Paleo Oven Fried Green Tomatoes

Another classic Southern dish right hereeeeee! We’ve replaced the bread crumbs with almond flour (no big surprise there) and it gives a nice cornmeal-like crunch to the tomatoes. When you coat things to fry, you dredge in flour, then in egg, then breadcrumbs. Well, I’m only using “breadcrumbs” (a.k.a. almond flour). So I did a little experimenting,  I almond flour-d, egg-d, then almond flour-d on some tomatoes and I egg-d, almond flour-d others–couldn’t tell a difference. We served this with a crab salad. It wasn’t bad, but it isn’t what we call, “post worthy.” For those interested: 2 cans of crab claw meat mixed with mayo, whole grain mustard, horseradish, lemon juice, capers and celery. I am really not interested in forking out $20/lb for fresh crab, so I was messing around with the canned stuff–it’s just a little off. Anyone got any good recipes they use with canned crab?


  • 4 green tomatoes, sliced thinly, about 1/4 inch
  • 1 1/4 c almond flour
  • 1 t onion powder
  • 1/2 t garlic powder
  • 1/4 t cayenne pepper
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 c water
  • olive oil
  • s&p


Put your oven on broil and place the rack on the second shelf from the top. You want to cook the tomatoes through while simultaneously browning the coating without burning. Too close and you will certainly burn the tomatoes (take a look at the ones on the back of the plate). I used 2 baking sheets for all the tomatoes, but you could use one, and do a switch-a-roo so you only have to clean one pan. Lightly drizzle the baking sheets with olive oil.

Get out two soup bowls (I was going to say cereal bowl, but thought better of it). Mix the eggs and water in one and the almond flour and seasonings in the other. Place the tomato slices in the egg then in the almond flour. Place the tomatoes in a single layer on the baking sheet and drizzle the tops with a bit of olive oil.

Broil for about 6 minutes on one side, then flip and brown the other side, about another 6 minutes. Sprinkle with a bit of salt right when they come out of the oven. Serve hot.


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  1. I like to use canned crab meat and some pre-cooked shrimp to amp up a simple tomato soup. I just use the organic soup in the boxes, add the crab meat and a little shrimp, and some garlic marinara for a nice texture and some more flavor. Top it off with fresh basil and goat cheese and you have your self a really nice seafood bisque! YUM!!

  2. Another Tiff!

    I recently did something similar, but instead of an initial coat with almond flour, I used coconut flour. It has a more similar texture to AP flour, and worked great!

    1. we’ve toyed around with coconut flour. we tried to bake with it and do some pan frying and i have to say, we did not like it at all. but–everybody’s different.

  3. I’m trying to figure out if I want to harvest all the green tomatoes on our vines right now, because frost is going to get them before they have a chance to ripen. I’m fairly new to Paleo, and wasn’t sure if green tomatoes were considered “Good Paleo Eats” since even ripe nightshades are iffy for some.

    But even if I decide not to try and save them all, I think I am going to try your recipe with some catfish this evening!

  4. Mark’s Daily on Nightshades:

    Meg read Harold McGee’s “On Food and Cooking” and even there he talks about how pretty much all vegetables have developed some kind of defense (read: low grade toxin). So, we take out the big toxin containing foods that are backed by lots of science showing harm and little benefit (grains, beans/legumes, vegetable oils, lots of fructose) and try to eat the rest of the vegetables (even nightshades) with a lot of variety and all things in moderation. These foods do offer benefits and have less documented harm. That said if you’re sensitive to or have autoimmune problems, you may want to monitor your nightshade intake.

    Have not seen any information on green tomatoes vs. ripe. Would be curious if anyone has anything.

  5. Thanks for that, and for anyone that is having trouble chopping onions without the crying, here’s an incredibly easy tip – put them in the fridge first, then chop them straight away after taking them out! No more tears! I found some more onion soup recipes here if anyone wants to try some more recipes.

  6. I find myself seriously over-eating when I make your recipes! At least I have learned to only make half a batch as there will not be leftovers regardless of how much I make with just me eating it. These were so good! I saw the recipe and some people had green tomatoes at the farmer’s market. I only wish they were available all year…

    1. hehehe…sorry 😉 thanks bridget!

  7. I think there’s a crab cake recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple, if you’re still looking for one. I made them using the “fresh” claw meat ($7 a container) in the seafood section and they were great.

    1. i will have to look for that recipe & the fresh claw meat. what a deal! i’ve only ever seen the $$$ stuff in the fresh section–the canned stuff is bleh for sure.

  8. BurdNurd

    Well, I must say these were pretty good! I’ve never had fried green tomatoes, so didn’t really have anything to compare them too. Good work again, Health-Bent!!

  9. Would this work to fry fish?

  10. Yum! So good! Crunchy even though in the oven. I served them with grilled salmon and oven crunchy ,garlic kake chips. I will use less cayenne next time for my taste. Good with ranch dresssing to quench the spice.

  11. Yum! Crunchy even from the oven! I served them with grilled salmon and crunchy oven baked garlic kale chips. A little spicy for me but good with ranch dressing. Less cayenne next time.

  12. love the receipts but where is the nutrianal info?

  13. i buy the canned crab for crab bisque and crab stuffed mushrooms and they are both family favorites

  14. I am not seeing an oven temp??

  15. I’m thinking lo broil is safer.

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