Egg (Not) Drop Soup

Cheap and easy. Sounds like a pay-per-view movie title. I’m talking about a five minute meal that costs less than five dollars to make. The best of both worlds, ya? This is a simple riff on the classic egg drop soup, which is an equally cheap and easy soup to make. My version really just mixes up the method, so the soup consistency is smooth, velvety and slightly more elegant, but not in a snobby way.


  • 2 c chicken stock
  • 3 eggs
  • juice of ½ to 1 lemon, depending on how tangy you like stuff, I used a whole lemon
  • salt


In a small sauce pot, heat the stock over medium heat.

While the stock is heating…

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs and lemon juice with a pinch of salt.

Once the stock is simmering, slowly pour about ¼ of the stock (while whisking) into the eggs.

Place the sauce pot back over the heat and pour the egg mixture into the stock (again, while whisking).

Turn the heat down to low. Whisk the soup on and off, for about 2 minutes, letting the soup thicken slightly.

If the whisking and pouring part sounds confusing, follow along with the pictures…



12 responses to “Egg (Not) Drop Soup”

  1. Ah hell, I’m making this as soon as I get home. I notice you have some green onion garnish there but dont mention in the instructions or ingredients. Green onion garnish is the bees. I’d mention it 😀

    side note: keep the soups coming. You got some phenomenal soup recipes already and soup season is on us.

    thank you!

    1. you caught me. here’s what happened….

      i actually thought the green onion was a tad bit overpowering, so i figured if i didn’t mention them, but you saw them and added them, but then didn’t like them, you couldn’t get peeved at me, since i didn’t put them in the recipe. perhaps you could add your thoughts after you’ve tried it out?

      thank you so much for your kind words ryan. viva la sopa!

      1. This was great. Great technique. I think the green onions are a must.

        Thanks again.

        1. sweet. thank YOU ryan.

  2. Does this soup re-heat okay? Or would I end up with scrambled eggs?

    1. i was worried a/b the same thing, but i re-heated the soup in the microwave with no issues or problems or scrambling.

  3. JQBancroft

    Ooh this sounds exciting! Especially since I always want to use eggs as protein more often and I can only stomach so many eggs. I’ve tried egg drop before (not blended like this), and apparently my dropping skills are le suck so I’m eager to try this one out 🙂

    1. le suck. hahaha. i’m stealing this. hope you like, JQB.

  4. Ah, why did I not find this a few days ago? After a bad bout of food poisoning I spent 2 days subsisting on chicken soup…not that it was bad, but I wanted some variety! This looks good for a sensitive stomach…or on a cold day..I might make some and just pour it in a kettle for my bedside table…mmm….comfort food! This is actually a Greek recipe – the soup is called Avgolemono – but the original probably has tons of flour and other unnecessary ingredients.

    1. ohhhh…i thought that was a sauce that goes over grape leaves. very cool. hope you’re feeling better milla.

      and why didn’t anyone tell me i said per-per-view movie! oy, me and the typos!

  5. Does this taste like egg drop soup if you leave the lemon out by chance? I can’t make a decent egg drop soup for some reason….I always end up with scrambled eggs. :/

    1. i would imagine so. low heat is the key…with anything you make out of or with eggs.

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