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Paleo Italian Sub Roll-Up

We wanted to call this, Paleo Italian Sub Mariner–the Rolex of Paleo subs. But alas,  often times we think we’re very funny when others do not. Most Paleo, low-carb sandwiches use the lettuce as the “bread”–that makes no sense since lettuce breaks and tears so easily. So–why not use the meat, the most flexible component of a sandwich as the “bread” and put the lettuce and all the other goodies in the middle? Booyah! Roll these bad boys up in some wax or parchment paper and you’ve got a portable lunch.


  • sweet/honey ham
  • capicola ham*
  • salami
  • tomato, sliced thin
  • banana peppers
  • spinach or other lettuce
  • dried oregano
  • olive oil
  • mayo & mustard


Use the largest coldcut (probably the honey ham) for the outside layer.

Overlap that coldcut about 1.5 inches, making 2 rows of 4 like this:



(Cutting edge illustration, ya?)

Make sure it’s overlapping, then layer your other meats on top.

Squeeze on the mustard and mayo, but only on one half. This will be the half that is going to be the inside or middle of your roll.

Layer your thinly sliced tomato, the banana peppers and spinach (and any other toppings you choose) over the mayo/mustard.

Other adds that would be yum – olives, red wine vinegar, cucumbers, onions

Roll from the filling side first as tight as you can.

Wrap in parchment or wax paper, like a burrito, and off you go.

*Capicola ham is similar to proscuitto, however capicola is meat from the shoulder of the piggy and proscuitto is meat from the thigh. Boar’s Head sells it as “cappy ham” and it’s usually located around the salami and mortadella.


  1. I have been paleo for a few years now, but will occasionally have an italian sub (of which I grew up on and am very comforted by). I have made these using lettuce wraps, but this is, by far, the best idea. Thank you so much for this recipe (and many others) and your awesome website (we tell everyone about it)

  2. grazie alisha. i will admit, i had to look that up. thanks google.

  3. Excellent! And I would definitely add red onions.

  4. I’ve been primal for 2 years and I’ve never thought to roll up sandwich meats/veggies/etc right into parchment paper for an on-the-go meal. Duh! Thanks for this seemingly obvious, but nonetheless brilliant, idea! Found your site yesterday — everything looks delish, looking forward to trying out many of the recipes!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! 90% of my weekly menu is fresh and new because of your recipes. Thanks!

  6. thankkkkk you sooo much heather!

  7. Wow, that’s really clever.

  8. Paleo does not include processed meat, or processed anything.

  9. Hello, new to this so curious – is the meat you are using just regular meat from the grocery store deli counter? If so, how much of each should I get to make a few of these? Thanks!

    • yes from the deli counter. some brands like boars head don’t contain many crazy ingredients and are just cured meats.

      i’d say 1/4 lb of each of the 3 would make you lunch for 3 days or so.

  10. how long do these usually keep for? do they freeze well?

  11. Question:
    What is the nutritional information of the finished product? Estimate is fine.

    Could you make a youtube video and link here on how to assemble this?

  12. I agree with Bek. Primal/Paleo/Clean does not condone any processed meats or deli meats of ANY kind. This, at best, would be low-carb.

    With that being said, this looks delish!

  13. While this looks yummy, how is processed meat considered Paleo?

  14. This is NOT Paleo. At all. There’s a bunch of junk in the lunchmeats that most certainly is not Paleo. Mayo and mustard might be Paleo if you make them yourself. Anyone who thinks this is Paleo has no idea what Paleo really is.

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