Upcycled Paleo Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Upcycling is hipster speak for reusing your trash. I made a pineapple salsa one night (No, I’m not posting the recipe. The web is stuffed full of recipes for it. You don’t need another one from me.), and decided to “upcycle” the scraps from the recipe. Most (if not all) recipes for jerky say, “Only use lean cuts of meat or you will die (←I made that last part up).” Well, I don’t plan on storing this jerky in case of winter starvation, so I opted for a tender, more flavorful cut of meat.


  • 2 lbs ribeye, trimmed of the big hunks of fat
  • pineapple core & rinds
  • cilantro stems
  • ginger peel
  • S.O.C. (sweetener of choice)
  • water
  • 3 T coconut aminos or wheat-free soy sauce


In one of your smaller sauce pots add all the ingredients, except the beef & soy sauce. Fill with enough water to mostly cover the ingredients. Let boil until reduced by half. Remove from the heat, strain and let cool.

While the marinade is boiling, thinly slice the steak, against the grain of the meat. Add the meat slices to a zip-top bag, along with the cooled marinade. Let marinate in the fridge for at least 1 day and up to 2.

Follow your food dehyrdator’s directions for the jerky. I don’t know where my manual is, so I just winged it.  I cranked up the heat to 165ºF and turned on the machine. I checked every so often, until the meat was hard to the touch, no squishiness. I turned off the machine and let the meat cool on the racks. Mine took about 5 hours, but I cut the meat super thin. I’ve stored the jerky in the fridge. I plan on eating it all within the week, but I imagine it’ll keep for a month or so.


10 responses to “Upcycled Paleo Teriyaki Beef Jerky”

  1. Definitely going to try this with venison when hunting season rolls around. I will hook you guys up with venison sausage recipes if you want.

    1. the more the merrier! now…if you could also hook us up with some venison, that would be amazing.

      1. Sorry, I never realized you replied to my post Megan! I am primarily a bow hunter, and the season opens September 8th, so if you and Brandon ever find yourselves up in North Carolina, let me know. I always have 100 lbs or so in the freezer and its about as free range as it gets, haha.

  2. Question. How many lbs of jerky will 5 lbs of fresh steak yield?

    1. Paul Scofield

      About 2 lbs

  3. Something seems to be wrong with your rss feed. When I try to subscribe it tells me there is a parsing error. Can you check that out? Thanks!

  4. Hi, when is the soy sauce added? Thanks.

  5. Rats! I just returned to my computer after preparing the marinade and beef for jerky and found this recipe from reading today’s email. Simmering the pineapple cores and peels is brilliant, and will try this the next time. Thanks.

  6. Hi, Wondering if you think this could be made in the oven? I don’t {yet} own a dehydrator. Thanks for the great recipes! I am trying 8 or 10 just this week! 🙂

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