Paleo Fried Chicken Skin

I really love pork rinds & cracklings, but it’s next to impossible to find any commercial brands that source foraging piggies. Make my own, you say? I’ve tried that, but it just takes so darn long. When those salty snack cravings hit, sometimes you want instant gratification.

I got the idea while I was braising some chicken quarters the other night. Braising means you brown a piece of meat in a skillet and then stick the meat in a pot of liquid. In my humble opinion, chicken skin and liquid do not like each other. The skin gets so soggy, and that is something I do not enjoy munching on. So I pulled the skins off the quarters, and continued on my merry braising way, frying up the skins as a late night snack.

Concerned about Omega 6? My limited research shows chicken skin ranks up there around almonds.

Find the recipe on Food Renegade.


7 responses to “Paleo Fried Chicken Skin”

  1. Rani Merens

    Oh, yumm… I like them on salads… is evocative of croutons but with that lovely shmaltzy flavor!

  2. I’ve done this for many years with all poultry skins and exterior strips of beef/pork fat; I put it in the pan first and by the time the muscle meat is done the fat is crispy cracklings! My favorite snack or dessert.

  3. This is beyond brilliant!

    I’ve been a wee concerned about the O6 levels of non-grain fed chicken, but if it’s up there with almonds, I’m not worried anymore!

    1. we don’t eat a TON of chicken skin or almonds for that reason. we look at both as better than many other things but we do moderate them.

  4. This is awesome! When I was a kid I daydreamed of having my own restaurant and fried chicken skin would be a delicacy on it.

  5. Growing up,I use to have chicken skins instead of pork rinds! Yummy

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