Barbecued Zombie Skin

I’m not  sure you could convince any child (or most adults) that barbecue kale chips are better than Halloween candy, but calling them Zombie Skin sure can’t hurt the cause. I initially tried using seaweed paper, but that didn’t taste too hot. This title sure is gonna sound weird once it’s past Halloween. I guess I could also call it Barbecued Dinosaur Skin — The O.G. paleo snack.


  • 2 bunches of Lacinato (also called Dinosaur) kale
  • 1/2 cup or so of BBQ sauce


Preheat your oven to 350ºF.

I was being lazy and didn’t cut out the stems off the kale leaves, you should do it, but it won’t kill anyone if you don’t.

Lay kale leaves, in a single layer, on a baking sheet and brush with barbecue sauce. Don’t be too generous with the sauce, the thicker you slather it on, the longer the leaves will take to crisp up.

Bake until the leaves are crispy, about 20-25 minutes. Make sure to keep your eyes on these, as the sauce may burn if you’re not watching out.


6 responses to “Barbecued Zombie Skin”

  1. Have you tried this with regular Kale???

  2. Lacinato kale is not readily available in my area, so I would have to use the standard, very “ruffly” kale to make this. What I would do is basically remove the tough stem and tear the leaves into halves by doing do. Then I would put the kale in a large bowl and massage (yes, using my hands) the barbecue sauce into the leaves to ensure good coverage. Then I’d roast the kale on parchment paper per the instructions above.

  3. awesome! Never would have thought of this.

  4. […] to confess I wasn’t really sure what to do because I’ve never gotten into Ha… Barbecued Zombie Skin gehört sicher zu den ausgefalleneren Halloween-Ideen, vor allem was die Optik angeht. Grünkohl […]

  5. Great Idea, Sounds really tasty! I couldnt find any BBQ sauce on this site though. Are you using a homemade BBQ sauce or a store one? Thx

  6. I make Kale chips all the time, using the curly type. Remove the thick stems and tear leaves into chip size pieces. Put in a large bowl, drizzle and toss with a little olive oil, then sprinkle generously with nutritional brewer’s yeast flakes. Bake about 20 mins in 350 degree oven or til crisp, checking to make sure they don’t burn. Everyone LOVES these!!

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