Things We Like: Epic Bar Review + Giveaway + Coupon Code

epic bars

Our Take

Epic bars are “protein bars”. They’re not protein bars in the sense that most of us have come to think of them though. They’re protein bars the way a protein bar should be – not soy crispies coated in chocolate…but bison, beef, and turkey (respectively). The company website describes their quest to procure humanely raised, pasture centered animals and it sounds excellent. They describe the bars as modern takes on pemmican (the age old native North American food of fat/protein/fruit mixture) and we’d agree. This is really more jerky and fruit or jerky and nuts smashed together than the fatty paste of traditional pemmican. In our opinion, this version is a taste much easier to acquire and is quite delicious.

I’m sitting here writing this wishing I had an Epic bar right now. We’re currently out and I miss them.

People often ask, “What can I eat for breakfast besides eggs?”. This would be a fantastic option. Convenient and nutritious. Ready to devour faster than you can say Pop Tart. Honestly, it’s the ultimate snack or meal replacement for anytime. Why? Because it’s even more convenient than jerky or trail mix (look ma one hand!) and is actually something you can chew on – unlike a shake. The bars are seasoned/spiced very well which gives you that sense of eating a small meal with married flavors rather than just plain old jerky.

It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor…like picking a favorite pizza topping…it depends on your mood.

Bison + Bacon + Cranberry
To me tastes like smokey, sweet barbecue beef brisket. Do I really need to say anything else about it?

Beef + Habanero + Cherry
This is the only bar of the three that contains nuts (walnuts). So I appreciate this one for having a little nutty crunch in it. Less smokey than the bison but with a nice Latin flare of sweet heat.

Turkey + Almond + Cranberry
Hard to believe that turkey can give bison or beef a run for its money but it can. These are tandoori spiced and remind me of the Curry Turkey Burgers from our book. Again, only in portable, one-handed-devouring form that doesn’t require a fridge.

The packaging and website are absolutely beautiful. I don’t think you really need any special occasion to buy these bars but they’d be fantastic for traveling, hiking/biking, CrossFit (and all other) competitions, for kids – just to name a few. If you name your bar Epic, you better back it up. We’d say they have done so quite well.

The Giveaway – 3 Winners!

To Enter

1. Like both Health Bent and EPIC, then
2. Share this Facebook post (<-click for the link), then
3. Comment below telling us which flavor you’re most excited to try, then
4. Make sure you entered your email address correctly.

Not on Facebook? No biggie. Just share it the old fashioned way–then comment below.

What Do You Win?

Grand prize: 4 cases of EPIC bars, swag ($150 value)
Second place: 2 cases of EPIC, swag ($75 value)
Third place: 1 case of EPIC, swag


Giveaway ends Friday, June 7 at 9 a.m. EST
Winners will be chosen Friday at 9:01 a.m. EST., and alerted to your new fortune via email.

And because not everyone can win (& we love you)…



196 responses to “Things We Like: Epic Bar Review + Giveaway + Coupon Code”

  1. Steve Stoudt

    Excited to try them all…

  2. Kendall

    I think I want to try the Bison Bacon Cranberry– but really I might have to get the sampler pack!

  3. I am the most excited to try the Turkey but I am looking forward to trying them all!! They will be great to have at the gym for post workout protein and on hiking trips!

  4. The Bison + Bacon + Cranberry sounds amazing!

  5. Dying to try Turkey + Almond + Cranberry — I’ve had the Bison/Bacon and love it!

  6. Jeff Blaugrund

    Looking forward to the beef/habanero, but all of them are looking good.

  7. Shannoon

    Thats easy! BISON + BACON + CRANBERRY. MMMMMM……. bacon.

  8. Deidre Skrudland

    Bison, bacon, and cranberry sounds AH-mazing!

  9. Yay! I’ve been wanting to try these. But I can’t get the coupon code to work. I’ve tried it both in caps and lowercase, but it doesn’t show up as a discount when I’m reviewing my cart.

    1. oi. just sent them an email.

      1. TY so much 🙂

  10. Randy Chapman

    I would like to try the Bison Bacon Cranberry.

  11. Rhonda Meller

    Excited to try the turkey, almond, and cranberry because it sounds like a Thanksgiving meal in a bar!

  12. Jeremy Huerta-Miller

    Bison/bacon/cranberry! Love bison and ANYTHING with bacon is better!

  13. I’d like to try the bison. It must be pretty great because it’s always out of stock!

  14. Treasure

    I’m very excited to try them all, but the turkey one sounds heavenly!!

  15. i want to try the turkey. sounds amazing. they all do

  16. Try ALL the flavors!

  17. liked on Facebook

  18. Paula Zarlenga

    I’m so excited about these bars!! Imagine, a protein bar without sucky soy covered in chocolate. I do love the lara bars but am often looking for something less sweet. Bring on the Beef + Habanero + Cherry!

  19. Bison! Yum!

  20. Yeah, any of these look fantastic. If I had to choose, I would like to try the Bison.

  21. I’m a sucker for turkey! I think my husband and I would fight over all of these.

  22. I am definitely most excited to try the bison bar, but the beef bar looks tops as well.

  23. Michelle Taylor

    can’t wait to try the turkey almond cranberry sounds like thanksgiving in a bar.

  24. Mmm, the turkey!

  25. Sabrina

    the bison+bacon+cranberry sounds amazing! cant wait to try!

  26. Mark Gould

    Beef + Habanero + Cherry! not sure how the cherry would taste but I love anything spicy..

  27. beef, habenero & cherry!

  28. ! we have been wanting to try these for a while!

    the beef-habenero-cherry sound AMAZING.

    now, to keep patient while waiting for your cookbook to deliver 🙂

  29. The bison would be best since my son can’t eat tree nuts. They all sound great and I could eat whatever. I shared this past the old fashioned way.

  30. beef/habanero/cherry sounds awesome!!

  31. How could I not choose bison + bacon + cranberry?

  32. bison/bacon/cranberry….although they all sound awesome!

  33. Can’t wait to try the Bison One!

  34. Ali Knapp

    bison, bacon, and cranberry…what a sweet savory little combo! sounds delicious.

  35. Marianne P.

    Beef! Great giveaway! Thanks.

  36. They all sound wonderful. The bison one is first on my list!

  37. Bison + Bacon + Cranberry – you had me at BACON

  38. Millason

    All steps completed, and so excited to try the beef. Yay for walnuts!!

  39. Bison! Then Beef! Then Turkey! OMG they all look delightful!

  40. The bison and beef sound the best to me, but the habanero/cherry combo is winning me over to the Beef.

  41. Brett Deutscher

    Excited to try any or all….great alternative to regular jerky with all its processing and msg etc… I learn so much on your website! Thanks!

  42. Um, these all look fantastic. But bison will be my first to try!!

  43. Alex Palm

    Bison bacon please!

  44. Seth Czarnecki

    The Bison Bar will be the most epic I’m sure.

  45. Bison/bacon/cranberry!

  46. Charmaine

    Definitely the bison bacon cranberry!

  47. oh my, the graphic design on these puppies is drool-inducing. whoever is responsible for that little bit of illustrative brilliance deserves a raise.

    I wanna try anything that has the word bacon in it, especially those bison bars. yep. count me in.

  48. Patrick B.

    The beef habanero is lookin good.

  49. Whitney Biggerstaff

    I would love to try the Bison + Bacon + Cranberry!!

  50. Shannon

    The bison and beef both sound awesome…as does the turkey!! I think I would put the beef on top though!!

  51. Bison + Bacon + Cranberry!! Yum!

    1. I reaaaalllyyy wanna try the bison-bacon-cranberry. Bison and bacon are my favorites!! I’m so happy this exists. Ready to buy my first case!

  52. Ooooh I want to try the bison bacon and cranberry so so badly now!

  53. kristina g.

    I want to try the bison one! Ive never even had bison before!

  54. I’ve tried the turkey and bison, which were awesome! Can’t wait to taste the spicy and sweet of the beef habanero cherry!

  55. Difficult choice . . . I want them all & I bet my husband would love them! But if I had to choose, I’d probably go with the bison.

  56. Jerica LeVick

    I think that the Bison, Bacon and Cranberry sounds awesome!!!

  57. Chandra

    I think the Bison, but they all sound delicious!

  58. Bison b/c brisket is meat candy.

    Already bought 3 cases on HB endorsement alone, I’ve got 3 growing boys to feed!

    BTW love the book, hope you guys are doing well.

  59. Danielle

    I’ve tried all three! They are yummy, but bacon/bison is my favorite 🙂

  60. I can’t wait for your cookbook to arrive.

    As for these Epic Delights, I’d love to try the Bison and Turkey versions! They sound most appealing right now as I’m sitting in my cubicle. :]

    Stay health bent and ready to take on the world!

  61. Bridget

    They all look great. I’m excited to try the Bison because I’m new to Paleo/Primal and I’ve never tried bison before!

  62. You know im getting the bison, bacon, cranberry!!!!

  63. Kelly Grice

    I don’t know if I can make up my mind between the bison or the turkey

  64. They all sound delicious!

  65. Gina W.

    I think they all sound amazing, but bison, bacon and cranberry might win out!

  66. Alex Payne

    Can you go wrong with Bison+Bacon? Sounds good to me.

  67. Tracy S

    I am somewhat indecisive, ’cause they all sound great… but… the bison one sounds awesome.

  68. I would love to try the Beef + Habanero + Cherry flavor. No snack bars (that I know of) have a spicy element to them and this flavor seems to have the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. Can’t wait to try it!

  69. Jacki C.

    Bison+Bacon+Cranberry sounds awesome! Want them!

  70. alison childers

    turkey almond cranberry

  71. Sherry Smith

    done, done, done, and done!

    excited to try the beef flavor and more excited to win!!!

  72. Christie

    I would love love love to try the BEEF…

  73. Scott Bentley

    Looking forward to trying the Turkey/Almond/Cranberry !

  74. I can’t wait to try the Turkey Cranberry!!!

  75. Heather

    Done, done and done! Would love to try the Bison + BACON + Cranberry!

  76. Jenny W

    Habaneros are my favorite type of pepper, so I would definitely go with the Beef/Habanero/Cherry for my first choice, but they all look delectable!!

  77. Bison+Bacon+Cranberry because who doesn’t love bacon!

  78. Did anyone say BACON???

  79. Shannon T

    I would like to try the turkey.

  80. So excited to try all of these, but I’m most excited about the Bison, nut-free so the kids can take them to school!

  81. Turkey Almond Cranberry! Breakfast???

  82. i’m most excited to try the bison.

  83. The bison bars. Fascinating to try something so close to what the plains indians were making.

  84. i’d love to try the turkey.

  85. Lindsay

    I am most excited to try the bison. Nothing can go wrong with both bison and bacon!

  86. Elizabeth

    Bison + Bacon + Cranberry! I think they all sound great, but that one and the beef look awesome!

  87. I would like to try all three! But if I had to pick the first, it would be the Bison with Bacon and cranberries. Mmmmm!

  88. Mmmm, beef + habanero + cherry!

  89. Maryah Craft

    Bison + Bacon + Cranberry!!! Everyone loves bacon!!!! I am SO excited to try this.

  90. seriously?…i have to pick just one flavour to crave?….well, you’ve made a slightly more compelling case for bison over bird or beef….but it may be the bacon that swayed me….

  91. They are all great but I think Bison would be my favorite.

  92. Marielle

    Bison + Bacon + Cranberry sounds delicious!! One of the greatest days of my life was when I learned bacon could be healthy 🙂

  93. Bison + Bacon + Cranberry = What!??!?! Excited to try this one

  94. mmm…beef..but seriously, all of them. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  95. We are on our third box of the Bison ones. They are great!!

  96. Can’t wait to try them all!!

  97. Bison and Bacon sounds great

  98. Kristen

    I’d love to try the bison+bacon+cranberry. Love both bacon and cranberry!!

  99. Danielle

    I want to try the turkey flavor! sounds delicious

  100. Samantha Campolo

    I’m torn between the bison and the turkey. They all sound good though!!

  101. Julie Keith

    They all sound delicious but I am hankering for the bison, bacon and cranberry. The description of the smoky with the fruit sounds perfect!

  102. jessica

    The beef and the bison look best… But I want to try them all.

  103. all three flavors sound good, but I am especially interested in trying the turkey one.

  104. I’m excited to try the Bison bars!

  105. Christina

    Bison, bacon and cranberry, without a doubt, would be my first choice. If you’re going to do something, really DO it, and this is that thing! fingers and toes will remain crossed! Thanks so much 🙂

  106. I’m going to try them all!

    1. …Bison, Bacon, Cranberry….That’s My Pick! I Hope I Win! 🙂

  107. I already “like” Health-Bent, I liked Epic and shared the link. I’m excited to try the bison bacon cranberry one. Cause I love bison. I love bacon. Adding cranberry to those two can only make it more amazing!

  108. Thad Cleary

    Beef + Habanero + Cherry sounds awesome

  109. Jessica

    bison bacon cranberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. The bison bacon cranberry sounds like perfection in a bar!

  111. Marianne

    Probably not available in Europe… Too bad, these look great!

  112. Autumn Sikorowski

    The Habanero Cherry Beef sounds delicious!!

  113. Can’t wait to check these out!

  114. yummy – Brisket – yes please!!

  115. Yummy!!! Beef + Habanero + Cherry

  116. they all sound pretty interesting, but i’d pick the bison-bacon-cranberry to try first!

  117. I am dying to try them all, but the bison one is really interesting to me. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  118. Allison Dryva

    Turkey + Almond + Cranberry…..yummmmm!!!!

  119. Habanero Cherry Beef…this sounds yummylischous!

  120. Can’t wait to try all of them but I’m especially excited to try Beef+Habanero+Cherry… Huz and I put fresh jalapeños on everything so this is my ideal healthy treat!

  121. They all sound good but I love almonds and cranberries… So Turkey + Almond + Cranberry!

  122. Man!! I’ve been looking for these for the last three years-since my heart attack. You’ve heard the saying, “Serious as a heart attack!” We’ll, that’s me. And then, the low-fat, bean, oats and raisin crowd tried to “help” me. In fact, I couldn’t wait to win the grand prize and I already ordered a bunch!!! Now, BISON, that’s Epic Paleo!!!

  123. Sign me up for the bison bacon combo

  124. Bridget Gwaltney

    I want to try the bison flavored bar….they all sound so good!

  125. brigita

    Bison + Bacon = one happy brigita. 🙂

  126. Janelle

    Turkey-Almond-Cranberry!!! Sounds like spicy Thanksgiving. Actually all of them sound wonderful!

  127. RaeEllen Miller


  128. Already like both of you on FB! I’ve been wanting to try these, after I saw Diane from Practical Paleo post about them. The turkey sounds delish, but really all of them do!

  129. Michelle

    Turkey, Almond and cranberry sounds amazing!

  130. Hollice

    I love BBQ brisket; will have to try the Bison bar! They all sound great!

  131. Torn between the bison and the turkey… and the beef… bison it is!

  132. Tyler Moyer

    Bison bars, please.

  133. Katie Russell

    I liked both and shared! Im most excited about the Bison, Bacon, and Cranberry! YUMM!!

  134. Courtney

    Can australians enter? 🙂

  135. Oh! Bison, Bacon, Cranberry for sure! But they all sound great. I will definitely be trying these.

  136. Brenda A.

    Want to try them all but really intrigued by the turkey one. You had me at tandoori!

  137. I love all things habanero…YUMM

  138. I am most excited to try the beef/habanero/cherry. This combination sounds fantastic!

  139. Callie Beall

    I have tried the beef and the bison. The bison is amazing!

  140. Kristyn

    The bison one – because it has bacon in it!

  141. vicent winters

    i’m so excited about all of them that I ordered all 3

  142. Super excited to try the Beef + Habanero + Cherry! A little spice with the protein sounds wonderful!

  143. Please bring on the Bacon! If I win or not I”m getting me some Bison + Bacon + Cranberry!

    Thank you 🙂

  144. I am excited to try the Bison, Bacon, Cranberry…but would really like to try all three varieties.

  145. very excited about the Beef and Habanero!

  146. Excited to try all of them, but would open the bison-bacon combo first, for sure!!!!

  147. kifar yosemite

    So, how are they all kept from going bad? Any preservatives? What’s the shelf life? and most importantly What’s the “Nutritional Information” on the product?

  148. oh my. i’m pretty damn excited about the bison bar.

  149. Definitely the bison bacon bar would be amazing to try! We travel frequently and are super pumped to have another paleo-friendly snack available to us!

  150. Maria Durnbaugh

    I think the beef + habanero sounds delish!

  151. I am most excited about the Turkey + Almond + Cranberry. I love the taste of turkey & cranberry. Reminds me of the holidays, fall, comfort food and sandwiches for left overs (without the bread)! Seems like the almonds will give it that perfect crunch and add some buttery-nuttiness to the mix. I can’t wait to try this flavor, as it sounds a bit on the sweeter side – satisfying both my sweet-tooth and my meat-tooth!

  152. Alex Bodnar

    Everything is better with bacon, so I’ve gotta try the Bison + Bacon + Cherry!

  153. Excited about the beef! mmm

  154. Turkey + Almond + Cranberry!

  155. I Like both Health Bent and EPIC, and shared the post
    I would love to try the turkey almond cranberry bars

  156. Kristina

    I’m excited to try Bison + Bacon + Cranberry!

  157. Excited to try the bison bar!!

  158. Kellie Cofer

    I can’t wait to try them all. They each sound delicious and a nice breakfast on the go option.

  159. gimme that bison bacon and cranberry shawty! because the only thing that can make bison better is…..BACON!

  160. I boughr the beef one at Whole Foods last week. It was yummy!

  161. I’m crazy about bison! These bars sound perfectly delicious!!

  162. I’m most excited about the habanero, anything spicy is right up my alley. Make it Paleo and spicy? Well heck that’s right up my cave!

  163. Rachel S.

    Too many delicious choices. I guess I am most excited to try the bison. Ever since I tried a bison T-bone, I’ve become obsessed.

  164. I’m excited to try the Bison + Bacon + Cranberry bar – it sounds delicious!

  165. Stephanie KL

    Already “Like” Health-Bent and EPIC!

  166. Stephanie KL

    Shared this FB post.

  167. Stephanie KL

    This cave girl wants her bison.

  168. Michelle

    The Buffalo/Bison one sounds amazing!

  169. I’m already drooling thinking about the Bison Bacon & Cranberry! Sounds SO good!

  170. Brendan Kyle McGreevy


  171. Whitney

    Bison bacon and cranberry sounds amazing!!

  172. gary harris

    bison-bacon first, but they all sound great.

  173. Stefani

    The bison bacon cranberry sounds amazing!

  174. What a great idea, beef + habanero sounds amazing.

  175. They all sound really good. I can’t decide between the bison, bacon, and cranberry or the turkey, almond, and cranberry.

  176. Georgia

    Bacon bacon bacon! And bacon.

  177. Lydia Ferguson

    bison bacon cranberry. 🙂

  178. Jennifer Nahrstadt

    i’d have to say the turkey almond cranberry has me intrigued, and i’d like to be able to send these with my husband to work! yay to those who think outside the chocolate soy protein box!

  179. Awesome idea! I can’t wait to try the beef!

  180. Most looking forward to the BEEF + HABANERO + CHERRY, but all of them sound great!

  181. Turkey, almond and cranberry

  182. Bison bacon! Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. Kathy White

    I would love to try the bison, bacon, cranberry….sounds interesting. I’ve never had bison before…..

  184. The bison sounds really yummy!!

  185. Elena Vo

    The Beef-Bacon-Cranberry sounds OUT OF THIS WORLD.

    Shared and liked on Facebook as Elena Vo.

  186. Anna Vasquez

    I want to try the Bison/bacon/cranberry bar!! Finally a REAL bar with no gimmicks or loads of sugar! Props to EPIC for making a 100% grass fed on the go product #paleo Thanks Health-Bent for sharing this awesome product

  187. Im dying to try bison-bacon-cranberry. But really, I would take any of the three!!

  188. I LOVE Epic Bars. My favorite is the grass-fed beef, but all flavors are super yummy!

  189. Seana Thompson

    Bison Bacon Cranberry is a must try.

  190. whoa…wait…let me catch my breath, Bison AND Bacon?! together in a hand held form that I can naw on?! AND throw in my bag?!! whoaaa…
    you Have my FULL attention.
    but…lets see…omg, there is more choices?! be still my heart!
    Beef+Habenero+cherry a nice latin flavor bringing Sweet Heat?! oh, the temptious flirting…you are SO Bad!
    Now ur telling me the Turkey Bar is a Contender…betchya the tandori spice can carry quite the punch.
    Dudes, you have successfully tantalized my tastebuds! Think Im gonna have to have my own taste off!!

  191. Bison+bacon+cranberry! So much goodness in one bar?!! I actually just ordered a sample pack to try all the flavors.

  192. Looking forward to trying the beef.