Really Easy Strawberry Vanilla Crunch Parfaits

Since I birthed our little booboo, I’ve been trying to lose all that lovely baby weight. I gained 30 pounds, but of course didn’t realize it; since I mean, my stomach was tight, and there was no muffin top to be seen. Everything else; the puffy face, bigger legs and arms was just uhhhh….swelling, I thought.

I’ve talked about how I couldn’t lose any weight. It took two months before I saw the scale budge because I didn’t realize I was eating the same way I was while I was pregnant. So, I started with our gym’s nutrition program on January 4, and have since continued. To date, I’ve lost 13 (of the 30) baby pounds. < I’m proud of that.

I’ve been pre-planning, pre-making, and pre-packing 80% my meals. It’s a pain in the ass on Sunday and a lot of it has become semi-homemade in nature, but during the week, I am so happy I have these things in the fridge–no dishes to wash, we’re not staring at each other asking, “What should we have for dinner?” and I have no excuses.

Because I’m a real human person, Tuesday night is Chipotle night, and I give myself 24 hours on the weekend to eat whatever I want. What’s odd is that I always think I’m going to destroy food all day long, but I really don’t eat much on those days. It’s more like junky quality, over quantity.

This is one of the recipes (I use this word loosely, as this is just assembling things together) I make for breakfast some weeks when I’m sick of eggs. It takes about 10 minutes to make multiple servings of, it’s easy to portion, andddd like I said, it’s not eggs.

Also, I’m on Instagram. I promise I will post baby photos, unless you hate babies, then I promise I won’t. Just go ahead and follow me 🙂


  • 4 wide mouth mason jars (or any take-away container really, mason jars are just all I had)
  • Wide mouth jars or containers should be used so it’s easy to dig your spoon into it, easier to mix, and you’ll keep your hands clean. Notice my jars are not wide mouth, so now you know what I didn’t.
  • 1 large tub of plain 2% Fage greek yogurt
  •  2% yogurt because it tastes better than 0%, and Fage because it’s not as sour as Chobani. Also a large tub, because it has 4 servings, so you can eyeball it into your four containers.
  • Vanilla Chex cereal
  • Vanilla Chex cereal because granola is way overpriced. It’s just oats, and that’s ridiculous. Chocolate Chex would also be quite tasty here.
  • 16 oz package of sliced strawberries in syrup, in the freezer section
  • These are pre-sliced and already sweetened, so I don’t have to do anything. Plain, fresh strawberries would be fine, but I want something that tastes more like a fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. I drain the syrup so I’m not really using it, and there are about 3-4 servings per container, so it’s easy to portion.


Portion out the drained, sliced strawberries into the bottom of your containers.

Dollop in the greek yogurt and press it down to remove any air pockets.

Pour the cereal on top. I used 1/2 cup per container. I’d recommend not putting the cereal in until the day you want to eat it, as the cereal gets a bit stale in the fridge, but it’ll be okay if you want to just go ahead and get it all over with.

Store in the fridge.



11 responses to “Really Easy Strawberry Vanilla Crunch Parfaits”

  1. Wait, are you sure that’s the right Instagram account/URL? It didn’t work for me but I did find you under Healthdashbent.

    1. oops…fixed. thanks!

      1. Sorry, hope I’m not being a pest, but the link in the sentence right before the recipe still doesn’t work.

        1. not at all! i must have changed it everywhere but there. thanks again!

  2. Good for you for dropping 13 pounds—that’s amazing! And granola is indeed expensive. I’m super bad about prepping on the weekends, but the one thing I’ve made over and over again is Banana Nut granola. It’s super quick and easy and goes awesome with fresh fruit and greek yogurt, and added bonus—is made with good for you ingredients. If you’d like my go-to recipe to try, let me know!

  3. Always happy to see an email from Health-Bent in my inbox! Great post and great plan-ahead recipe! Thanks Megan!

  4. Carb-loading for weight loss!

  5. Chex is genius!! Granola is crazy spendy and most of the time I don’t want to make my own.

  6. How many calories are in this??? Hahahaha!!! JK!!! I def like the idea of “not eggs” once in a while and these would be perfect even for a midmorning snack at work! I will def try these out as it doesn’t take off-the-wall ingredients and maybe my guys will even like them! Thanks for sharing and I’ll be lurking your IG. Good job on the post-baby weight loss!

  7. These are my new favorite food, seriously. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hello. Just found you. I am new to low-carb dieting. How many carbs are in this?? Thanks!

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