Things I Like


Danielle Crispy Roasted Coconut Chips

I often find these at TJ Maxx, and can’t resist them. Trader Joe’s makes a version too. And now that I think about it, I bet Danielle makes these for Trader Joe’s. Anywho. I literally tear the bag open and eat the entire thing, hunched over, as to not attract any bystanders who might think I’m apt to sharing. I’ve thoughtfully included tasting notes on the flavors I’ve tried. You can buy them online at Amazon.


Plantain Chips & Guacamole

Brandon went camping with his brother + I’m not keen on cooking for one = so I ate this for dinner. And then for breakfast. And then for dinner again.


24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing

Because #4 reminds me of my childhood. And that’s probably why I was grounded for like ¾’s of high school.


Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain…

Kelly Starrett is the alpha leopard from MobilityWOD. He also runs the CrossFit Mobility Certification course…which, much to my chagrin, is consistently sold out. Since we’re opening our own gym, we thunk it useful to invest some brain power into learning how we should be moving our bodies and how to fix people like me who don’t move well. Plus, about 2 months ago I started getting such terrible low back pain that I couldn’t air squat or sit down in a chair without it screaming at me. My apathatic attitude towards mobility had finally caught up with me. So I bit the bullet and wandered over to the chiro. After some x-rays, the doc said my L4 and L5 were out of line and my hips were something like 15 mm off kilter, with a side helping of pelvic tilt. My latest ‘back crackin’ was about a week ago and I feel 99% better. Then this book came. I’m only about a quarter of the way through it, but I’ve already been able to “self medicate” with some remedies for my issues, and I’ve learned why women get a little leaky when they do double-unders. It’s an incredibly motivating book (even with the dreadful cover). Now I just have to make myself do the stretches. Order on Amazon.


Thousand Under Ninety

Speaking of the chiro. I was sitting in the waiting room, flipping through a magazine that featured the city’s 40 most fascinating people under 40…or something. They were so fascinating and accomplished that I completely forgot the theme of the article. That kind of stuff always makes me roll my eyes. Fancy sounding titles and fancy, soft focused glamour shots to along with. Anyway. A few days ago I came across this glorious website and it made me laugh pretty hard. Maybe it was just the timing, you won’t laugh and you’ll think I’m weird…

Are you over 30 and bummed that you missed your chance to be a 20 under 30? or a 30 under 40? or some other random number under some other random number? Well here’s an award for you. If you think you deserve an award, fill in your name and your job title below and you’ll be given an award. Then you can put “award winning whatever” on your resumé.


High five for being such a tremendously awesome individual. You do everything better than everyone else. Period. No one else comes close to being as awesome as you are…

My new award pairs nicely with the mug I gifted myself a couple years ago, dontcha think?





5 responses to “Things I Like”

  1. this post makes me miss you entirely too much

  2. reluctantMANGO

    Spicy Carrot Danielle Chips are AWESOME! Found them at my Marshall’s Home Goods store, keep going back hoping to score some more 🙂

  3. I love the coconut chips from TJ’s. But are they Paleo with the suigar added?

  4. Bridget M.

    I am *dying* at your self-awarded award. All of my favorite people are a-holes (myself, included)!

  5. OMG, I thought I was the ONLY one who had that problem with double-unders (granted I have not successfully gotten double-unders: partly due to the fact that I’m new to CrossFit and partly due to the fact I always stop when this happens)!! I also JUST got this book. Can’t wait to read that section.

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