Paleo Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple, Pecan Coconut Butter

sweet potato pancakes

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again–that was the theme for this recipe. As a matter of fact, the 4th batch was the charm. We tried everything from almond flour to coconut flour, varying the sweet potato ratio, fiddling with the leavener, decreasing the number of eggs, and then finally… when we thought all hope was lost–s u c c e s s. Pardon my dramatics, we are obviously very happy.

Yield: about 20 4 inch pancakes


  • 3 eggs
  • 1 ½ c sweet potato (about 1 large)
  • ½ c almond butter
  • ½ c carton unsweetened coconut milk (we used So Delicious brand)
  • 1 t baking soda
  • 1 t baking powder
  • 2 t cinnamon
  • ½ t nutmeg
  • ½  t salt
  • coconut oil

For the Maple, Pecan Coconut Butter

  • 3 T coconut butter* (or use butter if you eat dairy)
  • 3 T toasted pecans, chopped
  • 2 T maple syrup
  • 1 t cinnamon


Peel, chop into small pieces,and boil your sweet potato until it’s fork tender.

Once the sweet potato is cooked and cooled, add all ingredients to blender and blend thoroughly.

Your batter should be pretty liquid-y thin. If it wouldn’t run off a spoon, it’s too thick…add a little more coconut milk until you get the right consistency.

Heat your griddle/cast iron/non-stick skillet over medium heat. Melt a generous bit of coconut oil and pour in the batter, in whatever shape or size you’d like. When the pancake begins to have surface bubbles near the center flip and cook other side (each side 2-3 minutes). Add more coconut oil to cook surface as needed between batches.

Getting your heat right is the key to cooking these babies. If it’s too hot you’ll burn your pancakes before they’re cooked through. Try a small dollop of batter as a “tester” to see if the temp is just right before committing the entire batch. If your oil is smoking at any point it’s probably too hot. So adjust your heat accordingly during cooking. It can be a little tricky, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Let your pancakes rest in the oven on “warm” on a paper towel lined plate until all batches are complete.

For the butter

Mix all the ingredients together and spoon on top of the pancakes.

*Coconut butter is a puree of coconut meat, it’s that simple. You can buy it at many health food stores or on If you can’t find it, try coconut oil and let me know how it turns out.


92 responses to “Paleo Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple, Pecan Coconut Butter”

  1. Oh i just adore you! Your pictures are always SO awesome! This recipe looks amazing!
    Made chocolate chip bakies for the 4th time this weekend and they can out perfect this time around! Made them smaller than i usually do and they cook a little easier.

    1. girrrrrlllllll you better not be eating 4 batches of bakies in one weekend! glad you’ve perfected them though!

      1. Haha well i COULD easily do that, BUT sadly no. Not enough brown bananas laying around lol. I’ve made them on 4 seperate occasions haha, but my boyfriend loved them this time and said they were the best so far.
        Trying the brownies next time 🙂 And making him this for breakfast this weekend!! Looks like you’re improving relationships along with paleo meals all at the same time!! You go girl!

  2. These look amazing! I have to try these soon! My daughter is going to love these!

    1. let us know how they turn out…

  3. I love the fact that you don’t need tons of almond or coconut flour to make these. Crossing my fingers that the kiddies like them. Can’t wait to try them out!

    1. thanks for noticing, we actually had that exact same reaction. that stuff is expensive!

      1. So no flour in this one?

  4. I want to try these at lunch today… just one question though:

    ◦½ c carton unsweetened coconut milk (we used So Delicious brand)

    Is that 1/2 cup or 1/2 a carton? I live in Canada and don’t have that brand available, so I don’t know how much is in a carton.

    P.S. I’m LOVING your website! Keep up the awesome recipes!

    1. might not have caught you before lunch, sorry about that…it is 1/2 cup of the coconut milk. that brand is a beverage type coconut milk that is the consistency of regular milk. we wanted people to know we didn’t use the thick stuff in the can. if that’s what you have i would recommend thinning 1/4 cup of canned coconut milk with 1/4 cup of water. hope that works, enjoy your lunch.

      p.s. by the time we perfected the recipe we had them for “brinner”

  5. I don’t have a Whole Foods near me so I made my own butter using an 8 oz bag of organic shredded and dehydrated coconut. I just put it in the food processor for about 8 minutes. Just turn it on and let it spin!

    1. Thank you, Daina

  6. clever! we will definitely be trying that out…

  7. I’m trying not to eat almonds and almond butter because it upsets my stomach…do you think coconut butter would work okay?

  8. honestly, i think it would turn into a melt-y, gloppy mess. but i’m not 100% sure. i’d be interested to hear how it turned out. how did you deduce that almonds cause your irritation? i haven’t heard that before…

    1. We actually had to stay away from almonds for awhile because it made my sons eczema flair. We’re doing GAPS and now he can tolerate them but in small amounts. My husband even realized he had an issue with them once we started eliminating everything and slowly adding them back in. When they’re soaked 1st they’re easier to tolerate but I think between the high PUFAS and omega 6 content, along with the anti nutrients…they’re just difficult nuts. I would think cooking with them often wouldnt be good either because cooking PUFAS changes the whole molecular structure. However if your diet doesnt consist of many other PUFAS and processed foods you would think the small amount in treats would be ok. Just thinking out loud. I know macadamia nuts are more tolerated tho because they are mainly a MUFA and dont have as mny anti nutrient properties. Either way, just putting my two sense in. love you’lls recipes!

      1. Alexis…we have found a way to make 99% of our treat recipes with no almond flour or butter because of the PUFA issue…but those recipes are in the book b/c we’re that proud of it.

  9. Any chance we might get a pumpkin variation on these in time for Thanksgiving?

    Also, buying direct from this site has almond meal a bit cheaper than on amazon.

    5lbs for 29 bucks. Not too shabby.

    1. pumpkin variation=substitute equal part canned pumpkin for sweet potato mash. done.

      ends up being the same price once you factor in shipping at the honeyvillegrain site. still though, better selection on their site than amazon. i’m kind of digging the ’emergency meals’.

      1. 2 years later, I’m so glad I read through this. I was thinking pumpkin would be amazing and would be a great substitute for fall (now). Can’t wait to try!

  10. These turned out awesome! I wish you had a section i could add pictures because we made a GIANT one that held together (which barely ever happens with paleo pancakes). I love the coconut butter, just recently bought it and it is AMAZING! Goes well on paleo muffins too! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  11. I saw these and immediately thought that pumpkin would be yummy! I’m definitely going to try that this weekend!

  12. I just made these pancakes this morning using canned pumpkin (1:1 ratio) and it turned out beautifully. My 4 year old wanted it to be a little sweeter so I put a little Mrs. Butterworths. The pecans added a nice crunch. These pancakes satisfied our carb cravings immediately! This is going to be a staple in our household, especially on Sunday mornings!

  13. anybody do the macronutrients on these?

  14. We just tried these today. Two thumbs way up!

  15. These are awesome. I simmered the sweet potatoes in the coconut milk with cinnamon and used the remaining coconut milk in the batter. Turned out great!

  16. I made these the other day and I must say absolutely wonderful!! What i’m wondering is can these be healthy??

    1. thanks teena….and indeed, healthy can be tasty. who da thunk it?

  17. How would one turn these into a muffin form? Would anything need to be added to thicken before baking?

    1. thepumpkin cake bars with cinnamon icing are probably going to be what you’re looking for.

  18. Great recipe! If I could add in my 2 cents on this……..I shortened the prep and decreased the dishes by microwaving the tater. Just rinse it off, wrap it with a few wet paper towels and microwave for about 10 mins, depending on the size. Then just scoop out the inside. I used coconut milk and water, since the So Delicious stuff in the carton has too many extra nonsense ingredients to me. This usually makes enough to have twice….just throw the blender in the fridge. Might have to add some water to thin it out the next day. Thanks for another great meal!

    1. i understand what you’re saying about the coconut milk, but if you read the ingredients it’s really just a dilution of coconut milk with vitamins and minerals added back to it. i personally think the convenience of its viscosity outweighs any negatives that may come from it, which i don’t think are too many. that’s a great tip a/b microwaving, but it brings up an interesting point. if you’re against the carton coconut milk, why aren’t you against microwaving your food? nevertheless, i’m glad you enjoyed the pancakes!

  19. Sorry…wasn’t trying to cause a debate. Just thought I’d leave my input.

    1. don’t apologize! we are in no way any sort of autocracy and appreciate all feedback/comments good or bad. i thought you brought up some great points and it actually got my wheels turning. in no way did i intend to make you feel attacked or like we didn’t appreciate your comment. so, i sincerely apologize if that was the case.

  20. These look great! They’re on my list to try now! Btw: for those who wanted a paleo pumpkin muffin, here’s a recipe I’ve been making for the past two years. I’ve made them in mini muffin tins. I left out the arrowroot by mistake this evening and they still came out yummy.

    Have you seen these Flourless Almond Butter Brownies? I’ve made them with almond butter in place of sunbutter:

  21. This was AMAZING!!!! I am blogging about it right now. So glad I found you guys!!!

    1. aw, thanks paleo mommmmm!

  22. Amazing!

    I had some left over mashed sweet potato w/ lime so it was the perfect opportunity to give this a try. I only had 1 cup of potato so I cut the recipe into 2/3 and it was perfect.

    1. wonderful…thanks sharon!

    2. so glad they worked out for you, thanks sharon!

  23. We made this recipe as a treat after a 10-k race this weekend, and the taste was great. The pancakes turn out very thin, though, and we both found ourselves pretty hungry after 4 (when we would never eat even four “real” pancakes). Maybe it’s because we’re not used to this carb-reduction business, or maybe we just needed some eggs on the side. I’ll have to check the calorie content – maybe they’re a lot lower than “real” pancakes. Either way, the flavor and the smell were definitely delightful.

  24. we like to think of these kinds of treats as a side to eggs or something…you had limited protein without something else, that could be a factor. we like to think of it like a breakfast dessert that we eat at the same time as the rest of the meal.

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  26. These turned out really good! Has anyone made waffles with these? Or think it would work?

    1. thanks terence! we had a guy at our CF box make them into waffles and he said they turned out perfectly. hope that helps a bit.

  27. Made these this morning and just wanted to post some advice. I used about 7oz of organic coconut milk from a can as I couldn’t find the coconut milk in the recipe. You really need to eyeball the consistency of the batter. Also, as far as the cooking, you have to change your mind set with regard to how hot to get the pan, they definitely do not cook like regular pancakes. If you put your skillet on med to med low, let it heat up, apply the oil then use the old fashioned method of spritzing some water on it when it dances, it’s hot enough. Then you have to cook them very slowly. They were very good!

  28. Wish these would have worked for me. I didn’t have my pan too hot on med to med-low (did exactly how the recipe stated) and waited for the bubbles to form and they would not flip, just fell apart. The batter tasted delicious I just wish they would cook correctly. Does it take an extremely long time for these to cook before you can flip them? It seemed like they needed a binder really badly. Maybe next time I will try it with a little almond flour just to keep it all held together or let them cook for 10 minutes before trying to flip. A little disappointed in the recipe I was really looking forward to a yummy Sunday breakfast and had to settle for basic eggs and sausage =/

    1. Jessica,

      You probably noticed from our blurb above that we had some issues when we created this recipe. You always hear that cooking is an art and baking is a science and I swear…without wheat flour…it’s even worse…it’s like a mad science.

      Our baked goods containing almond butter have worked perfectly for some folks and not well for others. Our theory is that almond butters vary dramatically from brand to brand…some are very oily and smooth and others are sort of dry and crumbly (as if the oil separated and was removed).

      If you are feeling brave enough to try this again here is what I would suggest that *usually* fixes a batter like this. Up the egg to 4 in the batter and do a test cake (leaving the rest of the batter in your blender)…if it flips then go with it…If not add another egg and test again. I would think that would do the trick. Maybe also add a little extra leavener…sometimes that stuff loses some of it’s “leavening-ness”.

      That’s kind of how we experiment with a batter to begin with…it’s usually fixable. Hope this helps.

  29. Brandon,

    Thanks so much! I was planning on buying sweet potatoes when I went grocery shopping today just so I can try this recipe again. I will definitely try those steps for I really want it to work out, the batter was delicious so I can only imagine how good the finished product is! Thanks again.

  30. Can I substitute cashew butter for the almond butter?
    Also, am I reading the recipe correctly? You don’t use flour (coconut or almond)?
    These look really great. Hope you respond soon! I am looking forward to making these.
    Thank you!

    1. cashew butter should be a fine sub. see above comment on “tweaking your batch on the fly” for tips. these can be tricky.

      you are correct, no flour.

      hope you like ’em. thanks.

  31. It’s almost 4am here in the UK and I just made these up for me and my jet-lagged toddler. Delicious.

    Found these easier to work with than coconut flour pancakes. Still had to keep a close eye on the heat but they flipped easier.

    No blender? No problem. I just used a whisk. A few little bumps of swt pot but still turned out great.

    This made a huge batch. I would say we maybe ate 1/4 of the recipe this morning. Great because they will make a perfect portable toddler snack!

    Thanks for another great recipe!

  32. Haven’t actually made the pancakes yet, but I love the maple pecan butter. Those pancakes are amazingly insanely good, and I have made them twice in the last two weeks. Topped with this pecan butter they are to die for. As in, I almost made war on my husband so I could eat his portion. As our love for sweet potatoes seems to be exponential, I can’t wait to try these too. 🙂 Oh, and I am already planning on making your taco wings for dinner tonight. Can’t wait!

  33. This recipe is super delicious! I make it at least once a week. Lately I’ve been making the batter into waffles instead of pancakes, it’s super quick and easy and the temperature of the waffle iron seems to be just right.

    1. we’ve never tried to make waffles with this batter, so that’s really good to know. thanks robby!

  34. Made these for Saturday breakfast. With a coffee honey butter. Delish! I separated out the egg whites and beat them until stiff. Made the pancakes even more light and fluffy. Thx for the great recipe!

  35. Do you think this recipe would work with Ener-G egg replacer? My son and I cannot eat eggs 🙁

  36. I think it would. And if it doesn’t it’s not doing a very good job replacing eggs is it!!

  37. so i failed at making these as pancakes and as waffles, but i think that’s cause i’m impatient and suck at making both. so i put the batter in muffin cups, popped em in the oven for a bit, and had myself some pancake muffins. huzzah!

    1. i might be stealing this! what a great idea.

  38. Thank you for sharing so many incredible, amazingly good recipes! If it weren’t for people like you two, I think I’d starve. Me have no kitchen creativity whatsoever. Also love additional ideas given by others in comments section. Paleo is the greatest “new” lifestyle!

  39. I love love love these! I made them the first time a few weeks ago and fed them to my kids ( who assumed they were pumpkin) and they had 4 pancakes each. Which is funny since none of the like sweet potatoes! I love them without the syrup on them and could easily eat an entire batch. So very good! Thanks for this recipe!

    1. yayyy! thanks kara!

  40. How many pancakes does this recepie make?
    I’m trying to figure out how many calories each pancake has.
    thank you.

  41. Yum…. Freaking… Yum!!!
    I made these last night for breakfast this morning. I still need to perfect my heat, turning ability or somethin’ cuz they tore a bit. Mine weren’t as pretty as yours but you couldn’t convince my tummy that they weren’t absolutely gorgeous this morning.

    And Howdy neighbor! I live and work within 5 minutes of your gym. I will have to come and get my tush whipped over there soon. I just went primal and starting dropping weight but I HAVE to start working out!

  42. Just made these for breakfast. I was happy to see no almond or coconut flour in the recipe! The flavor was really good! I did not make the butter as I had no pecans but will try that later. You did note about the temp and I cooked on low heat, no burn at all! I do have to have more patience as it took a long time to cook through, so I have to learn patience. I will make these again!

  43. Awesome recipe! Pancakes aren’t my favorite, so I put these in the waffle iron. Amazing!!! Thanks for this warm batch of yummy-ness:)

  44. Have you tried pre-making the batter and then cooking them the next morning? would really help cut down on prep time! My hungry little monster wakes up starving. thanks.

    1. that would definitely work. BUT. don’t mix in the leavener until the a.m., when you’re ready to cook.

  45. The batter smells AMAZING! However, my cakes didn’t cook, I was devastated! I’ll try again!

  46. Heather Faretra

    I have been making these every Saturday as a special breakfast. My 3 kids and I all love them (even the 2 little ones who usually refuse to eat our paleo recipes). Yum!!! and I usually use leftover baked sweet potatoes from dinner-all caramelized and gooey! But, I tried the pumpkin substitution this morning instead and it wasn’t as good. They were really hard to flip and the texture is slightly off. Still good, but better with sweet potatoes.

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  48. These pancakes were an Epic “Fail” for me. I tried your recipe to the letter..and then were a disaster. Mushy, gooey (I even thinned them out with more coconut milk) . They had no flavor whatsoever..
    I’m sure I must have done something wrong. Anyway, they looked good at least.

  49. Made these pancakes Christmas morning and they were fantastic! I substituted almond milk for the coconut milk because the store was closed and had no problems. Thanks for the great recipe!

  50. Unfortunately, I don’t have any almond butter. I do have some peanut butter hanging around still. Can I substitute that for the almond butter?

  51. These were amazing! Yet another incredible recipe from this website! THANK YOU!!!! I share your website with all my friends! I look forward to trying more recipes. Keep up the good work!

  52. Did you mean 1/2 cup almond flour instead of almond butter? I’ve never made pancakes (paleo or not) and that just seemed like a lot of almond butter. Plus your description talks about flour. Can’t wait to make these.

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  54. I tried making these Saturday. It couldn’t have gone any worse. Pancakes stuck and didn’t flip. What am I doing wrong? Help….

    1. Mine did the same. I started with a plastic spatula and moved to a metal one, and everything started to work. Hopefully try 2 will work out for ya.

  55. I made these today. The first few were a challenge in terms of sticking and flipping, but they got better and easier. I added a plop of coconut cream to some almond milk to make up the equivalent of your coconut milk. I also tossed in a dollop of maple syrup. Oh and I threw everything into the blender to mix. That worked well. Stacked a few together, smeared with almond butter and a drop of maple syrup… delish! I’ll get some apple butter to use another time as a topping. (Didn’t make the topping from the recipe.)

  56. I thought paleo was no nuts too?

    1. Marcos E. García-Ojeda

      No, nuts are an important part of paleo. If you have nut allergies, don’t use them!

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  58. Made these this morning for the first time and they were fantastic. They flipped perfectly although even when fully cooked they were so soft that the butter ripped up the tops of them. But they were easy and delicious, and the maple pecan butter was so tasty. The only thing is mine all turned green due to some weird chemical reaction but they still tasted great!

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  63. These look soooooo nummy, but they did NOT work for me. 🙁 All I got was slop in a pan. I then added a little more almond butter, some coconut four, and another tsp of baking soda out of desperation, and I fiiiinally ended up with something I could at least kind of flip. I’ll try again another day, because I am ridiculously determined.

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