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We are so happy to finally be talking about this book. We’ve been working on it since March 2012, putting all of our best ideas into it, because what we want you to expect is a cookbook that you’ll actually use. A cookbook that will be worn with stains and dog ears. A cookbook that you can use to cook for everyday, and for everyone. <– That is so incredibly important to us. Because without actually being excited about the food you make and eat, and without having the people that you cook for (especially kids!) excited about what they’re eating, what’s the point?

We’re very proud to say that we’ve pioneered a new way (or more accurately–a new set of ingredients) to make baked goodies. Expect new twists on pie crust, muffins & cake, yeast risen bread, pizza crust, cookies and even ice cream (no maker needed). There isn’t one speck of almond flour in this book. We think our recipes are practically indiscernible in texture from non-paleo versions. We do use coconut flour as an ingredient in most of our baked goods, so if you’re allergic, we want to give a heads up.

We’ve included a few of our most popular recipes from our website in the book like: butternut squash lasagna (with a new method), guacamole stuffed pepper poppers, pizza bites, pad thai, pumpkin chili, and a few more; but the other 110+ recipes are brand spankin’ new.

And finally, the beginning of the book is a primer on the Primal/paleo diet. But we’ve approached it just like how we explain it when we give nutrition lectures–the non-neurotic version, where we want to focus on making eating this way a lifestyle and not a “diet”. Where we don’t want anyone to feel deprived or like they’ve failed. We focus on the science of food and not “because they didn’t eat that way back then.” Because when you think about it, there is no one Primal or paleo diet.

We want you to expect a book that has it all–including a normal way to approach Paleo & Primal as a lifestyle, not a bandwagon that you fall on and off of.

What to expect…


Rise and Shine

Biscuits & Honey Butter • Cherry Almond Streusel Muffins • Western Omelette To Go • Bacon 10 Ways• Caprese Baked Eggs • Smoked Salmon Hash • Chunky Monkey Muffins • Sausage & Eggs To Go • + more


Meats and Mains

All American Burger • Prosciutto, Arugula and Balsamic Onion Pizza • Thai Chili Chicken Meatballs • Seafood Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust (other options available) • Barbacoa Pot Roast • Chicken Fingers • Pastrami’d Salmon • Bacon, Lattice and Tomato Sandwich • Moo Shu Cabbage Cups • Chili Pie • Chicken Enchilada Empanada • Tikka Masala Chicken Wings • + more


Sides and Salads

Roasted Squash & Beets with Tarragon • Broccoli & Bacon Salad • Mediterranean Pasta Salad • Browned Butternut Squash and Sage Puree • Tabouli Salad • Moroccan Carrot Salad • Ranch Potato Salad • Mustard Roasted Asparagus • + more



Benedict Deviled Eggs • Olive & Rosemary Focaccia • Trail Mix Travel Cups • Guacamole Pepper Poppers • Rosemary and Garlic Parsnip Chips • Everything Crackers • Juicy Jigglers • Caesar Egg Salad • + more



Brownies • Dirty Blondies • Apple Tartlet • Carrot Cake Cream Pies • Pecan Pie Bars • Orange, Mango Cream Popsicles • Devil’s Food Snack Cake • Thin & Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies • + more


  • Nutrition index
  • Thorough ingredient/recipe index
  • How to stock your kitchen
  • A minimalist’s view of what equipment and tools you need to make cooking enjoyable
  • Ideas for budget, time and feeding a crowd of people
  • Vegetarian adaptable recipe chart

The Takeaway

We shy away from tooting our own horn. We are really, really not good at social media (nor self promotion). We’ve hardly made a peep about this book in the year it’s taken to write, edit, and print it. But in this instance…toot…toot! We are soooo proud of this book and aren’t ashamed of it. As more and more Paleo and Primal cookbooks come on the scene, we have no intentions of just blending in. We’ve put everything we have into this book to make it not only the best Primal or Paleo cookbook there is…but the best cookbook you’ve ever owned. We really hope you’ll agree.

We started CrossFit in 2009. We’re coaches, competitors and we’re currently in the process of opening on our own gym. One thing we hear most from CrossFit coaches is that they don’t really know how to answer their client’s nutrition questions. One question leads to another, and the conversation can become a rabbit hole.

So we want to offer to you some help. We want you to think of this book as a one-stop-shop. Sell this book to your client, make more than you would selling a t-shirt, and feel good about giving them a cost-effective tool with all the information they need to implement the Primal/Paleo diet into their life: the science of why + the recipes to keep the taste buds happy.



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  1. Congrats guys, this looks awesome – great job, be proud and never shy from tooting your own horn! 🙂 -stacy

  2. Wow! Your cookbook looks incredible! I can’t wait to cook through it!

  3. Wanted to congratulate you on the book and all the hard work. My wife and I have followed the blog or some time and are happy to support you two. I know my wife is extremely excited to get out those baking accessories again!

  4. Just ordered it from Primal Blueprint! Woot!

  5. Brandy B.

    just placed an order for two books 🙂 Can’t wait to receive them!! Congratulations

  6. Will there be a kindle version for us across the water? Looks awesome, well done guys!

    1. I am gagging for a download version of the book too!
      Been on Paleo for 2 months now and love it but this week the cravings started kicking in ruthlessly so I need help!

    2. Jennifer Harrington

      Yep, Just waiting for the Kindle version too!

      1. hi jennifer. the kindle version is now available (for pre-order) on amazon.

  7. meaghan

    Just pre-ordered!!! Can’t wait! I love the recipes on your blog and have no doubt I’ll fall in love with this cookbook.

  8. Bridget

    Yay! Congratulations and thank you! I can’t wait for mine to come in the mail!

  9. Dancingtigga

    Congrats! Cookbook looks great – need to wait on kindle version, my bookshelf is full!

  10. Please, please release a Kindle version too!

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  12. You had me at “Bacon Ten Ways”

  13. This is exciting! I’m SO happy to see that these deals are eligible for international shipping–I’ll be ordering right away! Better stock up on coconut flour…

    Congrats, you guys!

  14. Hi , fantastic have just ordered through Marks Daily Apple the book and goodies, when will you also make available on amazon kindle e book, hope its able to be put into this format, ipad app would also be popular,
    Well done, I’ll be spreading the word in NZ

  15. I would love the book but currently I am following the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. Any idea how many recipes are also egg free, nightshade vegetable free & nut free?

  16. Congrats Megan & Brandon! I have waited a long time for this and am so excited to get a copy! The photographs are gorgeous and your food NEVER disappoints. Every single recipe I have ever tried from the website has turned out beautifully and beyond expectations! I’m sure the cookbook will be a new fave! I credit your website for being the first point of reference for Paleo recipes that tasted delicious and were easy to make. I didn’t need hi-tech gadgets, crazy, obscure ingredients or anything that wasn’t already in my kitchen/cupboards/refrigerator. I hope this book sells like crazy and that CF boxes stock up! Love you guys!

  17. LauraSue

    I have so many of your recipes on my tablet… Have put your book in my wish list. I have a feeling that you won’t need to do a lot of self-promotion. Others will promote your book for you. Thanks so much for making paleo delicious.

  18. Anthony

    Well I already have received the book! I got an email from M.D.A. while I was at a business conference and made the purchase on the spot with my Iphone.

    I think it is a great way to get newbies into paleo/primal. I made the sloppy joe meatballs today, yum, and already got tomato sauce on the book. I am really looking forward to trying baked goods with tapioca flour. My household is very low on carbs, so we will likely be using stevia in lieu of any coconut sugar etc.

    Thank you for a job well done. It is truly a unique product.

    1. holy smokes that was fast! glad you’re enjoying it!

      i haven’t tried tested any recipes with other sweeteners, so i’m interested to here how it turns out with stevia.

      1. Anthony

        I’ve made several of the recipes with stevia instead of any sugar, honey etc. They came out great.

        Holy moly…… I’d have paid $30 for the cuban burger recipe alone. Made it 2 nights in a row.

  19. What?! Primal Cravings?! That’s an AMAZING name (I happened to pick it for my paleo meal delivery company). Can’t wait to check out the book!

  20. Good stuff! I’ll be ordering it in a month or two.

  21. MUST OBTAIN THIS ASAP!!!! I have archived so very many of your wondrous culinary marvels…and the photography here is exquisite. Sometimes it is so appreciated to have the recipe and image before you whilst in the cooking process…My computer can be amazingly slow, and I’m always afraid to “lose” the image, or to keep scrolling to keep the recipe “lit” for reference.

    Please tell me I can order this from France in some fashion! Thank you for putting these paleo gastronomic gems together for all of us in book..a much appreciated “hands-on” format!

  22. The food looks amazing and creative! Congrats! I can’t wait to check it out!

  23. The cookbook looks great, but I do have a question.
    With the nutritional info, do you publish carbs and fiber counts? We have a family member that is on a reduced carb diet for medical reasons (seizures)
    We’ll still get the book if it’s not there, I’ve learned to eyeball things fairly well, but it does make picking the do-able items go faster.

    Love your site and your recipes!

    1. hi cindy! yes, we do include carbs and break out fiber.

      1. Awesome! We’ll be getting this one soon! Thanks

  24. thank you all for such sweet and supportive comments. we couldn’t have done this without you–so thank you!

  25. Tracy S

    Just ordered mine! Can’t wait. 🙂

  26. I can not wait for this book to come out! Ever since you guys mentioned it I have been absolutely ecstatic!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!! Its coming out next month too!!

    I want my copy asap!!!

  27. Sarah T

    Just got it today! WOOO HOOO! I can’t WAIT to plan my meals for the week using YOUR BOOK! I’m so excited I can barely think!

  28. Just received my copy today! Saw the box, ripped it opened and looked at the entire book from cover to cover. Even though I haven’t made any of the recipes yet (can’t decide which to try first), it is already my favorite “primal” cookbook! Fantastic job and thank you for all your hard work!

    1. Awesomeeee!!!! Thank you!

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  29. Happy Mother’s Day to me! My husband ordered this book for me and I can hardly wait for it to arrive. Love your recipes!

    1. Oh how fantastic–thank you both!!

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  30. Your new cookbook looks fantastic! Are there a lot of recipes with arrowroot flour? (I can not use arrowroot as I need to follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) as well as Paleo.) I love coconut flour and do use nut flours as well. Perhaps I can substitute another flour for the arrowroot flour. Is there anything you can suggest?

    1. Hi Susan! We don’t use any arrowroot flour…we use a coconut/tapioca flour mixture.

  31. Heidi Overbeek

    Love your recipes. Seriously, your blog is a gift. Thank you. I hope you do make an ebook, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  32. Just wanted you to know I got your cookbook on Friday and I had a “Primal Cravings” weekend! I made the Sloppy Joe Meatballs, the Thai Chicken Meatballs, (I have a thing for meatballs) the Gyro taco salad with sauce, the mayo AND the mango ice pops. OH YUM!!!! Everything was extra delicious and I can’t wait to cook my way through the book. I knew as soon as I tasted your pumpkin chili when you first put that on your webpage that I was gonna love your cookbook, and I do! Thank you so much!!!! It’s not only gorgeous to look at but extremely tasty, and easy to make, to boot. Congratulations!

    1. fantastic!!!! thanks so much sallie!

  33. Yay, I’m so excited to read this!! Love love love your site and your recipes, and have tons of them saved in my “Recipes” Evernote notebook… cannot wait to get my hands on a paper copy of your tasty, easy to understand recipes!!

  34. Ok, I’ll start by saying I love the book! Ordered early and I’m glad I did. My family isn’t into the primal/paleo lifestyle, so meals can sometimes be a challenge. We’re staying with my inlaws while our new house is under construction, so that makes it even more difficult. However, I’ve made the Crispy Chicken Fingers, Chicken Enchilada Empanadas, and Fajitas this week and they’ve all been impressed at the flavor, even though we’re not using grains! Looking forward to the Thai Meatballs and Pumpkin Chili I’m making tonight!

    One thing, though. The Thin Mints recipe just seemed all off to me. The ganache did not make properly with the amount of liquid directed, and I had to use about 4x as much coconut milk to get a decent consistency (I’ve made my fair share of ganache previously). Also, the ‘dough’ did not set up in any sort of acceptable manner with even 30 minutes in the refrigerator or freezer (this process made the overall time much longer). Did you use some trick that went unmentioned when transferring to the baking sheet for cooking? At 10 minutes, I could use a cookie cutter, but the dough was too delicate to move. It just simply fell apart when even attempting to pick up, even with various tools. Ideas?

    1. so glad y’all are enjoying the book! the thai meatballs and pumpkin chili are two of my favorites, so i hope you like ’em!

      as far as the thin mints…

      i tested the ganache many times. when i added a traditional ratio of milk-to-chocolate, the ganache was too pliable in the freezer–it never hardened. so the less milk in the ‘ganache’ the harder it got in the freezer, which is what i wanted. this is just essentially melted chocolate, with a bit of coconut milk and peppermint extract, so the consistency should have been just fine–just like any melted chocolate. if you over-heat chocolate it can separate. maybe that was the case?

      did you use the almond butter brands i recommended in the book? the maranatha no-stir and justin’s were the brands i tested. their textures are the smoothest/least grainy and their oils seem to stay distributed the best. because unfortunately, if you use a brand of almond butter that’s gritty and/or the oils rise to the top and you don’t evenly mix them back in, things can go awry. almond butter baking can be a bit tricky. so i’m guessing that might be where the problem is.

  35. My book arrived on Friday & I completely ignored everything else in my life until I had sat down and turned every page and salivated over every picture. It’s a beautiful book! I spent the weekend making a few receipes and LOVED every one that I tried (carbonara, chunky monkey muffins, shrimp cakes…) I seriously debated calling in sick to work on Monday so I could stay home and try more recipes. I guess I should mention that I CAN NOT cook. I’m terrible at it. I ruin more food than I could ever eat. I can follow an exact recipe and it usually comes out all wrong. But your recipes were well written and everthing came out beautifully. My kids are finally declaring their mom to be a good cook and even my super-picky husband said that my cooking has made a dramatic improvement. It’s all thanks to you!
    On a side note, I live in Columbia, SC too and havn’t been able to find a store that sells duck fat or Spectrum’s shortening. Are you buying thse products online or do you know of a place that keeps them in stock? I can’t wait to try a Paleo burger & your “bun” recipe souinds AMAZING!


    1. OMG! it’s like i paid you to write the perfect review of the book. hahaha. i am soooo happy! thank you x a million katie!

      so, i can find the palm shortening at earth fare and 14 carrot (in lex) and i’m certain whole foods has to carry it too. i’ve found duck fat at earth fare (in the meat freezer section, but you can substitute any fat you’d like if you can’t find it.

      1. Thanks! Found everything I needed and now I’m all set! Have tried tons of recipes already (can’t seem to get enough!) and they’ve all been huge hits! PS-the burger was unbelievable!

  36. Just bought my copy and I am pumped to get it in the mail!!

  37. Hi! Just received your book…awesome recipes! I can’t wait to get crackin’! Quick question. Do your baking recipes require any altitude adjustments? I ask because I live in Lake Tahoe, and all baking recipes have some adjustments. They are grain based though…don’t know if it would apply to yours. I guess I could just try it and see! Thanks!

    1. i had a friend who lives in denver test out the gingerbread muffin recipe and she said she needed to add 1/2 cup of water (i think) to the batter and everything turned out well. hope that helps!

  38. Tracy Seiler

    Got the book this afternoon and its freaking AWESOME. Beautiful, classy, and very useful (just like you guys, in fact). Lovely job! I am planning to cook out of it tomorrow and the next day and…. It’s going to be a well used book indeed.

    1. thank you so much tracy! so happy you like it. can’t wait to hear what the kids and hub think!

  39. Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive … I hardly ever write testimonials or comments like this but I just HAD to for your new cookbook. I received my order from PB on Monday and took the time to read through it first. I’m not good at winging things in the kitchen but I do decent enough with a good recipe. The first thing I made were the biscuits with honey butter (I wanted to start out with something simple) and my bread addicted son ate 4 of them (I didn’t tell him they were grain free, hee hee). Tonight I made the chicken tenders and my daughter almost had a cow over them she said they were so good … my 3 year old granddaughter ate her chicken tender all up and she doesn’t like meat so that says a mouthful right there. Tomorrow I’m making the chunky monkey muffins with high hopes and I can’t wait to make the open faced apple pie (I don’t have all the ingredients yet, ran out of apples!). I can’t thank you enough for having the patience and talent to create these wonderful dishes and sharing them with us! This will make my life soooo much easier considering I’m the only paleo eater in my family but I have to cook for everybody … now I won’t have to cook separate dishes for myself AND I’ll be able to cut down on the sugar and carb intake for the rest of my family without them even knowing it … WOO-HOO!!!! 🙂

    1. can i please copy/paste this into an amazon review. lol. JUST KIDDING. seriously, thank you so, so much brenda. i am so happy to hear you love it and that the kiddies love it and that no one needs to know it’s “paleo”. all of the points you were made were exactly what we hoped we’d hear. thank you so much for buying the book!

  40. Just made the Biscuits from your new book Primal Cravings this morning….OMG!!!! So wonderful…..I thought biscuits would always be a thing of my past but now you have brought back the comfort of Sunday morning biscuits to me. Thank you!!!!♥

  41. The cook book is AWESOME! I have made several recipes and that are amazing!! I ordered from PB and have had it for a couple of weeks. I looked at the whole book and have lots of recipes labeled for making!! Can not thank you enough. Very healthy indeed!!!

  42. Just ordered my copy! I can’t wait to get it in the mail, My family and i love you guys and your recipes! I recommend you all the time to my patients! Congrats!

  43. AustinGirl

    Just got my copy via my Kindle last night. I stayed up late looking at (drooling on) the recipes. SO GREAT!! I can’t wait to start making them!! Thanks for such a cool book and for releasing it for the Kindle too!

    1. aw, thank you so, so much! hope you love the recipes!

  44. I have never received anything in print that made me want to rip out the pages and actually eat them. If I had a second copy I probably would have. The artwork of awesome looking real food was incredible! I have read the book cover to cover twice in the 18 hours I have had it. I have a shopping list ready to go too! I am so excited to make everything in the book – very common, easy to find real food ingredients in dishes that aren’t over-complicated or too time consuming. Thank you so very very very much for this treasure. Everyone – primal or not – should own it! (P.S. My father has since ordered it and is awaiting his copy – I think he might flip when he sees there’s creamed spinach in it!)

  45. Joe Blando

    As a fellow crossfit coach and also a classically trained chef, I must say it’s one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever read. My two teenage kids and I have eaten Paleo for the last four or five years. I got the book yesterday and went through it cover to cover while I was making dinner last night and my 17 yr old son and I made the chocolate chip cookies … Wow! Thank God for no more almond flour! They were awesome. I can assure you the book will be beat up in no time from constant use. My son thinks we can eat the bacon honey mustard every day for the rest or our lives! About the only thing else I can say is that I wish I would have written a book like this myself. Congrats on a really fine effort. Best, Joe.

  46. Love the book! Simple and nice meals. Well done guys!

  47. After stumbling upon and then falling in love with your blog yesterday (looking on Amazon for cookbooks), I can officially say your books is on it’s way….I cannot wait!

  48. Love the cookbook! Quick question though- the two chocolate chip cookie recipes, one soft and one crispy- I’ve made both versions and both are soft and chewy. I can’t get the crispy version to stay crisp- within minutes of coming out if the oven they fall apart. They’re delicious yet the texture is soft. I follow the recipe to a T, any ideas? Thanks!

    1. hi lane. sounds like the crispy ones are under baked. just keep them in the oven for a few more minutes, they crisp up and “adhere” together once they’re cool. so if you’re trying to eat them straight out of the oven, they won’t be ready–that’s why the instructions say let cool on the baking sheet–that’s not just to tease you 😉

  49. I just found your cookbook on Amazon & am so glad I ordered it. My husband and I LOVE the Sloppy Joe Meatballs. But, I’m having trouble with the Bread recipe. It just seems WAY too stiff. Forget about “whisking thoroughly, making make sure there are no lumps”. It just ended up inside my whisk as a lumpy mess. I checked and rechecked my measurements, but couldn’t find that I made any measuring mistakes or omitted any of the ingredients. I ended up adding 3 more eggs just to get it to the point that it would stick together. What am I doing wrong? I really want this bread recipe to work!

    1. hi pat. thank you so much for buying the book! i haven’t had anyone tell me they have issues with the bread. the issue may be with the brands of flours you’re using, which is why we recommend one or two for each type of flour.

      1. Hi Megan,

        I used the Ener-G Tapioca Flour and Bob’s Red Mill Potato Flour. Should I have used the Ener-G Potato Starch, perhaps?

        BTW, I made the Chunky Monkey Muffins for breakfast & they are awesome! I just fixed the Gyro Taco Salad with Tzatziki Guacamole plus the Crispy Chicken Fingers for tonight’s dinner with my children and grandchildren. A cook’s taste of the Taco Meat and Guacamole tells me my family is going to LOVE this as well. Thank you so much for your great recipes!

        1. Potato starch and potato flour are two different beasts. Definitely use the starch for the bread recipe!

  50. hi im having touble with the brownies recepi, i made some yesterday and they were too dry. cannyou give some advice? you should put a section for asking doubts from the book, im sure im going to have lots of questions jajajjaj

    1. hi consta. the bake time is too long in the book. should be about 20-23 minutes, and that takes care of the problem.

  51. Thank you thank you for offering a kindle version! My hubby would make that frowny face if i bought another cookbook (that he can see). Looking forward to all the yumminess to come 🙂

  52. Made the Chocolate Coconut Scout Cookies tonight and I am impressed. They were just the right balance of chewy and crispy. Best of all…crazy easy and quick!

    1. Ariane Reeves

      I made the Coconut Scout cookies for work – everyone loved them!

  53. Bought it!
    Love it!

  54. Just made the caramel coconut cupcakes from your book. Yum! I added bing cherries to the cupcake batter. For the caramel sauce, i substituted molasses for the maple syrup and added coconut creme. It was so delish!

  55. Anyone else have GI Issues when consuming Tapioca Starch? I’ve been reading how the Cassava plant produces cyanide and there is a little cyanide leftover in the Tapioca starch during processing- the amount depends on how its processed. Some people are more sensitive to cyanide than others I guess, but I’m wondering if almond flour is really that bad compared to Tapioca Starch. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1365-2621.1982.tb00180.x/abstract

  56. I just recently purchased Primal Cravings and it’s so great! I made my first recipe tonight, I chose the pot pie, but subbed in cooked chicken breast for the seafood. It was wonderful! Thank you so much for this amazing cookbook. It has truly changed my life

  57. Just would love to tell you both how great your cookbook is 🙂 made the stuffed pork chops and they are definitely something that would satisfy anyone.. paleo or not!! Looking forward to trying more recipes.. Thanks for making eating paleo exciting and fun to cook:)

  58. I live by this cookbook!! i made the bread recipe tonight, and when i combined the wet into dry ingredients, it was a stiff ball, with no whisking of ingredients possible! I’m letting it rise, even with it being a lumpy ball of dough- any ideas on how to make this work? thanks!

    1. I had the exact same issue with the bread recipe! No whisking capapbilities at all:( I double checked that I used the right ingredients/brands and they are the right ones. I am using the kindle version of the book so I wonder if there is maybe a misprint with the ebook version?

  59. ok- the bread recipe using the suggested flours is weird- i followed to a T, and it was a dense mass with big chunks in it. I ended up revising the thin and crispy cookie recipe to bake at 350 instead of the books 325 indication, and used less sugar, and its perfect. i’m thinking the bread recipe as printed is wrong or has a typo in some way. i noticed there was a previous comment from someone who had the same issue as me in baking this bread- any way to check this recipe? i know mistakes happen in printing.

    1. hi lane. did you use the brands we called for? i have heard quite a few compliments on the bread, so i can’t imagine there’s anything wrong with the recipe.

    2. We had the opposite happen – our dough was quite runny (almost like pancake batter) and didn’t rise at all after an hour. The bread tasted great but was rather flat and dense as opposed to light and fluffy as shown in the picture. Do the brands of flour really make that much of a difference?

      1. I am having the same problem! My dough was/is runny as all get out/ The same problem happened with the empinada recipe – I kept thinking place the dough…did they mean pour the dough? There is no way you could place this dough! Because you had the same issue I am guessing my bread will be a waste. So disappointing! I followed the recipe exactly!

  60. I just received your new cook book and cannot wait to try out some of the recipes. I have a quick question regarding the “Coconut Shrimp Cakes”…. do you use raw cod filets and raw shrimp in the recipe or do you need to cook the fish first before adding to the food processor?


    1. hi sheryl. it’s raw. it’ll cook up in the skillet.

  61. I tried making the Thin Mints, but I must be doing something wrong. The dough came out more like batter than dough–too sticky. Even after I let it chill in the fridge for 20+ mins to chill, it still stuck to the plastic wrap and I couldn’t pick it up.

    Is there really no need for flour (almond, coconut, etc.) in the recipe? The cocoa powder doesn’t seem to be enough for that amount of butter.

    1. I too had a terrible time with the thin mints. The dough was too sticky after nearly an hour in the fridge. And the ganache wouldn’t stick to it so I resorted to painting it on. Complete PITA!

      1. Julie,

        So I tried a second time, using bit more cocoa powder an 1/3 cup of Almond Flour. Adding the almond flour definitely improved the consistency (a bit more nutty, too).

        With the change I was able to put the mix into the fridge to cool. As long as the mix stayed cool, I was able to work with it and cut out fairly round shape, but every 5-10 mins it would warm up and become sticky again. I had to keep putting it in the fridge to cool, but I was able to make it work.

        I didn’t have a problem with the ganache, but if I do it again, definitely going with almond flour or another substitute to keep the consistency workable.

    2. Mine were too sticky too. I just plopped them out on parchment paper and smoothed them down with wet fingers. They were great!

  62. I did use the recommended flours in the book when making the bread recipe- I see Jen above my comment also had issues with the bread recipe. I’ve tried it twice now and get a very dense mass. Is there any way to do a youtube video on this?

  63. Hi there! Let me begin by telling you how much I love this cookbook. It’s absolutely fantastic and the photography is beautiful. However, I made the Devil’s Food Snack Cake today for my boyfriend’s birthday, and I couldn’t find where to use the 1/4 teaspoon salt in the icing. Forgive me if this has already been answered, I couldn’t find any corrections online. Thank you!

  64. I’ve made your biscuits with honey butter, dirty blondies, chocolate chip cookies, coconut scout cookies, bread and pumpkin chili. They are all sooooooo yummy!!!!!

  65. I purchased this book for someone who had to go gluten free. As I was looking through it, I decided to purchase a copy for myself. I’m so happy I did. The philly cheese steak stuffed peppers are great and got rave reviews from my family. I made the chocolate chip cookies last night and was very surprised at how good they are! Thanks so much!

  66. I saw your book from Juli Bauer’s blog and ordered both yours and her book through Amazon, they arrived about a month later in South Africa, I can’t tell you how much I treasure them both! Love that you use less almond flour in your recipes making Paleo treats more affordable! Love the nutrition facts, temp conversions and the umbrella analogy in the beginning, you’ve outdone yourselfs!!


  67. Monique Herriman

    I’m about 5 months new to paleo. I’m readling a lot of good things about this cook book and im interested in purchasing the book. My thoughts/questions are referencing the dairy products. I understood dairy to be non paleo. Can you please explain your ideology on dairy to help me understand?

  68. I found Juli’s blog and knew I could definitely eat paleo for the rest of my life. She posted about your blog as well and I think ya’ll are Awesome!!!!!! Keep up the great work 🙂


  69. Wow. I just rented this cookbook from the library. [One of
    seven Paleo/Primal cookbooks for which I was on the waiting list
    (for the past two months).] Of the top celebrated paleo cookbooks
    (also including nomnompaleo’s iPad app), this is without a doubt
    THE BEST. I am definitely buying this cookbook. You know, “Against
    All Grain” was pretty good– I’m thinking about buying it. But THIS
    cookbook is so awesome that I need it and want it on my shelf more
    than any book ever. Thank you, Megan and Brandon! I am more excited
    than ever to cook!!!!

  70. Love your recipes. Had a “paleo” dinner party and gave the fudge recipe to a friend. She was short about 1/4 cup coconut oil, so popped to the shop and accidentally picked up Curry coconut oil. The amendment in your recipe makes an interesting change. I probably would never have thought to try it but it was good. Just wanted to share. Keep up the good work!

  71. Robin Simons

    Wow. I really love this cookbook- I got it out of the library and wow. I’ve made the biscuits (my non gluten free husband liked them too) and the chocolate chip cookies (OMG). One thing that is unusual that I want to compliment you for. When you say- this recipe makes 9 biscuits… it makes 9 biscuits. Your measurements are clearly tested and precise. I have one question though. Coconut sugar. In a no sugar diet, why is it OK? Can we have some more fruit-sweetened desserts for us nervous nellies concerned about waking the sleeping sugar demons? I’m gonna have to buy this cookbook, even just for the baked good recipes.

  72. Hi! I just got your cookbook yesterday and was so pumped as I looked through it. I made chocolate chip cookies last night (I definitely judge the quality of a cookbook off the desserts in it…ha)…. Anyway, I woke up with hives and some trouble breathing. Turns out I am allergic to tapioca flour. You use that in almost every baked good type of recipe (the ones I was most excited to try!)… What can I do to substitute for tapioca flour in those recipes if anything?? Thanks!

  73. Love the cookbook. Have made several winners so far. At the moment making carrot cream pies, but when I mixed up the batter it wasn’t just wet, it was like pancake dough. There’s no way they would have held their shape. So I added 1/2 cup coconut flour…we’ll see how they turn out…

  74. Update: I definitely needed some flour in the cream pie recipe, who knows why, maybe because my almond butter is made from raw rather than blanched almonds? The consistency seems right, but perhaps 1/2 cup of coconut flour made them slightly bland tasting. I will experiment with 1/4 to 1/3 cup next time. As for the cream filling, well that’s just stupid good. Palm shortening–who knew?!

  75. I meant raw almond butter rather than roasted (not blanched) almond butter.

  76. I’ve tried several recipes, loved them all. Like some others on this blog, I too have had problems with the bread recipe. Everything is fine until time to bake, the top will rise and then a large air bubble forms under the crust and the rest of the dough falls into a heavy dense loaf. Any ideas for a solution?

  77. […] Crust adapted from Primal Cravings […]

  78. Barry Badgero

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

  79. I just bought this book and excited to try more tasteful food other than my normal bland low calorie diet. I was just wondering if there was anyway you had nutritional facts for any of these recipes?

  80. Great job on the book! Really well done. I’m loving the brownies but live at high altitude and am wondering if you have any suggestions for how to adjust the recipe? Thx

  81. […] [The Open Faced Apple Pie recipe from Primal Cravings] […]

  82. Hello, I have made a few recipes from your book and absolutely loved them! I just was wondering if you could share a little bit about structure of eating from your cookbook in a day? For example, if I am doing Vinyasa hot yoga and going on a 4 mile interval walk at a moderate pace what would be my best food options for that day? I understand there are MANY variables to this, i.e. my weight, the intensity of my training, etc… but any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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