Paleo Frappuccino / Iced Coffee / Protein Shake

Whenever Brandon and I are traveling together, we usually stop somewhere and buy iced coffees.  It’s our “on-the-road” treat. The 6ish dollar tab always leaves me with an ugly temperament. So I’ve decided to make my own. Instead of using the traditional drip system, french press or coffee maker, which would yield roughly 8 cups, I dabbled in the cold brewed method, which leaves you with a freaking stock pile of coffee.


  • 1 lb of coffee for Cold Brewed Coffee (recipe below)
  • Water
  • Frozen Water 😉
  • Coconut Milk, canned or carton, (try using the flavored stuff for a little added sweetness)
  • Protein Powder, optional


Cold Brewed Coffee

Depending on what kind of equipment you’ve got on-hand, this recipe may be easy or kind of MacGyver-ish. Grind up (or use ground) 1 pound of your favorite coffee. Dump the coffee grounds into a large bowl. Add 1 gallon (16 cups) of water. Mix to combine. Cover and let steep for at least 8 hours and up to 24.

Get out a large pitcher (at least 4 liters or 1 gallon) or another large bowl. Place a drip coffee [pic] filter holder (lined with a filter, of course) on top of the pitcher opening. Pour in the coffee until the bowl is empty. You may have to spoon out some grounds if the drippiness seems slow. If you don’t have a drip coffee set-up, just use a fine mesh strainer (possibly lined with some cheesecloth, depending on the fineness of your mesh) and place the set-up over a large bowl or wide mouthed pitcher. Done.

Now, this is where things get a bit hairier, as the variations are probably endless; (Proper use of semi-colon? No clue.) and these variations probably don’t need explainations, but I’ll go on anyway…

Iced Coffee

Fill a cup with ice. Pour coffee over ice. Mix in the desired amount of coconut milk.


Put the recipe above in a blender. Blend on high until frothy.

Protein Shake

Add a scoop of your protein powder and do what it says above.


11 responses to “Paleo Frappuccino / Iced Coffee / Protein Shake”

  1. YUM! I love a good frappuccino!

  2. I love iced coffee too, but it is so expensive! I like to freeze my cold pressed coffee into ice cube trays and blend with coconut milk-so good!

  3. JosephineTomato

    I am still confused on the ‘coconut milk’ mention – are you referring to the thicker type I see in cans or the more ‘milk-like’ in a shelf stable package or found in the dairy case (next to almond milk)? Or perhaps, it doesn’t matter?

  4. karen. great idea. thanks for sharing!

    josephine. i mean to try either. i think some paleo folks think the carton stuff isn’t really a “whole” food. i have a mocha recipe (from back in the day) that would only work with canned coconut milk.

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  6. Megan, I am totally digging the new look of the blog! Awesome work! I love the cold brew method for coffee. You guys rock!

  7. megan keatley

    lizzzzzzzz! so glad you like it!

  8. These have been great since I started back at CCF! Especially after the 6AM class…too hot for regular coffee, but I needs my caffeine!! This way I get both my Protein and Coffee to face the day.

    1. megan keatley

      country! we were just talking a/b you at the dirty dozen. so glad to hear you’re back at CCF. we’ve missed ya!

  9. Passionate for Punctuation (AKA Crazy)

    Not to be “one of those people,” but since you expressed a marginal interest in whether your usage was correct, I figured this wouldn’t be entirely unwelcome. In any case…there are predominately two ways to use semicolons.

    1) Exactly as you would use a period—that is, when you have two subject-predicate pairs (“independent clauses”), you separate them using a period or semicolon OR you connect them with “, and”. So, in your case, to be correct, you could have either omitted the and or used a comma instead of a semicolon:

    the variations are probably endless; these variations probably don’t need

    the variations are probably endless, and these variations probably don’t need

    2) Semicolons can be used instead of commas when dealing with complex lists. By lists, I mean the 3-or-more-things thing—e.g., “I like iced coffee, coconut milk, and protein.” If one of those items has a comma or is itself a list, you would separate the meta-set using semicolons:

    We managed to cram the gallon of coffee; the kids, dog, and cats; and all of our luggage into the car.

    It’s kind of like ‘order of operations’ in math.

    1. this is awesome! thank you. i feel like you must go crazy reading my recipes, as punctuation and grammar are not my forte.

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