Smoked, Deviled Eggs

Salmon, capers, red onion and boiled egg, it’s a classic 80’s combo…like Salt N Pepa or Vanilla and Ice. We’ve been eating chopped egg and onion with lemon over smoked salmon for a while. Then it just clicked–do it deviled style, so now all the flavors are wrapped up in a handy, take anywhere package.

Yield: 1 dozen egg halves


  • 1/2 cup red onion, finely diced
  • 3 T capers, chopped
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1/4 c mayo
  • 6 eggs
  • 6 oz wild, cold smoked* salmon, chopped
  • Salt N Pepa
  • dash of smoked paprika (optional)


Boil, cool, and peel your eggs. (We put our eggs in room temp water and put on the stove at high heat. When the water reaches a slow boil we lower the temp to maintain low boil and leave it there for 12 more minutes. It does help to cool in ice bath or running water to stop the cooking process. Also, we’ve found, through much research, the fresher your egg, the harder it is to peel after it’s been boiled.)

Cut your eggs in half, lengthwise, remove and place the yolks into a mixing bowl. Set your whites on a serving platter/plate. To the mixing bowl add the onion, capers, lemon juice, mayo, salmon and S&P. Mix until evenly distributed and scoop and place in your egg white halves. Garnish with sprinkled smoked paprika.

*Cold smoked salmon, unlike hot, still resembles raw salmon, in texture, though it’s completely cooked through. Feel free to use hot smoked, if you can find it.


14 responses to “Smoked, Deviled Eggs”

  1. Love it! I was thinking about making fat guacomole devils this week but using this recipe as well, just substituting guacamole for mayo. I’ll have to let you know how it turns out! Thanks 🙂

  2. that makes perfect sense. mmmmmm.

  3. I was just saying how insane (and awesome!) it is that my little family of four goes through at least 3-4 dozen eggs a week.

    Now that I see this, it may be 4-5! Looks great. Can’t wait to try!

    -AndreAnna from Life As A Plate.

    1. the two of us eat 2 dozen eggs a week. sounds like you’re on pace with us!

  4. Wife just made them tonight…..excellent! we just found this website and she has made 3 recipes so far……3 for 3!!

    1. fantastic! thanks so much alex!

  5. Made these as part of my Thanksgiving contribution. A HUGE hit!!!!

    1. whoop, whoop! thanks monroeeee!

  6. These are FABULOUS!! My mom always served this combo on top of thin, small pumpernickle bread slices for parties when I was growing up. You captured the flavors perfectly and, as usual, I don’t miss that bread. Bonus: these are much neater, the chopped egg, onions, lemon, and capers aren’t rolling off! YUM YUM YUM

    Thank you!

  7. Virginia

    I made these with dinner last night, and they turned out almost as beautiful as your picture. They were definitely flavorful with a perfect texture, but I think the combination of flavors might be an acquired taste. This was my first time having smoked salmon, and I’m not sure it’s a favorite. Still, the recipe turned out just as described, and we’ll see what my husband thinks about them tonight! Thanks for the new experience.

    1. smoked salmon is definitely an acquired taste…and the types and flavors vary greatly. i think hot smoked tastes less fishy/better than cold smoked…but i like cold smoked too. some just taste super fishy and that is just b.a.d.

  8. so, i aleady know that i don’t like salmon, cold smoked hot smoked, doesn’t matter 🙂 if i leave it out, will it dramatically change the tase?

    I really think these would make an amazing snack, i’ve been struggling with finding something good and filling to eat in between meals.

  9. egg, lemon, onion, and caper will be delicious without the salmon too…in our opinion

    might taste something like egg salad in a portable vessle…

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