Smashed Plantains

If you’re getting tired of potatoes and/or sweet potatoes, I think you should try to source some green plantains. Not all grocery stores carry them, but if they do, they’ll be around the mangoes, jicama, guava, and other tropical produce. Plantains are almost as cheap as bananas. They’re mostly starch and contain almost the same number of carbs as sweet potatoes. Since they have such a neutral flavor, they can be used, practically interchangeably, like potatoes. When looking for green plantains, don’t think that buying yellow or brown ones will yield the same result, as those are the extremely sweet and sugary ones.


  • 4 green plantains
  • 2 c stock (any kind)
  • 1 T coconut oil
  • 1 squeeze of honey (optional)
  • s & p


Get the oven to 350ºF. Put the plantains straight on a baking sheet, skin and all, and toss into the oven. Let them go until the skins turn black–about 20-30 minutes. Once they’re cool enough to handle, peel the skin, discard, and roughly chop the plantains. Place the plantains in a medium size saute pot along with the chicken stock. Brig it to a boil. Once the plantains start to soften, about 8 minutes later, add the rest of the ingredients. Use a potato masher or my favorite tool, an immersion blender, to get the plantains as smooth as you’d like ’em.


9 responses to “Smashed Plantains”

  1. Mike Strickland

    Ooh… I’ll definitely try this out soon.

    This will also make a good test for my smart scale. It’s one of the electronic ones that tells you the macro breakdown of the food you put on it. This will be an easy one to make a custom entry for so I can track carbs per serving.

  2. Is there anything wrong with the yellow ones??

    1. oh goodness no! i didn’t mean for it sound like that. the more the yellow/brown they are the more sugar content they have. so the greens are practically straight up starch, as opposed to starch and sugar.

  3. I made this along with some fantastic steaks tonight. My picky husband was eying it suspiciously while I was cooking it, but then he tried it. He asked me what was in it, and then said “Huh, it’s good.” I think he was surprised. Thanks as always!

    1. you are very welcome stacy!

  4. Virginia

    I made these to go with the Ropa Vieja, and they were interesting. I think the texture would have been better with the blender, because they were still kind of chunky after some quality time with the potato masher. Still, it was neat to try something new. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. I’m an avid follower and was excited/nervous to try this one. Made it last night. Used my emersion blender, added salt/pepper and yes, I it of grass fed butter. I was so happy with the result! Great recipe. My Spanish husband loved them. He said that they used to do the same with green plantains when he was younger except they would bake them then mash them into patties and then fry the patties. Can’t wait to try that. Thanks for all of the yummy recipes!

    1. aw yes, tostones. so very delicious. very happy to hear everything turned out for ya! thanks heather

  6. […] into the pot. Stir it around and serve. Traditionally, this Cuban dish is served with rice, we made smashed plantains…a recipe (not that it really needs a recipe) we will post in the next few days. […]

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