Roasted Throw Together

So it’s 9:00 p.m., I have nothing planned for dinner, as we just got back into town that afternoon and, we’re both pretty darn hungry. I try to keep my pantry and freezer well stocked (post about this to follow, read this), so that I can always have something to throw together in a pinch. Turns out, most of my “pinch” proteins are sausage. Brandon says to me, ” You can’t post that! These people have got to be tired of sausage!” I’m like, “Impossible!”  Are you guys tired of sausage? I love sausage. Let me count the ways:

  1. You choose the size: crumble it, patty it up or links
  2. Economical
  3. The hard work is already done for you–no measuring or adding spices
  4. Tons of different types of flavors:  Sweet, Hot, Spicy, Mediterranean, etc.
  5. Any ground meat can make a sausage: duck, chicken, turkey, beef, piggy
  6. You can’t overcook it


  • 1 lb. Italian (or any other flavor) sausage, casing removed, if link, and crumbled
  • 2 onions, sliced
  • 8 oz. package mushrooms, halved
  • 1 apple, chopped large


Get your oven to 450ºF.

We’re going to build “layers” so that the fat from the sausage will seep down onto the other ingredients and there’s no need to add any additional fat. In a roasting pan, in this order, add: onions, mushrooms, apples and then the crumbled sausage. Place in the oven and roast until everything is softened, browned and cooked through–about 30 minutes. Make sure to mix things around about half way through.



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  1. This looks tasty! Ill be sure to give this a try when were home from vacation……I have all this stuff in the house. YUM cant wait!
    Thanks for all the great recipes. Ive recently cut grains, starches and sugars from my diet and tis website is a great resource 🙂

  2. sausages are good – and I’ll fight anyone who say it ain’t so

  3. Kelly McCullough 🙂

    sausages are awesome keep posting them in recipes :p

  4. I got Sanders back on this one. There are just so many kinds of sausage and they are ALL delicious.

  5. Love this! Can’t beat a one-pan, one-step recipe! Planning to try this very soon, probably with a variety of veggies. Just starting to appreciate the amazing versatility and flavor benefits of sausage!

  6. Megan, I want to see the after photo! Looks good girl, keep ’em coming! Just gave a class on Monday night so hopefully my folks will find their way to your page for cooking inspiration.

    thanks again!

  7. Tried this last night adding sweet potatoes and parsnips and it turned out really well. You can’t go wrong with sausage:)

  8. I made this last week for the first time and have already made it again! LOVED it! So simple, and SO GOOD! Thank you so much, I love your website!!

  9. Pardon the pun, but I am just devouring your website! I’m about to make the switch to paleo after having done enough research to convince myself of its necessity, and with recipes like yours I am very excited to get started! Also, I also love sausage for the reasons you listed. One can never have too many sausage recipes.

    1. thank you so very much beverly!

  10. Yesss! Sausage has been my go-to protein lately as well, exactly because it’s flavorful and easy to cook! I think there’s an argument to be made about the preservatives in low quality sausage, but at the end of the day, it’s so easy to deal with! I never thought about just heaping pinches of it on top of a bunch of veggies before though. I usually leave them in the casing, cook them, and serve with some washed spinach for ease. This will be great for when I’m low on time and low on tolerance for uncooked spinach. 😉

  11. OMG you have no idea how much I love sausage. I was just poking about looking for a way to cook a lb of Italian Sausage I had bought. You solved it! I am cooking this one tonight! Thank you so much!

    1. I just came back to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed this dish you threw together. I was so surprised how good it was and how the flavors just complimented each other. I will make this again and again. Thanks! 🙂

  12. Probably a really dumb question. I’ve yet to make the switch to full on organic grass fed proteins, but do stick with meat/veggies/fruits/nuts/seeds/oils paleo. However, I can only find one good sausage that isn’t loaded down with Corn Syrup. What type of sausages are you getting? I want to incorporate more sausages, but never have any luck finding them.

    The two I’ve used most are (breakfast sausage)

    Hopefully I’m not killing myself with those.

    1. not dumb at all!

      we usually use sausage from, we can find it easily at our farmer’s market and some of the smaller, ‘whole foods’ type grocery stores.

      the jimmy dean ingredients list looks totally fine…the only caveat is that you want to source pork that’s been fed what’s it’s supposed to eat and not just a bunch of corn and soy. you are what you eat, eats…if that makes sense.

    2. megan wrote about our favorite source here:

      this is a local pastured pork producer who we know personally and has some damn fine sausage. he does ship but i am not sure how much cost that would add or if it makes the budget.

      us wellness meats (see the link in our side bar) has most any meat you could ever want and makes shipping really easy. we have a chest freezer that didn’t cost that much and we couldn’t be without.

      i don’t know where you live but some grocers carry fresh sausages made in house in the meat case (in with all the ground beef and steaks and stuff).

      we have been known to be out of town coming back through a town we know has a whole foods (about an hour and a half from home) and stock a cooler to take home and put in the freezer. this works especially well with sausages and things. we do it with fish too…since you can get more selection and prices (and more wild caught options) at those types of places.

      as far as the other brands…we don’t get too wound up around here about nitrates/nitrites…they are found naturally in many vegetables in amounts that can even exceed sausages etc. and we’re skeptical about the harm of them as an additive. the source of the meat makes a difference of course…pastured/free ranging being the best but we care more about the big three – avoiding 1) grains 2) excess fructose 3) industrial seed oils (n-6). industrialzed meat that eats corn and soy etc can be higher in omega-6 and cross over into that realm but pork fat is mostly saturated and monounsaturated anyway (not a lot of polyunsaturated).

      all i’m saying is…if you can get the best stuff then do it…but if not…i’d place that further down on my list of priorities from the three above. i think conventional pork is better than organic wheat or sugar any day.

  13. This is one of our favorite recipes of yours! We tweeked it a little… saluted the onions and mushrooms first before adding them, added okra, sprinkled it with Worcestershire sauce before cooking it, and topped with shredded cheese when it was done. Maybe a little unpaleo, but we love it! Its OK to go a little off sometimes, right? 😉

  14. Just made this tonight with a few changes – added some poblano and jalapeno’s was amazing, quick and simple – the apples were a great touch!

  15. I’ve had this bookmarked for ages, and made it last night, with one tweak – left out the mushrooms and added sweet potatoes. I used spicy turkey sausage. It is AMAZING.

  16. Made this exactly as written, and it was delicious! And easy! This homeschool mom who is usually “done” by dinner appreciates that. Thanks!

  17. Trying this tonight with hot Italian sausage, ‘shrooms, apples, orange and red peppers,
    Yukon potatoes, and onions!! Gonna throw some spices on and BOOM!, dinner. Will let ya know how it turns out. Also I purchased Canadian bacon tonight for the yummy egg cups. Love the site and all you do. Keep it up!

  18. Verdict = Awesome!!!! I used a nice, shallow roasting pan, and layered how you suggested. I put my potatoes on top with my apples and placed sausage on top. Added some salt, pepper, cayenne, and a salt-free all purpose blend. Roasted it all up and drizzle a teensy amount of EVOO for flavor….I love how the sweetness of the peppers and apples contrasted with the crisp, spicy sausage! Such a delish, versatile meal!!

  19. I made this for the second time tonight. Had a busy day and this was so perfectly simple for my low energy level! My only complaint is that there are no leftovers–next time I will double the recipe! Thanks so much for a new favorite.

  20. This is one of our favorites! This last time we made it, we added cabbage to it and it turned out amazing!

  21. This has become a favorite! I have tweaked it by using yellow summer squash instead of the apple, and even my non-squash family gobbles it up. Thanks so much!

  22. My friend from work turned me on this this recipe. I make this ALL the time. It’s my go to food when I am snacking or to use for pizza toppings. I asked my husband if tires of me making this recipe and he said “no, I love me some sausage” so there you go. :>

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