dusseldorf

  141. Favorite paleo meal: A tie between the sausage and cabbage my mom makes or the dutch oven chickens that she makes. The dutch oven chicken’s are especially tied close to paleo and I, as before paleo, I was absolutely unable to eat chicken. I had a chicken allergy which would cause my nasal passages to immediately close up and render me a mouth-breather for the rest of the night. However, we decided on a whim at the farmer’s market one day to try an free-range, “Beyond Organic”, Amish chicken. Before this, I hadn’t had chicken in probably close to a year. That night, we cooked it dutch oven style, until the meat was tender, juicy, and just falling off the bone. Low and behold, I was completely unaffected by the chicken! It was just like eating anything else, I wasn’t congested and I could breathe normally. My family and I have decided that it must be an allergy to the antibiotics, because since then, we have tried non-organic, antibiotic-free chicken, and the results were the same. Either way, it was absolutely wonderful to be able to eat chicken again, as I was previously cut off from a vast majority of the more affordable paleo recipes out there. Being a college student, this has been probably the greatest discovery I’ve made since going paleo.

  142. Best meal I’ve ever eaten? Wow that’s hard because I love good food! I would have to say a hamburger at this hole in the wall called Skinny Legs in Coral Bay on St Johns USVI.

  143. Cody Lynn

    I just within the last 2 month was introduced to the Paleo lifestyle (I prefer this to “diet”) & your site by a co-worker. I have tried over 15 different recipes (and counting), each I love and will make again. Kudos to the creator(s)!!! Now on to the objective of this post.

    When asked for a favorite mealI drew a blank. Is it a meal I paid $75+ to eat in a restaurant? Is it the infamous pizza I love with pepperoni, sausage and bacon on ultra thin crust made at a local pizzeria? Is it my own Mac & Cheese recipe that at one time in my life lit up my world but now for some reason isn’t even something I want to eat? Or is it the simple comfort food from my childhood that Mom or Grandma use to make? Truth is I don’t know anymore! Over the last two months I have made some of the best food I feel I’ve honestly ever had and it makes me question a lot at 34 years of age. My vote is going towards comfort food however. My Mom made THE BEST meatloaf growing up and it was a recipe her Mother passed down to her; served with oven baked potatoes (so the skin was all nice and crunchy). My friends looked at the meatloaf strangely but it was always amazing. Half beef, half pork, an egg, diced onion, black pepper, seasoning salt and 3-4 saltine crackers; WRAPPED IN BACON. Ironic huh? Thanks to Paleo & Health-Bent for the inspiration I so much needed. It’s really just about getting back to basics.

  144. The best meal I’ve had is roast beef au jus (purchased) with homemade mashed potatoes and mac & cheese … it’s been years since I’ve had that combination but my, it was fabulous!

  145. Nothing taste better than a awesome slab of steak of grilled onions and mushrooms slathered over it, broccoli on the side and a glass of wine! Oh, and the steak and broccoli is topped with Kerrygold Butter! The best steaks I’ve cooked were pan-seared, baked in the oven for a couple of minutes and served medium rare!

  146. The best meal I’ve ever had was non-Paleo, but dear lord was it good.

    I was in a small town in Arizona while on vacation and asked the man at the front desk of the hotel to recommend a good hole-in-the-wall place to eat. He steered me toward a tiny, family run Italian restaurant. I ordered a dish of Butternut Squash and 4 cheese ravioli.

    I put one bite in my mouth and just stopped. The owner, a little old Italian man who was watching to see what I thought, quickly asked what was wrong. When I told him that it was easily the best thing I had ever tasted in my life, he started dancing around and told me that the meal was on the house because he was so thrilled with my reaction.

    Still wishing I’d written down the name of the place in case I ever go back…

  147. Stuffed quahogs from Freestone’s in MA! I know it’s not technically a meal, but when you can eat 4 or 5 of them at a time, it counts… Trust me 🙂 Unfortunately, they are so not paleo that there will be no more indulging in them.

  148. My grandmother’s fried chicken and potato salad…definitely not paleo, but a delightful treat!

  149. Key Ingredients

    When my husband and I decided to try paleo as a means to an end for this life long allergy sufferer, we were lost for ideas when it came to breakfast. Sunday morning breakfasts were our time to unwind, relax, and cook together. Pancakes were always on the menu.

    After many hours researching for Paleo options and several taste-like-cardboard Sunday failures, we found Health-Bent, sweet potato pancakes. These. Be Delicous. And our most favorite meal. I would say that there are two main ingredients that make up a good meal: Good food, and the people you share it with. Sunday morning breakfast with my husband is my/our favorite meal.Thank you for our Sunday’s back!! Cheers!

  150. Elizabeth H

    Fave food… granola… yes, straight up sweet sweet granola… or muesli… they are so similar. Anyway, I miss it and I swear the box on grocery aisle says it misses me too and wonders out loud to all fantastic sugary goodness in the other boxes what on earth is paleo… {sigh}

  151. Stephanie

    My favorite meal has always been pizza. Nope, it’s not paleo… But, I do have to say the paleo pizza bites make an excellent substitute!

  152. Liked you guys on facebook 🙂 Love my Grandma’s homemade raspberry pie, made with raspberries right out of the garden. I used to have multiple pieces every Thanksgiving and Christmas! A close second is chocolate eclairs, I would get those on my birthday and after dance recitals, yum!

  153. Maple bars (but only from the Cottage Bakery in Long Beach, Wa.) Not technically a meal, but with a cup of coffee (& more than one) they could be!

  154. I’ve always thought that steak and chicken off the grill with a big salad were my favorite meals, but since going Paleo, I’ve realized Mexican food is what I cannot live without. Not that all Mexican food is non-paleo, but I have to have my occasional chips and giant bowl of cheese dip, tacos, pollo fundido, etc. Since going Paleo, I’m addicted to butternut squash lasagna. I could eat that every day of the week (and occasionally do) and be happy as a clam. Oh, and my mom’s broccoli & cheese casserole. Not at all Paleo, but dangerously delicious, and I can’t ever turn it down.

  155. Enchiladas…..for any meal of the day!

  156. It’s a really close draw between sushi and pizza!

  157. My favorite meal is Moroccan bastilla. I haven’t made it since going Paleo, but I see that Melissa Joulwan has paleo-ized it, and I’ve been meaning to try it.

  158. One of my favorite meals is homemade pizza.

  159. Nicole Pittman

    One of the most insanely delicious things i’ve ever eaten is a Cheese Burger from Inn and Out Burger here in California. They have a special spicy secret sauce and the onions are just perfection. Also. Granola, I’ve got such a week spot for the stuff, I LOVE the paleo Crunch Cereal from Steve’s original. Hits the spot!

  160. My favorite meal…. Homemade chocolate chip cookies….anytime of the day.
    My mother’s eggplant rolitini is my all time favorit. Since going semi Paleo I have not indulged in this cheesy, fried, and comforting meal.

  161. My favorite meal would have to be paleo enchiladas!! Can’t get enough of them. So excited for this giveaway!!!!

  162. Fav meal would have to be a non-Paleo treat – deep dish pizza loaded with pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and bacon. Mmmmmmmm.

  163. Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger with lemon garlic mayo!

  164. Renee Roy

    Hi there. I guess my most favorite meal is Venezuelan Areapas. Yum yum yum. The delectable corn meal pockets are gluten free and can be filled with anything. Meat, cheese, eggs, nutbutter, etc.

  165. Favorite meal: any burger from Pawley’s!!! 🙂
    Or pizza. Any of it.

  166. Right now I’m really in love with the cauliflower pizza crust so that feels like the best thing I’ve ever eaten. It might actually be. With grass-fed beef and tomato paste….mmmm!

  167. BB Setnor

    Favorite meal as of late, steak with this guacamole- pepper- salad mix my husband makes!

    1. BB Setnor

      Haha, woops! Totally missed the deadline! Love your website…just found y’all recently and made your Thai basil meatballs AND your fudgy-brownies this week. Both delicious! THANK YOU!

  168. Yum…steve’s original! My favorite meal is Eggs Benedict and my mom’s Russian Tostada’s made with fresh made tortillas, and piled high with cheese, sour cream, lettuce, salsa. Thanks for the coupon code!

  169. My favorite meal, and the one I always ask for when I go home, is my Mom’s Corned Beef andf Cabbage. I cannot tell you wht form of crack goes into that crock-pot, but it is something amazing. I will go back for 3 helpings. Gimmie that juice all over everything!!

  170. Pork carnitas tacos or strawberry cream cheese stuffed French toast